Domestic boiler-battery


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the heat. The essence of the invention: reduction of air pollution and heat loss is provided by the fact that the boiler-the battery contains a water chamber 1, the combustion device 2, a steam tube 3 and the heating pipe 4 with fins. The new device is a fin made in the form of perforated disks 6 with decreasing the furnace 2 diameters in a closed tube 5, partially filled with water and mounted in the heating pipe 4. 1 Il.

The invention relates to energy, and in particular to equipment for heating of domestic and industrial premises.

Known furnace, consisting of a water tank, furnace grate, gas channels and hot-water shells [1]

The disadvantage of this furnace is a significant heat loss due to high temperature exhaust gases.

Known boiler containing water chamber (tank) with a combustion device and a flame tube within which is located a heating pipe with fins, providing less heat loss. [2]

The disadvantage of this boiler is a significant heat loss and air pollution due to the low efficiency is and the expense of low turbulence of the gas stream, and incomplete combustion.

The technical effect of the invention is the reduction of air pollution and heat losses due to the intensification of heat exchange.

This goal is achieved by the fact that in the proposed device, containing a water chamber with a combustion device and a flame tube within which is located a water pipe with fins. In accordance with the invention, the fins are placed in the zone of maximum temperature, made of perforated disks with decreasing the furnace diameters in a closed tube, partially filled with water and mounted in the heating pipe.

Figure 1 schematically shows a longitudinal section of the proposed boiler accumulator, which contains a water chamber 1, the combustion device 2, the heating pipe 3, a water pipe 4, the heat pipe 5, the perforated disks 6.

The proposed boiler operates as follows: when the burning of fuel (wood, coal, gas and so on) in the furnace 2 is heated perforated disk 6, which are located in the zone of maximum temperature of the flame tube 3. Drives transferring heat to the water in the heat pipe 5, which evaporates and condenses in the upper part, where the tube is in contact with the cold water which Yes can be used by the consumer. Gave heat gases through the heating pipe 3, go outside, giving additional heat to the heating pipe and the walls of the water chamber.

The disks that are in the zone of maximum temperature, heated and promote more complete combustion in between particles of soot, tar, gases, performing a catalytic function. Because of their perforation intense heat turboservice gas streams. Increasing from the furnace diameter perforated disks also contributes turbulence in the gas flow and uniform heat transfer from the flame to heat the pipe. The evaporation and condensation of water circulating in the heat pipe is the most efficient heat exchanger. In the complete combustion of the fuel and the catalytic combustion of the particles between the perforated discs escaping gases have a relatively low temperature and to a lesser extent pollute the atmosphere.

Thus, welded to the heat pipe heat pipe with fins perforated disks, decreasing to the furnace diameter allows intensificate heat transfer and to reduce air pollution and heat loss on hot water.

These features soustendue, because they enable the creation of a positive effect, reflected in the chain of supply and there are no known technical solutions.

The proposed boiler manufactured and tested. The temperature of the effluent gases with the intensification of the combustion of wood blocks does not exceed 50oC, with sparks and soot is not observed.

Simple design, low inertia, fire safety and environmental friendliness allows you to use the proposed boiler for domestic, agricultural, industrial and other purposes.

Domestic boiler-battery, consisting of a water chamber, furnaces, flame tube, inside which is located a heating tube with fins, wherein the fins are made perforated discs with decreasing diameters to the furnace in a closed tube, partially filled with water and mounted in the heating pipe.


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EFFECT: enhanced operating reliability and durability, maintainability and adaptability to boiler mounting.

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EFFECT: the invention ensures increased efficiency of the boiler and simplification of its design.

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EFFECT: higher reliability.

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SUBSTANCE: device has furnace chamber, screened by pipes, convective pipe batch, economizer and device for twisting water flow in form of flow tangential pipes, connecting adjacent pipes of screens, convective batch and economizer. Flow pipe is made in form of trapezoid-like box, provided with means for deflecting water flow towards larger base of box, rigidly connected to lesser base, connecting adjacent pipes along their common axis.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: the heater has a burner, a vertically installed house-tube heat exchanger shielded at least with two belts of bayonet chimneys with ring-shaped gaps and interior tubes which are connected via replacement sockets with collectors of output and input of environment. They are installed in the lower part of the heater. A generator is installed in the ring-shaped gap. Directly beyond the ring supporting bayonet chimneys and limiting the combustion zone with a partition a cowl is installed. It is fulfilled in the shape of a hollow cylinder coaxial with the casing of the heat exchanger and the chimney and placed in the paraxial part of the heater unengaged with tubes. The nose of cone of the cowl is inverted to the side of the burner so that ring-shaped area between the cowl and the casing full of tubes develops a cavity of convective section. At that before entering into the chimney the indicated section ends with openings which are located on equal distances to diameter of the cowl and oriented against spaces between bayonet chimneys of interior belt of matrix of the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: provides increasing performance reliability and effectiveness of the heater.

1 dwg

FIELD: water boiling; boiler plants.

SUBSTANCE: water boiler has fire-chamber and convectional chamber which are both formed by screens made of pipes connected together by by-passing jet, disposed tangentially to axes of screen pipes. Convectional part is mounted above fire part. Screens of fire chamber are made of pipes disposed in vertical. Screens of convectional part are made of pipes disposed horizontally. Bypassing jets, which connect ends of pipes to follow staggered order, are parallel to plane of screen. One side of jets is disposed at angle to plane of screen, the other part is disposed tangentially to surfaces of pipes and in parallel to plane of screen. Method of making water boiler is based upon mounting of case of the boiler, preparing of short and long pipes, cutting windows at the ends of short pipes for connecting bypassing jets, mounting of bypassing units from short pipes, bypassing jets and bases, mounting of screens by means of welding of long pipes and bypassing units and mounting fife chamber and convectional chamber of boiler's screens.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of heat exchange; improved manufacturability.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: water heating equipment, particularly heat-and-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: water heating boiler comprises furnace with side screens made of pipes, lower and upper screens made of pipes, as well as lower and upper horizontal manifolds. Each side screen includes primary and secondary screens. Lower manifold is composed of two lower pipelines having rear ends connected with each other by the first connection pipe. Upper manifold is composed of two upper pipelines having front ends connected with each other by the second connection pipe. The primary side screen is made as a number of straight pipes, which connect each pair of lower and upper pipelines arranged along boiler side. The secondary screen is made as a number of curved pipes installed from the primary screen outside and connecting each pair of lower and upper pipes extending along boiler side. Diameter ratio between secondary screen pipes, primary screen pipes, lower manifold pipes and upper manifold pipes is 1:(2.1÷2.5):(4.7÷5.2):(6.6÷7.0).

EFFECT: reduced metal consumption, increased economy and reliability.

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FIELD: water heating, applicable in heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: the boiler gas a brick-lined body installed on a foundation, heat-exchanging blocks consisting of heat-exchanging sections are located in the body, the heat-exchanging sections are located in the body, the heat-exchanging tubes of each section are connected to headers, as well as a distributing header with an inlet pipe connection and a built-in header with an outlet pipe connection. Two heat-exchanging units are installed in the body, each of them has at least two heat-exchanging sections, the headers of the unit sections are parallel with each other and with the plane of the foundation, the heat-exchanging sections of each heat-exchanging unit are inclined at an acute angle to the plane of the foundation, and the upper headers of the units are drawn together, one of the lower headers of each unit is connected to the distributing header, and one of the upper headers of each unit - to the built-in header. The upper and lower headers of the adjacent sections of each unit, except for those connected to the distributing and outlet headers, are connected to each other at least by one by pass tube.

EFFECT: enhanced heating capacity and efficiency of the boiler.

2 dwg

FIELD: water heating, applicable in heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: the boiler has a rigid framework with water walls and stacks of the convective section fastened in it, the convective section is located at the side of the furnace. The water walls and the stacks are installed from the front part of the boiler in the lower and upper guides fastened in the framework and are interconnected by tubular transitions on the flanges in the front part of the boiler and by two welded tubular transitions in the rear part of the boiler, due to it dismantling of the heating surfaces is possible for repair and replacement.

EFFECT: enhanced maintainability of the boilers.

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FIELD: equipment for heating water and producing steam, possibly in heat supply and (or) hot water supply systems.

SUBSTANCE: boiler includes shaft type burner restricted by front, back, lateral, hearth and crown tube shields whose tubes provide joining of lower and upper manifolds. Tubes of hearth tube shield pass to lateral and further to crown tube shield having C-shaped configuration in cut-away view. In central part of burner coil tube steam generator with two rows of windows is arranged. Lower and upper manifolds are horizontal, they have the same configuration and in plan view they have H-beam configuration of cross section. Coil tube steam generator with two rows of windows has outlet comb formed of branch pipes for discharging steam to users. One of said branch pipe is communicated through pipeline with outlet branch pipe of boiler for supplying hot water to user.

EFFECT: simplified design, improved functional possibilities and efficiency of boiler.

FIELD: heat engineering, namely accumulator of gas heaters, possibly used for constructing Cowper and ohmic gas heaters for aerodynamic tubes.

SUBSTANCE: heater includes heat accumulating adapter arranged in housing with gas-tight cylindrical outer surface and electric current supply leads of resistive heating member. Heat accumulating member of adapter is zigzag-shaped and it is made of thin strip of sheet material; said member has vertically arranged lamellae mutually spaced by the same distance and placed along axis of heater. Ends of said strip are connected to electric current leads. Annular mutually joined flanges are arranged on ends of adapter. The last has rods arranged between flanges on cylindrical surface; said rods are electrically isolated from flanges and they serve as supports for lamellae of heat accumulating member. Each flange of adapter has three parts (upper ring-half and two lower ring quadrants). There are gaps between parts of rings and casing for providing displacement of ring parts one relative to other and relative to casing by value of length change of lamellae of heat accumulating member at heating and cooling them.

EFFECT: enlarged using range of hot-blast heater due to its simplified design and lowered hydraulic resistance.

3 dwg