Device for growing single crystals


(57) Abstract:

Device for growing single crystals, including the growing chamber, a crucible for the melt located in the cavity of the heater and the means for supplying the source material in the crucible as mounted in a sealed housing with a loading opening of the rotary container, feeder and vacuum gate, wherein the body is made of two chambers, one of which is rotatable container, and the other feeder, and has established between cameras storage hopper with level sensor material, and a vacuum gate valve is fixed in the upper part of the hopper.


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The invention relates to the field of artificial crystals and can be used in the jewelry industry in the manufacture of inlays in jewelry, imitating emerald, aquamarine, sapphire, amethyst

FIELD: devices for continuous grouped growing of the orientated layers of silicon on a carbonic fabric.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of growing of polycrystallic layers from a melt of silicon and may be used in production of solar cells (photo-converters) Substance of the invention: the device consist of a crucible for a melt mounted inside a heater, a substrates connected to gears of their relocation and a capillary feeding mechanism. The substrates are made out of a carbonic reticulated fabric, and the capillary feeding mechanism consists of two horizontal sections, located to the left and to the right of the crucible, each of which has a tail swathed by harnesses out of a carbonic thread. The crucible is made with the bottom hollow elongated spout supplied with an independent heater, under the crucible there is a tank for a drain of the crucible residue, the inner surface of which is coated by a layer of a hexagonal boron nitride, and above the crucible a vibrating feeder for feeding the ground silicon is mounted.

EFFECT: the invention ensures growing of polycrystallic layers from a melt of silicon.

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FIELD: growing lanthanum-gallic silicate monocrystals for making devices on spatial and surface acoustic waves and various piezo-electric and piezo-resonance transducers.

SUBSTANCE: lanthanum-gallic silicate monocrystals (langasite) are grown from charge of the following composition: La3Ga5Si0.88-0.92Ge0.12-0.08O14 (5.387-5.631 wt-% SiO2; 0.404-0.606 wt-% GeO2) in growth unit CRYSTAL-3M including loading the charge into iridium crucible, melting of charge and growth of langasite crystals on preliminarily oriented seed. Use of charge at partial replacement of silicon by germanium reduces oxygen vacancies in langasite crystals improving their quality and making them suitable for manufacture of stable units working at high temperatures.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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FIELD: electronic industry; methods of production of the crystals with the triclinic crystal system.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the method of production of the crystals with the triclinic crystal system. Substance of the invention: the monocrystals of lanthanum-gallium silicate grown in compliance with Czochralski method from the iridium crusible are subjected to the two-stage thermal treatment. The monocrystals are preliminary subjected to the vacuum annealing at the pressure of 1·10-2 -1·10-4Pa and the temperature of 600-1200°C within 0.5-10 hours, and then conduct their isothermal air aging at the temperature of 300-350°C within 0.5-48 hours. The invention allows reproducibly produce the discolored monocrystals of lanthanum-gallium silicate and also to speed up propagation of the surface-acoustic waves (SAW) by 1-1.5 m\s at the simultaneous decrease of dispersion of the waves propagation velocity by 20-30 ppm.

EFFECT: the invention ensures production of the discolored monocrystals of lanthanum-gallium silicate and allows to increase the speed of propagation of the surface-acoustic waves at simultaneous reduction of the waves propagation dispersion by 20-30 ppm.

FIELD: crystal growing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to preparation of chrysoberyl monocrystals and its varieties, including alexandrite - chromium-containing variety, which can be used for manufacturing high-quality faceting material in jewelry industry and for manufacturing quantum electronics elements. Growing of bulk chrysoberyl monocrystals and its varieties comprises melting starting blend, homogenizing melt, adding rotating monocrystalline seed, and growing crystal at temperature below phase transfer temperature. Starting blend contains elevated stoichiometric amount of one of its components, namely beryllium oxide by 3-6% or aluminum oxide by 5-6%, with corresponding reduction of content of other constituent. Growing of crystal is conducted under temperature lowering regime at a rate of 0.5-4°C/h, including lowering temperature below eutectic temperature. Starting blend may contain B3+ or Si4+ cations in the form of corresponding oxides in amount of 0.3-0.5%.

EFFECT: enabled growing of defectless chrysoberyl monocrystals at high mass growth rate.

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FIELD: technological process.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of crystals growing and may be used in electronic, chemical industries, in jewelry-making. Method consists in melting of primary stock, seeding onto rotating primer, growing of crystal conical part and crystal pulling. As primary stock mixture of terbium and gallium oxides mixture, after conical part growing has been commenced, the speed of single crystal pulling from melt is reduced according to the following dependence vL=v0-kL, where vL - speed of pulling at crystal length L, mm/hr, v0 - speed of pulling at the beginning of crystal conical part growing, which is equal to 2-7 mm/hr, L - current value of crystal length, mm, k - proportionality constant, which is equal to 0.1-0.2, at that angle of conical part growing is at least 140°.

EFFECT: allows to prepare homogeneous crystals with minimum concentration of defects and increased output of available cylindrical part.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to technology of single crystals LiNbO3 production of stoichiometric composition, which is used in non-linear optics. Single crystals LiNbO3 are melted incongruently, therefore, for production of single crystals of stoichiometric composition, single crystal pulling is used from liquid phase of eutectic composition with make-up of solid phase of preliminarily synthesised compound, which is heated from bottom and top by double-layer spiral electric heater, which is immersed in liquid phase and installed with gap in respect to making-up solid phase, and reduction of temperature gradients in liquid phase and in produced single crystal is performed by application of furnace for single crystal heating. Device includes mechanism of single crystal pulling, thermally insulated crucible with make-up solid phase, flat heater of crucible with thermal insulation, double-layer spiral electric heater with cross-section of spirals in the form of reverse chutes that overlap all section of crucible, which is installed with gap in respect to make-up solid phase, at that double-layer spiral electric heater is equipped with electrodes that pass through furnace thermal insulation for single crystal heating and are fixed to it. Device heaters form flat isothermal surfaces along crucible height, double-layer spiral electric heater with cross section of spirals in the form of reverse chutes that overlap all section of crucible, removes air bubbles that are produced during dissolution of make-up solid phase, from crystallisation front to crucible walls, installation of double-layer spiral electric heater with gap in respect to make-up solid phase provides its heating up to temperature of dissolution provided that temperature gradients in liquid phase and single crystal are reduced, which is achieved by application of furnace with thermal insulation for heating of pulled single crystal, which enters the crucible as make-up dissolves and single crystal is growing.

EFFECT: stabilisation of growth diffusive mechanism performance conditions, reduction of thermal stress in single crystal.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to borate-based material production technology for crystal growing from caesium borate or caesium-lithium borate which can be used as optical devices for wavelength transformation, in particular, laser generator. Method of crystal growing from caesium borate or caesium-lithium borate includes water dissolution of water-soluble caesium compound and water-soluble boron compound to produce aqueous solution, water evaporation from aqueous solution with or without baking to produce material for crystal growing, and melting of produced material to grow crystals from caesium borate. To grow crystals from caesium-lithium borate water-soluble caesium, lithium and boron compounds are used as initial components of raw material for growing.

EFFECT: invention allows for crystals grown from borate with excellent uniformity and reliability, with small consumptions and for the short period of time; besides, use of this crystal as optical device for wavelength transformation makes it possible to produce very reliable laser generator (laser oscillator).

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns technique of receiving single crystal field by means of method of growth from melt. Method of furnace feed additional charging at growing of silicon single crystals by means of Czochralski method includes charge feeding on the melt surface in capsule from container with charged furnace feeding, where it is provided ability of charge feeding dose on the melt surface through the bottom end, dumping of container till the melt surface in capsule, melt temperature pulldown till formation on the surface of viscous layer of melt, interfere with feeding of unfused charge into melt volume, after what container is opened and charge portion is poured onto viscous layer surface. Then melt temperature is gradually applied till total melting of charged furnace feed, after what empty (or partially discharged) container is taken out from the growth region, to its place it is dropped rod with seed single crystal, it is implemented ingot dummy bar and implemented another silicon single crystals growth process.

EFFECT: higher parameters repeatability of grown ingots, and also reducing of growing of single crystals production cycle duration and energy saving at the expense of technological cycle optimisation.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to growing high-temperature inorganic monocrystals and can be used in quantum electronics and elementary-particle physics, in particular for neutrinoless double beta decay detectors. The said monocrystals are grown by pulling zinc molybdate crystals ZnMoO4 from molten initial charge in a melting pot for inoculation. The initial charge used is a mixture of oxides ZnO and MoO3, taken in stoichiometric ratio with excess MoO3 in amount of 1.0-7.0 wt %, and growth takes place at crystallisation volume rate of over 0.4 cm3/h. Using Czochralski growth method, pulling rate is 0.3-3.0 mm/h with axial temperature gradient at the crystallisation front of 80-100/cm. Using Kyropoulos growth method, pulling rate does not exceed 0.5 mm/h while maintaining crystal diametre of 80-95 % of the diametre of the melting pot.

EFFECT: proposed method allows for obtaining large monocrystals (size of 1 cm3 or more), with optical properties suitable for use as scintillation detectors and optical elements.

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FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to growing field from melt of polycrystalline silicon layer and can be used in manufacturing of solar cells (photo-transducer). Device for growing of layers 5 of silicon on carbonic substratum 4, switches on crucible, substratum, connected to its movement mechanism, capillary feeder and heater 2 of feeder, herewith capillary feeder and crucible are matched in one detail 1 in form of hollow boat with bottom slot, in which it is inserted element 3 made of carbonic capillary-porous material: carbonic thick felt or coal-graphitic fabric, contacting to substratum.

EFFECT: invention provides simplification and reduce the price of structure of thermal block and its control system, increasing of uniformity of thermal field in substratum field, and also consumption reduction of electricity and to reduce dimensions of growing vessel.

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