Specialized vehicle


(57) Abstract:

1. Specialized vehicle containing tipper body with constipation side, a hydraulic lifting device and the device for the mechanical lock out unauthorized lifting of the body, characterized in that said device for the mechanical lock includes at least one capture associated with constipation side and the retainer body relative to the chassis frame in a locked Board, and a vehicle provided with a device for hydraulic lock out unauthorized lifting of the body, coupled with a hydraulic lifting device.

2. Vehicle under item 1, characterized in that said device for hydraulic lock is made in the form of a valve placed on the chassis frame, connected to the mains high and low pressure hydraulic lifting device and blocking the flow of fluid to the latter, while the interaction of the specified engagement with the valve in a locked Board.


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The invention relates to transport, namely to constipation side tipper body, and can be used on vehicles and trailers with one-sided or rear discharge

The invention relates to hydraulic tipping platform and steering heavy-duty dump trucks (trucks with capacity from 30 to 180 tons and more)

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Trailer-train // 2245803

FIELD: transport engineering; large-capacity trailer trains.

SUBSTANCE: proposed trailer-train contains truck-tractor 1 with hydraulic system and semitrailer 3 with turnable body equipped with cleaning device. Support device 7 is made in form of four-link mechanism with first link in form of two brackets, two other links in form of two hydraulic cylinders, housing of one of said hydraulic cylinders is rigidly connected with corresponding bracket and housing of other cylinder is hinge connected with corresponding bracket. Fourth link of support device is formed by cross member forced into ground and hinge-connected with rods of hydraulic cylinders. Brackets of support device are secured on frame under turning axle. Cleaning device 8 for body is formed by hydraulic motor and eccentric and is secured on bottom of body along longitudinal axis at distance from front wall of body equal to 1/3 of its length. Input of hydraulic motor and inputs of hydraulic cylinders of support device communicate through hydraulic distributor with outputs of trailer-train hydraulic system.

EFFECT: improved stability of semitrailer at unloading.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: lifting and transportation engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for loading, carrying and mechanized unloading of scrap metal. Proposed crane-manipulator contained truck-tractor 1, metal carrying platform 5 with backward dumping body under action of self-contained lift and hydraulic manipulator 6 with multisection articulated lever boom 25 with clampshell gripping member. Body has two-fold door with wing locking rod device whose rod has cradle for placing boom 25 in traveling position. Self-contained lift is located between front wall of body and hydraulic manipulator and is connected by telescopic link with body connector through back of U-shaped rocker 54.

EFFECT: optimization of design, improved performance characteristics of crane-manipulator.

4 cl, 24 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed self-dumping trailer has body 2 engaged with dumping hydraulic cylinder 3 with ball support installed stationary in support plate of bracket rigidly connected to crossmembers 8 of frame 1. Support plate consists of two bowls 5 installed with clearance relative to each other, between which ball support of hydraulic cylinder 3 is arranged. Each bowl of support plate is rigidly secured on one of components of structural members 7 of bracket belonging to one of crossmembers of chassis frame. Bowls of support plate are enclosed by lock made in form of resilient lock ring.

EFFECT: improved operation reliability.

3 dwg

Dumpcar body tilter // 2296684

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for mechanized unloading of dumpcars and other vehicles. Proposed dumpcar body tilter has body 3 mounted on lower frame 2 for turning in vertical plane and hinge-coupled with power cylinder 4. Rod 5 of power cylinder is hinge-connected with one end of tie-rod 6 whose other end is hinge-connected to lower frame 2. Said tie-rod has two slots 10 for movement relative to joints fastening to lower frame and to rod. Joint of power cylinder rod and tie-rod is attached to body through slot in body.

EFFECT: increased angle of tilting of body, reduced force acting onto body from side of power cylinder rod.

1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machine building, in particular to dumper platform lifting devices. The proposed dumper platform lifting device incorporates pump (1), oil tank (4), control valve (7), adjusting valve (8) and hydraulic cylinder (9). Bode (10) of adjusting valve (8) represents an adapter (13) attached on hydraulic cylinder (9). Control valve (7) communicates with radial channels (12) in body (10) and stepwise axial channel (11) accommodating plunger (15) that features preset diametre central bore (16), the said plunger being pressed to end face (21) of the said stepwise channel by spring (17) entering central channels (18, 19) of plunger (15) and plug (20) screwed in body (10). The compression force of spring (17) can be adjusted. There are adjusting shims (24) fitted between plug (20) and the body. The loaded platform downing deceleration results from shifting plunger (15), by fluid pressure, into space (27) and ingress of fluid via channels (23).

EFFECT: higher reliability and safety.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Dump trailer // 2368515

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: dump trailer comprises body 1, installed on frame 2, which, with the help of rotary circle 3 is connected to dolly 4. On crossbars 5 of frame 2 axes 6 are rigidly fixed, and parts 7 and 8 of hydraulic cylinder 9 support bracket are movably installed on them. On body of hydraulic cylinder 9 journals 10 are rigidly fixed, being joined movably with parts 7 and 8 of support bracket of hydraulic cylinder 9. Ball support 11 of support bracket of hydraulic cylinder 9 is connected to bottom 12 of body 1.

EFFECT: higher reliability of trailer frame due to elimination of failures in unit of hydraulic lift support bracket fixation to crossbars of frame.

2 dwg

Dump trailer // 2368516

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: dump trailer comprises frame 1, on crossbars 2 of which support bracket 3 is rigidly fixed, being connected hingedly to external pipe of lift 4, and its smaller pipe 5 is equipped with bracket 6. On bracket 6 with the help of fingers 7, double-arm levers 8 are movably installed, connected to each other by means of tension spring 9. Some ends of double-arm levers 8 interact with annular grooves 10, arranged on external pipe of hydraulic lift 4, and other ones - to flexible joint 11, via guide unit 12 with control handle 13 fixed relative to frame 1. On frame 1 dump platform 14 is installed, which is connected hingedly with smaller pipe 5 of hydraulic lift. Flexible joint 11 is also connected to bracket 6 with the help of tension spring 15.

EFFECT: automatic fixation of platform in certain position in process of dump unloading.

3 dwg

Tipping trailer // 2397888

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed tipping trailer comprises body and frame with hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jack cylinder is provided with main pins pivoted to frame cross arms and additional pair of pins with their lengthwise axes located perpendicular to lengthwise axes of the main pins. Every aforesaid pin is arranged to move in barrel channels arranged to move in guide sleeves rigidly secured in cross arms and extra links of trailer frame. Each said barrel is rigidly secured to pneumatic cylinder rods, cylinder pistons being spring-loaded by compression springs. Piston underside chamber are communicated via pipelines and valves with trailer braking system air cylinder.

EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

3 dwg

Dump trailer // 2402436

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed dump trailer consists of body and frame with hydraulic jack arranged at the frame center. Hydraulic jack cylinder is fixed in vertical through channel made in ball fitted in ring. Said ring is rigidly fixed on trailer frame cross members. Ring inner surface mates that of aforesaid ball.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of trailer dump cradle due to mounting hydraulic jack in ball.

3 dwg

Dumpcar // 2461479

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway equipment, namely, to dumpcars. Proposed dumpcar comprises lower frame 8 with unloading cylinders 13, body 1 with sides 2, and upper frame 5 with lengthwise elements 6 wherein fixed are hooks 7 with side turn axles 4. Body turn axles 11 are aligned with unloading cylinder axles 12 for attachment said cylinders 13 to frame 5. Aforesaid lengthwise elements 6 wherein fixed are hooks 7 with side turn axles 4 are arranged on the right or left side on rod, above unloading cylinder cover 15. In unloading, side 3 rests on lower frame swivel joint and cylinder brackets 9, 10.

EFFECT: increased volume of body, decreased weight.

1 dwg