The way to determine where a random local impact


(57) Abstract:

The way to determine where a random local impact mainly on thin-walled laminated composite structures with constant and/or re-variable load, namely, that cover the surface of the object thin transparent polymer layer and after impact makes visual detection of local impact, characterized in that the polymer layer is carried out in a dispersed filled with the polymer of the filler and binder with with the compressive strength of the filler and/or strength of the boundary of the filler with the binder below the strength of the binder, and before the detection of local effects on the surface of the object to direct the luminous flux.


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The invention relates to measuring technique and is intended to control the production of regulated parameters of roughness and waviness and can be used in metallurgical, machine-building, electronic, optical, printing industry, in aircraft construction

The invention relates to the measuring technique, the technique of optical measurements and can be used to control the surface roughness of the product

FIELD: laser control technologies.

SUBSTANCE: method includes sweep of light beam to straight line with providing for projection of this beam on surface of rolled strip, video capture of projection area of current beam on portion of controlled surface and point of nearby edge of rolled strip, projection area is separated on given number of ranges and for each range received image is separated on components, forming respectively line of edge points of beam light projection, being portion of measurement area, line of brightest points inside light beam projection range and line of edge points of beam projection, quitting measurement area, to determine their coordinates along rolling strip surface, coordinates of lines of brightest points and edge points within light beam projection are straightened, and value of total coordinate is determined, from which with consideration of coordinates of points of lines of brightest points within light beam projection, by geometric interpretation, total parameter of rolled strip shape SARK(i,j) is determined.

EFFECT: higher trustworthiness and efficiency.

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FIELD: measurement of surface profiles.

SUBSTANCE: the method consists in obtaining of a set of interferograms of the surface under examination at scanning of it by a low-coherent radiation source and recreation of the original profile of the surface under examination with the aid of them. At obtaining of each main interferogram an additional interferogram is read off at a shift of the bearing surface by a fractional part of the wavelength, after that the signal of the additional interferogram is subtracted from the signal of the main interferogram and a differential interferogram is obtained, and the original profile of the surface under examination is recreated from the obtained differential interferograms.

EFFECT: enhanced quality of interferograms due to localization of the zone of interference on the surface under examination.

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FIELD: optics.

SUBSTANCE: device has, serially placed at one optical axis, light source, collimator, ring optical mark forming means and multi-element photo-detector, connected to photo-detector signal processing block, as well as assembly for displacing part along axis. At optical axis before photo-detector ring mark projector is mounted with optical localizer of its position.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities, higher speed and precision.

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FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises receiving mirror and diffuse components of light radiation reflected from the surface, extracting pulses of the same duration from the components received, generating reference pulses by converting each pulse extracted from the mirror and diffusion components into photocurrents, and determining the quality of the surface from the photocurrents. Before being incident on the surface, the monochromatic beam is split into the mirror and diffusion pulses of the same duration. The reference pulses are generated by separating a part of the light flux from the extracted light pulses. The device comprises source of monochromatic light radiation, light-splitting plate, mirror made of a paraboloid of revolution, focusing system, first photodetector, unit for control and processing information, first obturator with a port and mirror zone on the surface of the rotatable disk, second obturator with a pair of same ports on the rotatable disk, and second photodetector.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy and quality of determining.

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FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises light source and light receiver provided with means for processing information. The light source and receiver are made in block that is made of a tube. The scanning unit is provided with two channels optically connected with the tube and system of mirrors, which allow the light to pass from the tube to the outer or inner surface of the article through the channels. The scanning unit is optically connected with the tube so that the optical axis of one of the channels is in coincidence with the optical axis of the tube.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: automatics, engineering of controlling devices.

SUBSTANCE: device has cylinder-shaped body with serially positioned lighting system, consisting of electronic lamp and toroidal lens, surveillance system, consisting of conic mirror for all-around observation, objective, light guide, scale mesh and ocular. Additionally inserted are second objective, positioned in front of input end of light guide and forming its image in plane of scale mesh, positioned in focal plane of ocular, optical axis of which coincides with axis of second objective micro-objective, positioned on optical axis, parallel to ocular axis and axis of second object respectively. Second objective and micro-objective are mounted with possible mutual displacement for serial mounting on optical axis of ocular, micro-objective is focused on output end of light guide and builds image of fragments of light section in plane of scale mesh, second objective, scale mesh, ocular and micro-objective are constructively combined in single block, mounted at output portion of light guide with possible movement in two orthogonal directions.

EFFECT: improved sensitivity of device, improved precision of defects dimensions estimation.

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FIELD: determination of inner surface contour.

SUBSTANCE: the device has a laser, reflectors symmetrically installed on the scanner assembly provided with means for angular scanning of the reflectors relative to the axis of the mentioned assembly, and receiver of the laser beam reflected from the object surface. The scanner assembly is made in the form of a motor, whose shaft is coupled to the reflectors; the means for angular scanning relative to the axis of the scanner assembly are made in the form of a solenoid installed in the axis of the motor shaft, a laser beam splitter is positioned between the laser and deflectors.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy and efficiency of contour measurement.

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FIELD: engineering of touch sensors.

SUBSTANCE: device has measuring diffraction grid, probe, two guides, two reading heads, substrate, engine, a group of magnets. First reading head is rigidly connected to body of indicator. Second reading head contains receiver of radiation, collimator, indicator diffraction grid, a matrix of photo-receivers. Group of bearings provides for movement of measuring diffraction grid along movement direction. Measuring diffraction grid and substrate are utilized as guides. One indicator diffraction grid is held in carriage. Carriage is connected to probe, which touches measured surface and moves relatively to same together with measuring diffraction grid. Measuring diffraction grid and substrate are connected to engine, and reading heads are connected to adders.

EFFECT: increased precision of touch coordinate detection at measured surface.

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FIELD: non-destructive inspection.

SUBSTANCE: device has standard side-view endoscope, which has system for illuminating object and system for observing object provided with measuring scale. Device is additionally provided with bushing having linear and angular scales, which bushing is capable of translation and rotation about axis of symmetry of flange fastened to input opening of cavity to be controlled. Tube with optical system for laser illumination of object is mounted inside bushing; tube has microscopic laser and mirror. Tube is mounted in bushing for linear movement relatively endoscope in parallel to its longitudinal axis. Precision of measurement of sizes of objects disposed at long distances to surfaces to be controlled is improved. Measurement of coordinates of defect location on surfaces of object can be made with higher precision.

EFFECT: improved precision of measurement.

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FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: device has measuring unit which has prod, platform with through opening where measuring unit is installed. Prod is capable of touching surface to be measured and of moving at plane being perpendicular to measured surface and along direction of measurement. Platform is provided with three supports for installation. As measuring unit the linear shift detector is used, which detector has light source, illuminating two diffraction gratings. One of gratings is measuring, being tightly connected with prod, and the other one is additional grating. Detector also has photoreceivers. Supports are made of materials having low temperature expansion coefficient. Supports provide three-point installation of platform onto surface; they are disposed in vertexes of triangle in such a way that one catheter of triangle is parallel to one side of platform.

EFFECT: improved precision of measurement; reduced limitations in size of surface to be measured; accelerated measuring process; widened working temperature range.

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