Power transmission compact self-propelled chassis


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the transmission of small traction vehicles. Essence: the crankshaft of the engine and the shaft of the semi-independent PTO is located transversely relative to the longitudinal axis of the chassis. The primary shaft of the gearbox is made with a shank for connection with the propeller shaft synchronous longitudinal PTO, and the secondary shaft with the shaft to drive auxiliary drive axle. 1 Il.

The invention relates to power transmissions and PTO trailer vehicles, mainly small-sized self-propelled chassis, requiring extensive PTO.

Known power transmission compact tractor production ATZ (Altai tractor plant) containing the transfer case actuator of the hydraulic pumps and the longitudinal shaft double-sided (front and rear) PTO and gearbox with longitudinal shafts connected with the cardan transmission with limited-slip differential driving axle (see technical description and operating instructions compact tractor "Worker", Rubtsovsk, 1991).

The disadvantages specified Sylow the current bridge to improve towing qualities compact tractor; the complexity of the transmission in connection with the extension node gearbox is connected to the transmission shaft drive transmission.

Closest to the invention is a power transmission self-propelled chassis of the T-16 MG (see Technical description and operating instructions T-16 MG. 00.000 AND Kharkiv "Prapor", 1988, page 6, 41). Powertrain chassis contains longitudinally-located engine, clutch with optional clutch drive shaft PTO and hydraulic pump, double-shaft gearbox with a transverse shaft, the transmission to the differential, differential lock and end transmission. In addition, the secondary shaft of the gearbox is synchronous cross-PTO.

The disadvantages of specified power transmission chassis are the lack of opportunities drives additional front driving axle and front PTO.

The aim of the invention is to eliminate said drawbacks, i.e., the functional enhancement of power transmission self-propelled small-sized chassis.

This objective is achieved in that the power transmission compact self-propelled chassis contains the engine, a dual clutch transmission, connected through the main clutch to the crankshaft of the engine and through one or two drive shafts with one or two self-locking differentials axles, and one or two of the shaft of the synchronous PTO. The engine of this chassis and the shaft of the semi-independent PTO made with a transverse relative to the longitudinal axis of the chassis, gearbox, designed for horizontal shafts connected via a gear to the shaft of the clutch. The input shaft of the specified transmission provided with a shank connection with one or two cardan transmissions simultaneous longitudinal front or rear PTO, and the secondary shaft shank drive auxiliary drive axle.

Unlike analogue and prototype power transmission is performed with multifunctional connectivity front driving axle with transverse semi-independent front and synchronous PTO.

The invention is illustrated kinematic diagram of power transmission chassis.

Power transmission compact self-propelled chassis contains the engine 1, the main clutch 2, the semi-independent drives the transverse shaft 3 PTA also double-shaft gearbox 7 and one or two leading axle 8 with self-locking differentials 9. Transmission 7 is a bevel gear 10 their primary shaft 11 is connected through a main clutch 2 to the crankshaft 12 of the engine 1 and the secondary shaft 13 with the rear PTO transmission 14. The shank 15 of the shaft 13 is driven front axle. From the primary shaft 11 through the shank 15 and 17 are rear and front synchronous sampling power. The crankshaft 12 of the engine 1 and the shaft 3 PTO made with a transverse relative to the longitudinal axis of the chassis, and the shafts 11 and 13 of the gearbox 7 with longitudinal.

The inclusion of the shaft 3 of the semi-independent PTO is made by means of a toothed coupling 18 off additional coupling 6. The shanks 16 and 17 simultaneous selection of power are the ends of the shaft 11 of the transmission 7. Therefore, simultaneous sampling power, as well as pumps 4 are always on when permanently closed core 2 and an additional 6 couplings. The shanks 15, 16, 17 and 19 of the shaft 13, 11 and 3 when not in use, close the protective caps 20.

Torque from the crankshaft 12 of the engine 1 through the constantly closed the main clutch 2, the shaft clutch 21 and the transmission 10 is transmitted to the primary shaft 11 is scialom 9 one of the axles 8.

Thus, powertrain chassis made multifunction with additional drive capability leading front axle with extensive PTO.

The presence of semi-independent of the drive shaft 3 PTO and hydraulic pumps 4 allows you to perform the following operations: to produce a consistent acceleration in the beginning of the working bodies of agricultural machines (guns), and then tractor unit; to make a short stop chassis without stopping the working bodies of the machines (guns) with the included hydraulic motors and switch gear. The presence of front and rear synchronous PTO allows the chassis to gang up with machines, the performance of which is connected with the speed of the chassis.

Technical and economic effect is achieved by extending the functionality of the power transmission compact self-propelled chassis without the introduction of additional nodes.

Power transmission compact self-propelled chassis that contains the engine, a main clutch, semi-independent drives PTO and hydraulic pumps connected through transmission with additional coupling selection moxnes and through at least one cardan transmission with at least one samolocik differential driving axles, characterized in that the crankshaft of the engine and the shaft of the semi-independent PTO is located transversely relative to the longitudinal axis of the chassis, gearbox, made with longitudinal shafts are connected through a transmission shaft, a main clutch and the primary shaft of the gearbox is made with a shank for connection with the propeller shaft synchronous longitudinal PTO, and the secondary shaft with the shaft to drive auxiliary drive axle.


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EFFECT: increased safety of the drive, improved disc position adjustment, reduced size, simplified mounting and enhanced maintainability.

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EFFECT: enhanced reliability and prolonged service life.

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SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of mechanical engineering and may be used in production of drive units for engineering tools and motor vehicles. The self-regulating infinitely variable speed transmission contains: an input shaft 9 and an output shaft 6, a centrifugal type nonadjustable hydraulic pump 3, a gear differential unit 2 with two output shafts 5, 6 and a nonadjustable hydraulic motor 4. The hydraulic pump 3 is connected to the gear differential unit output shaft 5. The nonadjustable hydraulic motor 4 is connected to the gear differential unit output shaft 6, which is an output shaft of the gear differential unit output shaft. Self-regulation of a torque of the output shaft is depending on a load by changing the number of revolutions per a minute of the centrifugal pump using the differential gear of the he self-regulating infinitely variable speed transmission. The technical result is an increased affordability due to reduction of a quantity of gears and lack of the throttling losses of a liquid and to the complete self-regulation.

EFFECT: the invention ensures an increased affordability due to reduction of a quantity of gears and lack of the throttling losses of a liquid and to the complete self-regulation.

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