Trailer hitch trailer


(57) Abstract:

Usage: refers to the field of road transport, particularly trains, working with trailers. The invention: is to improve the manoeuvring properties trains by moving when turning the coupling in the transverse direction relative to the axis of the tractor. Trailer hitch includes, for example, the hook 6, the mechanical stopper hook 7, a guiding device to move the hook with shock absorber 5. By means of the cylinders 4, the working fluid which is supplied from a power steering 1 tractor, hook 6 mix on the guiding device 5 in the direction from the center of rotation of the trailer. 2 Il.

The invention relates to the field of road transport, particularly trains, working with trailers. Known coupling devices of trains (see and.with. The USSR 1620336, published in "Bulletin of inventions" 2, 1991) in which to improve the maneuverability of the trailer with drawbar connected the two master cylinder. These cylinders are simultaneously attached to the tractor. Swivel truck trailer forcibly rotated under the action of actuating cylinders, svyazannoi truck cornering is multilink character device, which depends on the strength and health of its individual elements. It is therefore proposed to set the desired trajectory of the trailer to use the forced rotation of the truck, and move the traction device in the transverse direction. Task to be solved by the claimed invention is directed, is to increase the agility trains by reducing the width of the corridor during its movement on the turns. This is achieved by moving the traction device when turning towards the right side relative to the center of rotation.

It is also known hitch of the vehicle.with. The USSR 944952, 60 D 1/00, 1982) have moved in the horizontal plane in the transverse direction of the beam from pulling the plug. Beam turn away from the longitudinal position along the axis of the tractor and fix the stopper when you use a different chain device.The movement is manually output traction fork in the off position. I.e. in this position, the device does not work.

In the proposed device to control the path of movement of the trailer on the turns of the coupling hook (or other coupling device) using one of the hydraulic cylinders h is the determinant of the steering wheel. After cornering return the device translates hitch in the middle position.

In Fig.1 shows schematically the proposed trailer hitch-trailer trucks. The trailer includes a trailer and is equipped with power steering the tractor. Number 1 in Fig.1 is the power steering. The mechanism disconnect from the power steering is designated as number 2. Under number 3 pipelines to supply and exhaust fluid from the cylinders. Number 4 - cylinders with one anti-return device. A guiding device to move the hook with shock absorber 5. The hook (or other hitch) - 6. Mechanical stopper hook 7.

During movement of the vehicle with a trailer on the rotation comes into operation of the hydraulic system 1. As a result, fluid from the pump enters a particular cavity of the actuator. According to the invention simultaneously, the fluid in one of the pipelines 3 is fed to the hydraulic cylinder 4, located on the inside of the frame towards the center of rotation. The result is movement of the hook 6 on the guide 5 in the direction from the center of rotation. The guides 5 are made taking into account the need of perception of effort, resistance is Phnom device is supplied on the drain. Return device, such as a spring damper puts the hook in the original middle position. In case of malfunction or lack of trailer it is disconnected from the steering mechanism 2 and is fixed by the stopper 7.

An example of the evaluation of the effect of the use of the present invention. In Fig. 2 schematically shows the relative positions of the wheels of the trailer. MS-axle tractor. VA axle trailer. In the axis of the bogie, sun shaft, the center of rotation, AO, AT, WITH, TO the MO radii of movement points a,b,C,D,M All triangles formed by the radii of the movement of these points and the axes of the rods and trailer and drawbar rectangular. The angles of HLW, NWO, LMS, LMS. TO the turning radius on the axis of the outer wheel. (Usually normalized to vehicle). NO maximum turning radius. TO the minimum radius (Romovement of the carrier along the axis of the car). RCRthe minimum radius from the movement of the trailer (trailer axle). MO= R*m= Rm- where =MN. Compare the change in R=Ro-RCRusing the proposed device. From the joint solution of these triangles will record the relationship of the radii of rotation. MD ltbase tractor, DS lto, SU lg shaft, AV lCRbase trailer

is ILU KAMAZ-5320" and trailer "GKB 8350". Lt3.2 m, lk2.3 m, lg 2,96 m LCR4.5 m, 1,44 m with a minimum value of Rm8.5 m, Rabout6,25 m, RCR3,92 m

DR=Ro-RCR= 2,33 m

when Rm9.5 m, Rabout7,87 m, RCRof 5.53 m, R = 1,84 m at Rm10.5 m Rabout8,46 m, RCR6.42 per m, R = 1.54 m In the new position of the point C__ C, we denote by CC= cm New values whencm0.5 m will be Rm8.5 m, 4,67 m, 1,58 R m at Rm9.5 m, 6,18 m R 1.19 m at Rm10.5 m, 7,52 m R of 0.94.

Therefore, the larger the rotation angle of the steered wheels of the tractor (less than Rm), the greater the difference in the radii of rotation of the tractor and trailer. As a result of displacement of the trailer. As a result of displacement of the trailer RCRincreases, and the difference RaboutRCRdecreases depending on Rmthe value of 0.75 m at Rm8.5 m, 0.65 m at Rm9.5 m, 0.40 m at Rm10,5 m

Trailer hitch trailer, including a trailer and is equipped with power steering tractor containing coupling element, made for example in the form of a hook and is located in the rear part of the frame of the tractor can travel on rails, disposed horizontally and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the tractor, wherein the moving scarolina, one ends connected to the frame of the tractor, and the other by the arms from the coupling element, and the hydraulic cylinders are equipped with mechanisms return, and are connected by pipelines with power steering.


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EFFECT: improved safety in operation of large-capacity trailer-trains.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed trailer consists of frame and roll-under truck between which slewing circle is installed being made of upper and lower rings engaging through ball race. Curvilinear hollow shell of round section is secured on inner surface of upper ring which accommodates movable spherical body provided with parallel channels with check valves arranged in diametric plane of ring and rigidly installed on curvilinear rod whose ends are also rigidly connected to lower ring. Said rod engages with inner surface of hollow shell through sealing members in its end face parts. Shell is filled with working fluid. Some ends of channels of spherical body can be made conical.

EFFECT: improved reliability and stability of running of tractor trailers.

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