Electrically heated diving suit


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the field of underwater technology for heating people at low ambient temperatures. The inventive elektroobogrevatelnye elements of the costume are placed between the plates of a porous elastic material, impregnated with a thermo-accumulating bases dielectric with a transition temperature of 35 to 38oWith, and Packed in a sealed section of packages from not elastic conductive material. Section - packages mounted on knitted overalls. 2 Il.

The invention relates to underwater technology, namely the associated equipment diving equipment, and can be used when conducting diving operations.

Known elektroobogrevatelnye diving clothing containing wetsuit heated, used with hydroamination that provides isolation of the body of the diver from the environment (water, cold air) (1).

When using the costume with electric heating is worn directly on the body of the diver or thin knitted linen.

In a suit of this type of wire resistance in the form of separate sections are positioned between the layers and the de helically laid wires is the lack of electrical safety. Tightness insulation cloth there is a danger of defeat diver electric shock.

The closest analogue is the costume to keep warm in the water, made of a material capable of retaining heat, and containing electric heating elements, placed in a sealed sections packs of waterproof elastic insulating material, which is uniformly attached to the surface of the suit with a gap between them (2).

The disadvantage of this costume is the rapid cooling of the heating elements when the electricity in emergency situations and, as a consequence, fast (especially in helium environments) hypothermia diver.

The technical challenge is to improve the electrical safety of the diver, the increase in time of diver thermal protection from cold during a power outage in emergency situations, improving performance elektroobogrevatelnye service.

The task is solved in that the pressurized section (bags are provided with plates made of porous material with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm, between which is located an electrical heating element, and the plate of porous material soaked t is ctric made on the basis of paraffin with the temperature of the phase transition 35 38oC.

In Fig. 1 presents a diagram of the electrically heated diving suits; Fig. 2 cut With Fig. 1.

The costume consists of a stretchy jumpsuit 1, cut-zip "zip" 2 for dressing. It fixed electric heating section 3 packages.

Each section of the package is a hermetically sealed outer shell with waterproof not elastic insulating coating 4 on the basis of rubber.

Heating element (wire or based on conductive rubber) 5 placed between layers of porous material 6 (e.g., foam rubber) thickness (In) saturated thermal storage dielectric. As such impregnation can be used in recipes, which include low molecular weight urethane rubber and a combination of stearic acid, paraffin with different fillings, a solid dielectrics.

Temperatures above 35oWith the above formulations are in the liquid state, and when the temperature drops below the specified limit begins to thicken. At the same time hardening under normal conditions can be 12 to 18 hours while maintaining the temperature of the 35oC38who nimi substances porous material, when the power outage for a long time kept the temperature of the phase transition, warming diver.

In addition, the porous material and the impregnation-insulator substantially increase the safety diver, create a uniform temperature field of the packet and virtually eliminate the possibility of "heat spots" in the suit.

Packages connected with a gap (A) 2 3 mm This eliminates the feeling of a diver "cold slots" that was mentioned earlier in the slopes of divers on helium mixtures in cold water elektroobogrevatelnye costumes VAKH, the gap between the sections which is 10 to 15 mm

Elektroobogrevatelnye costume worn on the diver. Over the clothes on the diver worn insulation or wool diving linen, and the rubberized (rubber) hydroamination. Heating diver is the power supply section-packages service.

A power outage of service in emergency heat termoakkumuliruyuschim dielectric supports diver and prevent his death from hypothermia during the time necessary to provide him with the necessary assistance.

This garment can be used successfully in the whole range of depths, mastered by divers, as well as on the ground when performing work at low ambient temperatures.

1. Electrically heated diving suit, made of a material capable of retaining heat, and containing electric heating elements, placed in a sealed sections-packs of waterproof elastic insulating material, which is uniformly attached to the surface of the suit with a gap between them, characterized in that the pressurized section - bags are provided with plates made of porous material with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm, between which is located an electrical heating element, and the plate of porous material impregnated with thermo-accumulating bases dielectric, and the gap between the sections is 2 3 mm

2. Suit under item 1, characterized in that termoakkumuliruyuschim dielectric is made on the basis of paraffin with the temperature of the phase transition 35 38oC.


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EFFECT: enhancement of efficiency in snow and ice removal from lateral surfaces of the aircraft; ecologic cleanliness of maintenance with use of safety power supply at optimal regulation of power consumption and simplification of structure.

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EFFECT: low production cost and possible use in large-scale production.

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