3-(2'-naphthylmethyl)-piperazine-2 and 1-n-phenyl-3 - ventilationperfusion-2, exhibiting anti-inflammatory activity


(57) Abstract:

3-(21-Naphthylmethyl)-piperazine-2 (1) and 1-N-phenyl-3-piperazino-2 (II) formula

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where I R = 2-naphthyl; R1= N;

II R = C6H5; R1= C6H5.

can be used in medicine as anti-inflammatory agents. They get interaction arilpirolilor acids with Ethylenediamine and N-phenylethylenediamine, respectively, when heated in ethanol medium in the presence of catalytic amounts of acetic acid according to the scheme

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where I R = 2-naphthyl; R1= H;

II R = C6H5; R1= C6H5.

I. The Output Is 78.4%. Tpl.241-242oC.

Found, %: C 72,32; N. Of 5.17; N 10,56%; C16H14N2O2.

Calculated,%: C 72,17; H Of 5.29; N 10,52.

II. Yield 68%. Tpl.140-141oC.

Found, %: C 73,80; N. Of 5.39; N 9,72; C18H16N2O2.

Calculated, %: C 73,95; N 5,52; N 9,58.

The compounds possess anti-inflammatory activity of 45% (I) and 51% (II). Toxicity LD50is more than 1000 mg/kg 1 tab.

The invention relates to new biologically active compounds 2-piperazinone, namely 3-(2=H;

II R C6H5; RIC6H5.

possessing anti-inflammatory activity, suggesting the possibility of their use in medicine as anti-inflammatory drugs.

The closest analogue to the structure with anti-inflammatory activity is 3-(4I-methylbenzylidene)-piperazine-2 formula:

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which is used as a prototype [1,2]

The objective of the invention, the search range 2-piperazinone compounds with pronounced anti-inflammatory activity with low toxicity.

This is achieved by the synthesis of 3-(2I-naphthylmethyl)- and 1-N-phenyl-3-ventilationperfusion-2-ions containing 3-substituted and 1,3-substituted 2-piperazinone cycle, which has anti-inflammatory action.

The claimed compounds produced by interaction arilpirolilor acids with Ethylenediamine and N-phenylethylenediamine, respectively, when heated in ethanol medium in the presence of catalytic amounts of acetic acid and subsequent separation of the target products by the known methods.

The reaction scheme:

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where I R 2-naphthyl; R1H;

II R C6H5; RIC6H5.


Found, C 72,32; N. OF 5.17; N 10,56; C16H14N2O2.

Calculated C 72,17; N. Of 5.29; N 10,52.

IR spectrum (VR-20) vaseline oil, cm-1: 3200, 3112 (amino group); 1692 (amide carbonyl); 1608 (-carbonyl).

PMR spectrum (OC-2310, DMCO, GMDS, M. D.): 3,53 (int. m, 4H, CH2- CH2); 6,91 (C. 1H, CH); 8,08 (m N10H7); 8,77 (C. 1H, NH); 11,05 (C. 1H, NH).

Compound II get the same way.

Yield 1.98 g (68%), so pl. 140 -141oC.

Found, C 73,80; N. OF 5.39; N 9,72; C18H16N2O2.

Calculated C 73,95; N 5,52; N 9,58.

IR-spectrum (UR-20) vaseline oil, cm-1: 3376 (amino group); 1692 (amide carbonyl); 1616 (g-carbonyl).

PMR-spectrum (OC-2310, DMSO, GMDS, M. D.): 3,88 (int. m, 4H, CH2CH2); 6,77 (C. 1H, CH); to 7.67 (m, 10H, 2C6H5); 11,12 (C. 1H, NH).

The claimed compounds are yellow crystalline substance, easily soluble in DMSO and DMF, soluble in hot ethanol, benzene, sparingly soluble in water.

The compounds of bilene in oral introduction of the investigated compounds at a dose of 50 mg/kg, ortofena in the dose of 10 mg/kg [3]

About anti-inflammatory activity was judged by the degree of inhibition of the inflammatory response in Aggregate ED50and LD50was carried out according to the method of Litchfield and Wilcoxon signed [4]

The results of studies anti-inflammatory activity are presented in the table.

From the table it is seen that the claimed compounds possess anti-inflammatory action, toxicity several times less toxic than used in medicine, the drug may also fuse [5]

Acute toxicity of the claimed compounds was determined in oral introduction connections to white mice. 2% starch mucus, N. Pershin [6] LD50the claimed compounds is more than 1000 mg/kg

Thus, 3-(2I-naphthylmethyl)-piperazine-2 - and 1-N-phenyl-3-ventilationperfusion-2, as shown by experimental studies, have a pronounced anti-inflammatory action. The toxicity of the compounds of more than 1000 mg/kg, equivalent to more than 1000 mg/kg and ortofena 380 mg/kg

3-(21-Naphthylmethyl)-piperazine-2 (I) and 1-N-phenyl-3-ventilationperfusion-2 (II) formula

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where I R=2-naphthyl, R'=H;

II R=C6H5; R'=C6H5,

have the


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EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

59 cl, 12 dwg, 13 ex, 10 tbl

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EFFECT: improved method for preparing and treatment, valuable medicinal properties of compounds.

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EFFECT: improved and valuable properties of formulation.

3 cl, 1 tbl, 1 ex

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SUBSTANCE: invention proposes using levetiracetam and the corresponding levetiracetam-base pharmaceutical composition used in treatment of bipolar disorders, mania and migraine. Also, invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition based on levetiracetam and at least one inhibitor of GABA type A neuronal receptors that is used in treatment of epilepsy, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, tremor, bipolar disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic state, depression, headache, pain, ischemia and head trauma, to corresponding methods for treatment, to a method for selective enhancing the therapeutic effect of inhibitors of GABA type A neuronal receptors, to a method for treatment of patient with inhibitor of GABA type A neuronal receptors involving the combined administration of indicated inhibitor of GABA type A neuronal receptors with levetiracetam. Invention shows the possibility for using levetiracetam for treatment of chronic and neuropathic pain in lower doses as compared with doses causing secondary effects, and shows its property to enhance activity of inhibitor of GABA type A neuronal receptors.

EFFECT: improved and valuable medicinal properties of agent.

18 cl, 18 tbl, 7 ex