Parquet board


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the field of construction and can be used when performing floors in buildings. Parquet Board includes a base with glued on him parquet laths, has slots for the connecting rods. The base and the strap is made in the form of parallelograms. Parallelograms slats are angled from 20 to 70 to the edge of the grounds. 2 Il.

The invention relates to the manufacture of floors of buildings, in particular, to the floorboard.

Famous parquet Board that contains multiple panels, assembled from separate mutually parallel strips (see application Germany N 3414337, E O4 F 15/022, 1984. ). Planks laid mosaic so that one strap of the shield lying at right angles to the adjacent laths, and in the bars of each panel is made vzaimoperesechenie slots, which are mutually parallel clamping a wire to connect the slats.

Such a flooring time-consuming to manufacture because neodnokratnoj Assembly parquet planks: first into the boards, and then when gluing on the canvas. It also has enough beautiful appearance because of the parallel and perpendicular arrangement, the pot is 2">

Closest to the proposed parquet Board is the Board (see USSR author's certificate N 1622119, 27 M 3/06, 1991), with parquet strips, glued to the base with internal channels and grooves for connecting the rails.

The disadvantages of this design is a great complexity in manufacturing, not enough attractive appearance, because the beam of light is directed at an angle of 90oor 0oto the wood fibers.

Offer parquet plank 1 is a parallelogram, with laid on the base 4 parquet slats 2. If izgotovlenie such floorboard 1 planing parquet laths 2 in the end is completely absent, as after a label strips on the base, edges and ends of boards filed in size, then milled. Cutting, when the sample of the groove 5 and the removal of 2-3 mm from the end face of the lower cheeks 3 to provide a more dense splicing is predominantly along the grain, and only the base. The need for milling themselves parquet laths 2 is completely absent. Assembly boards 1 between them by using Reiki, entering the grooves 5 of both boards.

This appearance of the parquet floor is achieved at present the wood of valuable breeds, the complexity of laying and finishing outside the factory conditions.

In Fig. 1 shows parquet boards with pasted on the basis of the parquet blocks. In Fig. 2 depicts a parquet Board, a side view with the lower ends of the cheeks, the base and the groove.

Parquet strips pasted on the basis of parquet boards have the shape of a parallelogram have the shape of parallelograms and are not parallel and not perpendicular to the edge of the base, and at an angle of 20oup to 70o.

The application of the proposed parquet boards can significantly accelerate work on the floor compared with finish floor using a piece of flooring during installation tree, as well as to improve the quality of the floor due to more dense splicing and eliminate gaps between the boards. In addition, it is possible to produce a floor covering in large rooms with workers more than low-skilled due to the simplification of work produced.

Parquet Board, including a base with glued on him parquet slats and having grooves for connecting the slats, wherein the base and the strap is made in the form of a parallelogram, the parallelogram bars set at an angle of 20-70 the


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EFFECT: simplified assembly of floor.

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EFFECT: provision of gapless panel members laying and increased reliability of their connection.

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EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for panel installation in design position.

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EFFECT: improved floor operational capabilities.

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SUBSTANCE: floor members have edges, lower surface and upper decorative layer. Floor members are connected one to another with the use of connection units. Each member has male connection unit formed on the first edge thereof and female connection unit made on opposite edge. Male unit has tongue and depression on lower side thereof. Female unit comprises groove and part with extension. Floor member also has male connection unit formed on the third edge and female connection unit made on the forth edge to provide vertical assemblage thereof.

EFFECT: increased tightness of floor member connection.

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SUBSTANCE: panels have opposite narrow sides on which retaining profiles are created. Opposite retaining profiles mate each other to connect similar panels one to another. The first opposite retaining profiles are formed so that new panel of the second row may be attached to previously laid panel of the first row by placing inclined new panel against previously laid one. Then pressing action is applied to the new panel and the new panel is moved to plane of previously laid panel. The second opposite retaining profiles comprise mating engaging members. The panels are mutually engaged by bringing above engaging members into cooperation by applying pressing action to the new panel. Each joint between the panels is provided with additional locking member to prevent disengagement of the connected panels in direction transversal to panel mounting direction.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for panel laying.

4 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly for laying and connecting panels of floor structure.

SUBSTANCE: method for panel P laying and connection involves providing panels P with ribs on the first longitudinal and transversal panel sides and groove on the second longitudinal and transversal panel sides, wherein the ribs and grooves are shaped so that panels P inserted one into another are fixed one inside another in horizontal direction; connecting and fixing several panels P11...P1n along transversal sides thereof to create the first row I to be laid on room floor; connecting and fixing the second panel P21 with one or two panels P11, P12 of the first row I by engaging panel ribs with grooves along transversal side thereof to begin the second row II creation; inserting rib of the second panel P22 in groove on transversal side of the first panel P21 of the second row II from longitudinal side thereof towards panels P11..., P1n of the first row I and fixing the second panel P22 in connection with one or two panels of the first row I.

EFFECT: providing of pre-stresses acting in panel connection area.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly to connect three flat members lying in single plane, for instance parquet floor members.

SUBSTANCE: device to be connected with the first member comprises at least two hook-like means. The first hook-like means cooperates with snappy contact member connected with the second member. Another hook-like means cooperates with snappy contact member connected with the third flat member. Hook-like means may be displaced between the first position, in which flat members are released one from another, and the second position, in which the members are pressed one to another by common edges.

EFFECT: increased ability of floor members connection, possibility of damage-free disassemble thereof.

7 cl, 4 dwg