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Usage: the invention relates to household appliances, namely, devices for processing products in the preparation of juices from fruits and vegetables. The inventive juicer includes a housing, bushing, hopper, grating disc, rotor, filter mesh, the electric motor. New in the juicer is the fact that facing the grating disk loading face of the funnel is made with MDF surface and a funnel connected with the sleeve by a threaded connection. The working chamber of the sleeve has a surface of a truncated cone, turning into alternating arcuate recesses. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 3 ill.

The invention relates to household appliances, namely, devices for processing products in the preparation of juices from fruits and vegetables.

Known squeezer, comprising a housing, a cap feeding hopper, grating disc located on a vertical shaft,drum and rotor. Drum and rotor mounted to rotate with different speeds. Under the rotor a receiver for pulp. [1]

A disadvantage of the known device is that it has a complex structure and greater intensity.Malka, comprising a housing, loading cone, broad base pointing down and located above the grating disk. To the outer surface of a feed hopper attached unloader for discharging pulp.[2]

The disadvantages of the prototype are low productivity due to the presence of idle flight (up-down) processing of the product inside the cone hoppers and that the rotating grating disk is in contact with the rotating processing product rotation coincide, and the presence of cone hoppers reduces the working surface of the grating disk.

It is desirable that the height of the extractor was smaller, which is advantageous during storage, transportation.

The technical problem on which the invention is directed, is to increase productivity and improve operational properties of a juice extractor.

The technical problem is solved by the fact that the juice extractor comprising a casing, a cylindrical end of which is mounted a sleeve located above the grating disk and coaxially with it. The sleeve has a working chamber consisting of a cylindrical part and a conical part with arcuate grooves. The flange part of zagruzchiku surfaces of the grating disc and sleeve as before, and during the work.

Having threaded connection allows for transportation or storage juicer to place the hopper in the working chamber (see Fig.3).

In Fig.1 shows a juicer, a longitudinal section; Fig.2 section a-a in Fig.1; Fig.3 juicer prepared for transportation or storage (containers not shown), longitudinal section.

The juicer includes a housing 1 with an attached sleeve 2 forming the working chamber 3 consisting of a cylindrical part 4 and the cone-shaped part 5. In the conical part 5 are alternated around the circumference of the arcuate recesses 6. Its flange part 7 hopper 8 extractor is connected with the bushing 2 screw connection, providing longitudinal movement of the funnel 8 and opening into the chamber 3 of the flange portion 7 of the funnel 8 has a grating surface. Under Bush 2 coaxial she is grating disc 9 mounted in a horizontal plane on the shaft of the motor 10 and is rigidly connected with a perforated rotor 11.

Arcuate recesses 6 are made tapering in the same direction circumferentially in the plane of the grating disc 9.

The sleeve 2 has a blade 12, respolin Luke 13, moreover, in the lower part of the housing 1 has an inlet 14 for draining the juice. The gap 15 formed between the sleeve 2 and the disk 9, serves to release the suspension. The rotor 11 is enclosed in the filter mesh 16.

The juicer works as follows.

In the beginning establish the optimal distance 17 from the grating flange 7 of the funnel 8 to grating disc 9, which is selected depending on the size and density of the raw material. To apply this distance funnel 8 rotate in its threaded connection with the sleeve 2 in the desired direction to a certain position. After that include the electric motor 10.

Pre-washed fruits, such as apples, are loaded into the hopper 8. Getting on the rotating disk 9, apples, receiving from impact with it kinetic energy, to rebound from its grating surface up, but some of them are in the fire this energy on the grating surface of the flange 7, the other by a conical surface 5 of the camera 3 are subject to the wedge effect, pressed against the grating surface of the disk 9 and crushed. Maximum step wedge effect, rezultatyvuma which is directed to the grating disk 9, contribute arcuate recesses 6. In achiev artego size of the raw distance of 17 may be adjusted during operation of the extractor, i.e., with decreasing size of the raw material, this distance should be reduced and Vice versa.

Emitted through the gap 15 suspension pressed by centrifugal forces through the perforations of the rotor 11 and otfiltrovana grid 16, flows through the pipe 14. The accumulated oil is displaced by the blades 12 through the hole 13 to the outside.

The performance of the proposed juicer is almost 3 times higher than that of the prototype.

1. Squeezer, comprising a housing, a sleeve extending into the working chamber, a cone-shaped funnel and associated with a perforated rotor grating disc, characterized in that addressed to the grating drive end of the funnel is made with MDF surface, while the funnel is connected with the sleeve by a threaded connection, providing its longitudinal movement therein, and the working chamber is in the form of a truncated cone, directed a smaller base to the funnel.

2. Juicer under item 1, characterized in that the cone forming the working chamber has alternating arcuate grooves, tapering in the same direction circumferentially in the plane of the grating disc.


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