The spray liquid


(57) Abstract:

Usage: plume formation dispersed liquid. The inventive spray liquid is supplied mounted on the head cover blades. Meglomania channels on one side communicated with the cavity distribution chambers through made in her bottom hole. On the other hand channels communicated with the exhaust annular gap. The slit is placed under the bottom of the distribution chamber. 3 Il.

The invention relates to techniques for the atomization of liquids with the formation of a torch dispersed liquid during the spraying process.

Known spray containing internal rotating disk, rigidly connected with the upper outer disk channels for transmission fluid and formation fluid flow into the upper outer disk, which has a smooth curved or stepped edges, by means of which formed inside the spray fluid flow changes its direction of movement by acquiring the velocity components vertically downwards along the axis of rotation of the atomizer, thereby reducing the radial size of the spray [1]

The disadvantages of this spray about the smooth inner surface of the upper outer plate define as a relatively coarse spray, and narrow limits of the diameter reduction of the spray.

For the formation of swirling gas screen used for changing the diameter of the spray and improve the quality of the dispersed liquid, the necessary external gas flow with pressure, which in this spray generated by an external source of high pressure, for example, ventilator, fan, etc., which generally overestimates the consumption and requires additional mechanisms, creating a high pressure gas or air. In addition, the sprayer is not always stable, as it depends on the stability as an external source of high pressure gas, and the work of the head with a spray of elements, which is often not ensured.

The purpose of the invention reduce power consumption and increase the stability of the spray due to the exclusion of external gas source, high blood pressure.

This objective is achieved in that the spray liquid is supplied mounted on the head cover blades, meglomania channels are on one side communicated with the cavity distribution chambers through made in its bottom open the camera.

Thus, the rotating of the actuator head provides the rotation installed on her blades, thereby creating a swirling gas stream, and provides synchronization of the processes of atomization of a liquid and a gas screen.

The design of one possible execution of the spray are presented in the diagrams, in which Fig.1 Dan incision spray longitudinal plane passing through the axis of rotation of the dispenser in Fig.2 section a And in Fig.1, in Fig. 3 view B in Fig.2, i.e., the layout satirically elements in the annular gap.

The spray fluid comprises a drive shaft 1 mounted thereon a cylinder 2 with a spray elements 3, the pipe 4 fluid supply mounted on the head 2 stationary distribution chamber 5 is communicated with the gas supply, made in the form of glass 6, the bottom 7 and the hole 8 and the annular outlet slit 9, in which the tilting satirically elements 10 made in the form of thin plates that provide minimum resistance to gas flow, or a special profile that is similar to the configuration of the blades of the axial pumps or turbines.

The annular gap 9 formed by the inner 11 and the outside is reducing hydrodynamic losses in the movement acceleration of the gas flow inside it is as aerodynamically smooth profile with the lowest hydrodynamic losses. Satirically elements 10 are arranged so that the gas flow after exiting the annular gap 9 is rotated against the direction of rotation of the atomizer head 2.

On the whole surface of the cover 13 of the head 2 is installed blades 14, meglomania channels 15 which is communicated with one side of the cavity distribution chamber 5 through the holes 8 in the plate 7 and the exhaust annular gap 9 on the other hand, placed under the bottom 7 of the chamber 5.

Powered atomizer as follows.

The liquid to be spray, is supplied through pipe 4 to the internal cavity of the head 2, which is evenly distributed and supplied to the spray elements 3, leaving them in the environment is dispersed into small droplets, forming a primary torch spray. The air or gas of a particular composition comes from a source gas distribution chamber 5, uniformly distributed therein and through the opening 8 in the plate 7 comes into meglomania channels 15 of the blades 14, where due to the rotation of the blades 14 of the head 2 is twisted and acquires the necessary overpressure.

Then the gas flow of high pressure is supplied into the exhaust annular gap 9, where aerodynam the odya of the annular gap 9, the swirling gas flow forms a gas screen, acting on the spray initially sprayed liquid. The combined action occurs as a reduction of the radius of the spray in comparison with that which he would have had if such ventilation did not exist, and further fragmentation of the biggest drops of the sprayed liquid. Rigid connection centrifugal spray head with blades provides a constant pressure of gas consumed for the formation of the torch raspisivaem fluid and, consequently, the stabilization work.

The spray liquid containing a drive shaft, a fixed head with a spray elements and cap, tube feeding liquid that is installed over the head with camera plate, communicated with the gas supply and is made in the form of a glass exhaust annular gap and inclined zavihriteljami elements, characterized in that, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing the stability of the spray due to the exclusion of external gas source of high pressure, it has installed on the roof of the head lobes, meglomania channels are on one side communicated with the second annular gap, the latter is placed under the bottom of the distribution chamber.


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SUBSTANCE: granules are formed due to spraying of liquid agent on seeding particles found in fluidized bed, thus facilitating growth of granules. Sprayer has tube with at least one inlet hole at one end through which liquid agent is fed for facilitating growth of granules and outlet hole at the other end for escape of this agent from tube; sprayer is also provided with gas flow distributor which is connected with interior of tube and is located around it at definite distance from outlet hole; sprayer has emulsifying unit connected with inlet hole of tube and with distributor for forming gas flow emulsion inside tube and facilitating growth of granules. Granulator has reservoir where fluidized bed of seeding particles and granules of agent being granulated is formed, device for continuous delivery of seeding particles to fluidized bed, system for liquefaction and holding of seeding particles and granules in fluidized state and at least one distributor through which flow of liquid agent facilitating growth of granules is fed. Distributor is provided with one or several sprayers for spraying liquid agent facilitating growth of seeding particles; each sprayer is provided with tube with at least one inlet hole at one end for delivery of liquid agent and outlet hole at other end for escape of this agent from tube. Provision is also made for gas flow distributor connected with interior of tube and located around it at definite distance from outlet hole and emulsifying unit connected with inlet hole of tube and distributor for forming gas flow emulsion inside tube in liquid agent.

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EFFECT: improved high-temperature gas flow cleaning of harmful admixtures and finely dispersed solid aerosols.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and is intended for spraying of liquids and suspensions, for instance coal-water fuel (CWF). Pneumatic nozzle comprises body with inner circular chamber and nozzle for supply of compressed gas in it, pipe installed along body axis for liquid supply, changing into diffuser. At the end of diffuser there is a circular nozzle arranged in the form of axisymmetric head converging towards body axis, and circular slot gas nozzle at the outlet of circular chamber. Slot gas nozzle is formed by body and external border of circular nozzle. Circular nozzle below gas nozzle has concave shape of border. Pipe for liquid supply is equipped with additional nozzle for adding another liquid to the main liquid for spraying. Circular chamber for compressed gas is equipped with additional nozzle for supply of another gas or stem in it. Nozzles for supply of compressed gas and steam into gas chamber have axes displaced relative to plane of nozzle symmetry, as a result of which gas and steam are tangentially supplied to gas chamber.

EFFECT: pneumatic nozzle with such shape of gas and liquid tracks makes it possible to provide for required dispersion for spraying of both low viscous and high viscous liquids and suspensions without quick wear of equipment with the possibility to spray multi-component mixtures and replacement of working gas for superheated steam, and also with the possibility to control dimensions of gas-drop torch.

2 cl, 1 dwg