Cassette for storing disk information


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the field of information accumulation, particularly to cartridges for information storage disks (e.g., round DM). The inventive cassette consists of the lower part 2, cover 3 and item 4 of the installation disk. The lower part 2 and the cover 3 are connected to each other at a common edge 6 can be rotated through the first hinge unit 12, 17, the lower portion 2 at its receiving the first hinge device edge 6, and at its opposite edge 7 is used as a book spine end wall 8, 9, item 4 of the installation disk and the lower part are connected to each other can be rotated through a second hinge device 18, 19 and the disk item 4 is on both sides of the holders 24, 28 for respectively one round of information disc 29 respectively one hand. The second hinge device 18, 19 is located at the edge of the lower part, opposite the first hinge unit 12, 17. 2 s and 5 C.p. f-crystals, 4 Il.

The invention relates to the field of information accumulation, in particular, to the cassette for storage for all of the information disk, for example, optically read VCD and digital is shielded, like the book cover, which is pivotally connected at the free Kant's cover of the book with a cassette for storage /1/. The shape mine is not suitable for storage of diabetes because of the risk of contamination and requires relatively different space.

The basis of the invention lies in the task of creating tapes, made in the form of reliable in operation and compact design.

To solve this problem it is suggested cassette for storage with signs p. 1 or p. 2 claims. However, in such a cassette for storing manifested itself as a preferred supply the lower parts on its both opposite edges receiving the hinge device, end walls, which mainly can be used as a book spine. Arranged end wall to increase the reliability of the closed cassette for storage without dust. Similarly, for the reliable operation of the use of cassettes for storing manifested itself as the preferred path delimiter rotation for an installation disk in its deflected state, because it effectively prevents inadvertent complete the rollover element of the mouth of the OC invention are achieved among other things, the following advantages:

due to the new hinge design significantly improves protection against falling out for all of the information disk, in particular, CDS, cassettes for storage when its disclosure or use in the open state,

by limiting the angle of protection against falling out increased even more,

tape storage is the same dust that is known and usual commercial cassettes to store for a single CD,

cassette to store consists of only three, and in General just manufactured parts,

can apply the same cover as for the known cassettes for storing intended for only one CD, also at the bottom of this known cassette for storage requires only minor changes, namely the two holes as part of the hinge,

no restrictions may be used next installation furniture for presentations or partial storage of tapes to resolve, according to the invention, that which is still used for single cassettes,

in the same volume, which can still be placed one CD or another all the information disc can now fit two CD,

in addition to the approximately same value, that and all the front respectively rear, side of the cassette for storage.

Expedient embodiments of the invention that provides, in particular, a simple rearrangement of the production and warehousing of separate parts, and the possibility of preferential treatment cassette for storage and the best possible protection information stored in it drives described in the additional claims.

For applied according to the invention the structural elements requiring no exceptional conditions in respect of their size, shape, material selection and technical conception, so that no restrictions may apply well-known in the relevant field of application of the selection criteria.

Further details, characteristics and advantages of the subject invention follow from the subsequent description of the related drawings, which show one preferred form of the cartridge for storage. In the drawings, is shown in Fig. 1 cassette for storage in the open state in a side view; Fig. 2 a top view of the same cassette for storage on the upper side of the element installation disk (type a according to Fig. 1), and Fig. 3 bottom view of the same e the s element installation disk when the image section in accordance with the section along the line IV-IV according to Fig. 2.

In Fig. 1 cassette for storing the designated generally by the number 1 and comprises a lower part 2, the receiving part 3 and item 4 installation disc (holder).

The lower part 2 has a rectangular horizontal projection, not quite square bottom plate 5 connected to the narrower edges 6 and 7 of the bottom part 2, as a unit with the end walls 8 and 9. At least in the zones of the edges 6 and 7 of the bottom plate 5 has along the edges of the relatively long sides forming the side walls of the flanges 10 and 11. Near depicted in the drawing on the left edge of the bottom 6 of the particles 2 in opposite to each other flanges 10 (the second flange 10 is closed by the first flange 10) openings are provided, respectively, a circular recess 12 forming part of the hinge from the bottom.

Cover 3 (upper part) has approximately a square top plate 13, is connected on its two opposite edges as one piece with the side walls 14, respectively (as separate components, lower part), formed as one piece with them. When depicted embodiment, the side walls 14 have ribs 15 and grooves 16. The ribs 15 are provided for reasons of optics. The recess 16 provided on their upper limit n is s), which serve as spacer holders at the closed cassette and which, in addition, can hold between itself and the inner surface of the bottom plate 13 to be shifted laterally between side walls 14 informational text (not illustrated). In the area of the right in the drawing edge of the cover 3, which coincides with the edge 6 of the bottom part 2, (when viewed in horizontal projection), the side walls 14 of the cover 3 have a protruding inward of the hinge pins 17, the dimensions of which correspond to the dimensions of the opening 12 and which enter the apertures 12 with the formation of the hinge. The hinges 12, 17 on both (located on the drawing each other) sides of the lower part 2 and the cover 3 together form a hinge device, with which the cover can be rotated relative to the bottom of the corner, consisting primarily of approximately 180o.

In this regard, the lower part 2, cover 3 and the hinges 12, 17, made generally of transparent plastic and forming a closed cassette for storage, mainly for the CD-ROM drive, which both end walls 8 and 9 of the bottom part 2 by insertion of the respective printed sheets assume the function of a book spine, are public in well-known magazines for the storage element installation disk 4 so spring firmly clamped in the lower part 2, its almost more impossible to remove without damaging the cassette storage element installation disk according to the invention can be rotated around the second hinge device 18, 19 relative to the lower part 2 is approximately 90o.

The hinge device comprises respectively one located on disc 4 that is connected with it as a whole, the hinge pin 19 on each side in the immediate vicinity of the edge 7 of the bottom part 2, and accordingly one of the holes 18 for receiving respectively one hinge pin 19. This hole is provided on each of both of the flanges 11 in the vicinity of the edge 7 is approximately parallel to the edge.

When the disc is fully rotated in the direction of the lower part 2, the cartridge is almost no different from a cassette to a CD.

Element installation disk differs, first, from widespread cassette for storage, designed to receive one CD, the fact that it is equipped with the above-mentioned hinge pins and carrier hinge pins edge is shown in Fig. 2 in the top view of the element of the installation disk is free from possible meaulnes thus, what, for example, end wall 9 of the bottom part 2 serves as a path delimiter rotation for an installation disk. It can be seen from Fig. 1.

On the edge 4B, opposite edge 4A of the element installation disk 4, which includes a second hinge device 18, 19, provided for gripping strap 20 having on its lower side (see Fig. 3) contact the groove 21 with which you can capture from below, for example, a finger nail, edge 4B and thereby release the element installation disk 4 from the bottom 2 on the edge. In the rest of the element installation disk 4 in the area shown in Fig. 2 of the upper side is made the same way as the known elements of the unit disk to a CD, that is, in the surface produced the recess 22 is approximately in the shape of a circular ring and provided support ring 23 for CD in the Central zone, and the iterative clamping ring 24. However, the recess 22 is not as deep as in the known cassettes to store for a single CD. Clamping ring 24 is made with a small excess amount, so that the Central hole of the CD is nudigenis on the clamping ring with a small clip and CD then clamp the clamping ring is held in by the o ring for protecting the receiving CD, as well as the following support ring 25 and the following clamping ring 24 of the same kind, and corresponding means on the opposite (upper) side of the installation disk. Place the recess 26 is created by reducing the depth of the recess 22.

Element installation disk 4 is mainly made of plastic. To achieve a well-coordinated clamping forces to the Central receiving two CDS on opposite sides of recommended schematically depicted in Fig. 4 design, according to which deflected the cross section of the tongues 27 of alternate distribution are located on the circumference of the Central hole 28 of the element installation disk 4 so that alternately one bent tab is up and one bent tab is down, and bent the ends 27A of the reeds into the hole 28 (as viewed in the top view). Such location of the reeds is not only very effective, but can also be carried out using simple molds for injection molding devices without bias or forms, etc., However, placed on both sides of the element installation CD 29 may be held equally reliable. Are also possible without p is holding the lower part of the housing, and also pivotally connected and installed on different edges of the lower shell, the upper and the receiving part of the housing, while the upper and lower parts of the casing are connected by a common edge, and the reception part configured to accommodate the lower part of the housing, characterized in that on each plane of the receiving part is a holder of the information disk, and a hinge connecting the bottom and the receiving part placed on the edge of the cartridge, opposite the common edge of the lower and upper parts of the body.

2. Cassette under item 1, characterized in that the maximum angle between the receiving and the lower parts of the hull is 120, mostly 80 to 100.

3. Cassette under item 1 or 2, characterized in that the lower side edges, opposite semirational part has a contact trench with the ability to capture the receiving part when the door is opened.

4. Cassette for PP.1 to 3, characterized in that the hinge connecting the bottom and the receiving part placed inside the lower part adjacent to the parallel end wall.

5. Cassette for PP.1 to 4, characterized in that on the lower part of the body from the sides of the placement of the hinges and in parallel they are made of the end wall.

6. CAS is I.

7. Cassette for storing information discs containing the lower part of the housing and pivotally connected and installed on different edges of the lower part of the upper part and the receiving part of the housing, where the holder of the information disk, characterized in that in the center of the receiving part made the hole, the circumference of which on both sides of the receiving part is made deflected away from the center of the receiving part of the elastic petals holder of two information discs mounted on different planes of the receiving part, and the petals are made alternately protruding from each of the planes of the receiving part.


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