Steering device


(57) Abstract:

The use of the steering device in the devices of vehicles and can be used in steering devices of vehicles. Summary of the invention in that the steering device comprises a steering rod in the form of a rod, ending with arms and rigidly connected with the other end with a vertical, are rotatably on the frame of the vehicle, an axle rigidly connected with a horizontal rod through the thrust pivotally connected with the axle of the front wheels. 2 Il.

The invention relates to devices of vehicles and can be used in steering devices of vehicles.

There are various steering devices of vehicles. For example, steering tricycle tractor ( C. M. Semenov, Tractor. M "Kolos", 1978, 175, 176, Fig.133) contains a fork with a steering wheel connected to each other through a gear and a worm.

This steering contains quite time-consuming to manufacture a couple of: gear worm and requires the use of his steering wheel at significant angles.

Known steering device of the vehicle "Kolibri-22", created Century disa between 96 and 97 C.), contains the plug axis, in the frame rotatably and rigidly connected through the rod from the steering arm.

This steering device is the closest to the technical essence and the achieved result. It is when you use requires a relatively large angles of rotation equal to the angle of rotation of the front wheel. For a great length of his rod control during hard cornering of the vehicle has great inconvenience because the steering arm for the dimensions of the vehicle.

The objective of the invention is to provide a steering device, providing a sharp turn of the vehicle in case of small rotations of the rod from the steering arm, not beyond the dimensions of the vehicle, applying it following structure.

The proposed steering device has an arm rigidly connected through the arm with a vertical axis, in the frame of the vehicle rotatably and rigidly connected with a horizontal rod pivotally connected through two thrust axis of the front wheel.

In Fig.1 schematically shows a steering device in a three-wheeled vehicle, the General view is bound vehicle, for example, the tricycle, which contains the frame 1 has mounted on it the drive 2, the rear axle 3 with 4 wheels, seat 5 and the steering device in the form of a steering rod 6 made rod with a handle and having a rigid connection vertical axis 7, which is in frame 1 rotatably and rigidly connected with a horizontal rod 8 in the middle, which in turn cylindrical hinge 9 is connected with two identical rods 10, which in turn cylindrical hinge 11 with the front axle 12, which is rotatably wheel 13. The front wheels 13 may be two, but in this case, the axis 12 (not shown) should be continued from the hinge 11 in both sides and wheels 13 must be installed on its end.

Steering device operates as follows.

Sitting in the vehicle the man behind the arm holding the steering rod 6 and the rotation of its axis 7 controls the direction of movement of the vehicle due to the rotation with axis 7 and rod 8, and with it, thrust through 10 and axle 12 with the front wheel 13. When this occurs, the rotation of the rod 10 relative to the rod 8 in the hinge 9 and the axis 12 in the hinges 11. As articulated connection is rotated always at an angle significantly greater than the angle at which rotates the rod 8 together with the axis 7 and the steering rod 6. This allows you sitting in the vehicle the person, even in sharp turns, turn the steering rod 6 axis 7 at a sufficiently small angle and the steering rod 6 and in this case does not go beyond the dimensions of the vehicle, creating these large facilities management direction of movement of the vehicle.

The steering device containing the steering rod in the form of a rod, one end of which is equipped with a handle, and the other is rigidly connected with a vertical axis fixed on the frame for rotation for connection with the axle of the front wheels, characterized in that the connection of the vertical axis with the axis of the front wheels is made in the form of a horizontal rod connected by a cylindrical hinge rods connected by cylindrical joints with the specified axis of the front wheels, the distance between the axes of the hinges on this rod is larger than the distance between the axes of the hinges on the axis of the front wheels, and traction have the same length.


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