Device for irrigation


(57) Abstract:

Usage: agriculture for subsurface drip irrigation of agricultural crops. The inventive device consists of a sealed tank 1, is installed on the valve - vacuum 2 and release 3, and the discharge tube 4, through which the irrigation tube 5 and the holes in them 6 supplies water to the watering places. In process of absorption of water by the soil level in the pressurized tank 1 is reduced, resulting in above the water level in the tank raises the vacuum and at a certain amount actuates the vacuum valve 2, through which the air cavity of the tank 1 enters a new portion of the air, and again repeats the process of flowing water. 1 Il.

The invention relates to agriculture and can be used for irrigation of agricultural crops, orchards and gardens small doses of water.

The aim of the invention is the simplification of the device, increase its reliability and to ensure delivery of the required quantity of water in accordance with absorbent soil.

The drawing shows a General view of the device.

Device for irrigation consists of a sealed tank 1, is it part of the tank 1 is connected drainage tube 4 with irrigation tubes 5, having a water outlet hole 6 (they can be inserted wicks) for the supply of water under the soil, which sprinkle the soil. To the upper part of the tank 1 is connected the inlet water pipe 7, valve 8. To monitor the water level in the tank, it has a level indicator 9.

The device operates as follows.

To enable the system to work it is necessary to decompose the irrigation tube 5 in the irrigated area and cover with soil water outlet hole 6. Then open the valve 8 and to fill in a sealed tank 1 with water. When filled with water release valve 3 opens, and the air as you fill the reservoir will be grazed. Then briefly press the vacuum valve 2, so that the water filled the irrigation tube 5. Then the device starts to work.

Under the action of the first time hydrostatic pressure and the absorbency of the soil properties (capillary forces), and further only absorbing properties of soil water will moisten the soil, and the water level in the tank 1 will start to fall, while in the air cavity inside the tank 1 above the water level will start to increase the vacuum, which will interfere with the expiration of water from a pressurized tank 1.

At a certain velicity vacuum valve 2, and the portion of atmospheric air will enter the air cavity sealed tank 1. And then begin the process of flowing water from the tank. The water level when filling and operation of the device is controlled by a level indicator 9.

Refueling tank 1 water valve 8.

If necessary, you can carry out automatic refueling of the tank 1 with water (for example, installation in a tank float acting on the crane 8).

Device for irrigation, including a sealed tank with a vacuum valve in the upper part and with a drainage tube connected to the lower part, characterized in that provided irrigation tube connected to a drainage tube and having a water outlet hole of the water-soil.


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