The device to prevent unauthorized loosening the bolt


(57) Abstract:

Usage: connecting parts to prevent them from unauthorized disconnection for mounting an automobile wheel. The inventive device consists of a head and a threaded portion, and the shape of the head is made conical and has on the surface in the upper part of the thrust collar. The key for unscrewing made in the body from becoming jammed profile surface on its inner surface. Inside mounted rollers. 4 Il.

The invention is intended for the connection of the parts to prevent them from unauthorized detach and can be used for mounting an automobile wheel.

It is known, the device to prevent unauthorized loosening of the bolt. Known bolt is made with a head having an annular groove. The key to fixing bolt made in the form of housing, the inner surface of which has becoming jammed profile plots. Inside the housing is installed in the annular groove of the rolling elements in the form of balls. Installed inside the case of a cylindrical sleeve with openings for the balls.

Disadvantages are excessive intensity and slozhnosti.

While the claimed design ensures the decrease of metal and simplification of the device as a whole.

In Fig. 1 presents a longitudinal axis of the section of the bolt with the wrench; Fig. 2 section A-A of Fig. 3 the longitudinal axis of the incision with the option key, and Fig. 4 a section along B-B.

For operation of the bolt provides for the use of the key, made in the form of the body, interacting with the conical surface of the bolt head. Bolt to prevent unauthorized loosening has a head 1, formed by a conical surface 2 and the end flange 3, and the key is made in the form of housing and contains a sleeve 4 and rollers 5. On the inner surface of the body is becoming jammed profile surface for engagement with the rollers. In the production version of the key in its composition, in addition to the sleeve 4 and rollers 5, includes a clamp 6, formed by spring-loaded segments 7. The conical surface 2 of the head 1 is performed with the cone angle equal to or slightly greater angle of friction, the outer surface of the head has an increased hardness.

Device for connecting parts is as follows. For screwing and tightening the cylinder 1 bolt set key with free predenisolone key with rollers 5 has a cylindrical shape and clamp with the outer surface of the cylindrical form on the cylinder head 1 bolt, the cross-section of which will correspond to Fig. 2, if you think of the clip and the head 1 as a whole (Fig. 2), the key can be used and one for screwing with time and for unscrewing, inserting the sleeve 4 with the rollers 5 on the clamping head 1 one side or the other.

When rotating the head 1 bolt key with some time the rollers 5 or segments 7 biased by the sleeve 4 to the conical surface 2 and kept it from sliding thrust flange 3, providing adhesion of the key cylinder 1 through becoming jammed action.

Head 1 bolt, screwed with enough time, you can Unscrew only the key dimensions of the internal elements which match the dimensions of the conical surface 2 of the head 1. The use of any other clips or key, the body of which has on the inner surface dimensions, profile becoming jammed surface (tilt angle and covered in diameter), not quite matching the dimensions of the conical surface 2 of the head 1, may not provide sufficient adhesion to the cylinder 1 and the transfer to it of torque for unscrewing.

The inventive device for connection details in comparison with the prototype to simplify the design and significant moments for bolts.

The device to prevent unauthorized loosening the bolt with the key in the form of a housing, in which the rolling elements to interact with becoming jammed profile surfaces on its inner surface and the thrust surface of the head of the bolt, wherein the bolt head is made with conical end cap having mentioned the hard surface and rolling elements made in the form of rollers arranged with the possibility of contact with the conical surface of the bolt head.


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EFFECT: absence of possibility of unauthorised breaking of this device.

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EFFECT: simpler installation method of screws with captive parts.

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EFFECT: as a result stability and security in the more demanding applications is ensured.

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