Autonomous heating system all building and cleaning his glasses


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to heating, particularly to heating systems for agricultural buildings. The essence of the invention is that in the Autonomous system of heating all buildings and cleaning his glasses with the turbine connected to the compressor, communicating on the output pneumoencephalogram, pipelines and storage tank, windmill made in the form of an openwork rotating roof turbines installed the wipers and located on the round dome of the building, and the compressor is made in the form of a gear pump with pneumoencephalogram, an adjustable valve, while the gear pump is connected with a rotating roof directly through the gearbox. The piping system is made closed. 1 C. p. F.-ly, 1 Il.

The invention relates to heating, particularly to heating systems for agricultural buildings.

Known energy-accumulating unit for heating greenhouses, adopted for the prototype.

Energy-accumulating installation includes solar panels and wind turbines connected through an inverter and the inverter to the compressor trasparency inside the heat accumulator. Output pneumotachometer installed the gearbox, and the output of the accumulator check valve. During operation of the energy of solar radiation and wind is converted into heat and energy of the compressed air accumulated in the tanks of pneumotachometer and heat exchanger. Pairs, formed by the injection of heated water from the accumulator is condensed in the greenhouse heaters. The condensate through the drain pipe flows back into the tank of the hydraulic accumulator.

This installation has the disadvantage of low reliability, due to the complexity of the design.

In the known installation, the conversion process two kinds of energies of light and wind into electricity, which is then converted into heat, is implemented by the intermediate elements of the unit: inverter, a Converter, an electric motor, which reduces the reliability of the installation and its efficiency. All elements of the installation located outside the zone of heat consumption, and as a result, there is a need for additional communications and protective structures. With the aim of obtaining high efficiency of conversion of light into electricity photosensitive elements of the battery should be located at a minimum distance is divided by the terrain (mountains, tall forests, and so on). For optimal performance solar power necessary tracking system that complexity surpasses the first. At night the solar power plant is useless. Features of the terrain affect the performance of the wind turbine, which is typically installed on the tops of hills.

The second drawback of the system is its limited functionality: it is used only for heating buildings.

In this setting can be used only air, which causes the lack of versatility in the use of coolant.

The technical problem of the invention improve the reliability by simplifying the design, functionality enhancements.

The problem is solved in such a way that in the Autonomous system of heating all buildings containing a turbine connected to the compressor, communicating on the output pneumoencephalogram, pipelines and storage tank, windmill made in the form of an openwork rotating roof turbines installed the wipers and located on the round dome of the building, and the compressor is made in the form of a gear pump with pneumotachometer through the gearbox. The piping system is made closed.

Wind turbine systems are made rotatable to convert wind energy into mechanical energy supplied to the system elements.

The windmill is located on the roof of the building with the objective of placing it in an area of stronger wind flows and refusing to install special high masts.

Windmill made in the form of the roof-turbine to protect the glass dome of the building and for organic Union with him, roof construction in the form of a turbine allows it to rotate under the influence of the wind.

The roof is made with the purpose of access of light rays through it and the glass dome of the building inside and to reduce its weight while maintaining sufficient inertia.

On a rotating roof installed windshield wipers to clean the glass dome round building from atmospheric contamination during the rotation.

The compressor system is made in the form of a gear pump to allow the supply to it of different types of fluids (air, water, oil), which makes the system versatile.

Pneumotachometer adjustable (bypass) valve to automatically start the first pump is connected directly to the roof for the direct conversion of mechanical energy of the rotating roof in the heat, that simplifies the design compared to the prototype and increases the reliability of the entire system by eliminating intermediate elements: generator, inverter, inverter, electric motor, which require constant maintenance and, due to the location outside of the heating system, are subjected to destructive environmental impacts.

The piping system is made closed to prevent heat loss from the system and ensure the full and constant readiness to start.

The drawing shows a diagram of an Autonomous heating system all building and cleaning his glasses.

The system includes openwork rotating roof-turbine 1, located on the dome 2 round building 3, dened on its edges, 4 wipers 5 in contact with glass 6 dome round 2 building 3. By means of shaft 7 rotating roof 1 is connected with a gear 8 on the output shaft of which is a gear pump 9 pneumotachometer 10. Pneumotachometer 10 is equipped with an adjustable valve 11. The piping system 12 is closed and is held in the form of a coil 13 through below ground level thermoacoustic is camping a certain amount of fluid (in this case oil). Wind acting on the blades of roof turbine 1 rotates it, resulting in the transmitted torque from the rotating roof 1 via a shaft 7 to the gear 8. The output shaft of the reduction gear 8 transmits the amplified torque to the gear pump 9. Rotating, the gear pump 9 pumps the oil from the piping system 12 in pneumotachometer 10, where the oil under pressure is compressed and heated. When the pressure and, accordingly, the temperature of the compressed oil reaches the desired value, actuates control valve 11, the previously configured these settings, and oil is fed into the piping system 12 for heating the building. Passing through the serpentine portion 13 of the piping system 12 located in termoacumulatoare 14, oil recharges thermoacoustic 14, which due to its location below ground level for a long time retains the heat and gives it to the system 12 in calm weather. Revolving roof-turbine 1 with installed on its edges 4 of the wiper 5, for example brushes, wipes the surface of the dome 2 building 3, cleaning it from atmospheric contamination.

The design of the wind turbine in the form of an openwork rotating roof allows you to install the heating system in the usual CLASS="ptx2">

The application of the proposed technical solution:

to increase the reliability of the heating system, to make it universal through the use of fluids of various kinds;

to ensure the full and constant readiness to start at any temperature and outdoor air;

to keep heat in the system in calm weather.

1. Autonomous heating system all building and cleaning his glasses with the turbine connected to the compressor, communicating on the output pneumoencephalogram, pipelines and storage tank, characterized in that the wind turbines made in the form of an openwork rotating roof turbines installed wipers, located on the round dome of the building, and the compressor is made in the form of a gear pump with pneumoencephalogram, an adjustable valve, while the gear pump is connected with a rotating roof directly through the reducer.

2. The system under item 1, characterized in that the piping system is made closed.


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EFFECT: reduced power requirements at intensified growth of plants due to extended range of utilization of solar energy.

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EFFECT: increased resource saving, reduced production costs of agricultural product and improved ecology of environment.

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