Device for protecting piping from freezing


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the field of water supply and drainage and can be used to prevent freezing of water pipes and their elements operated at low ambient temperatures.

The inventive device installed inside a pipeline, includes case with holes, drain pipe, the annular piston, the valve seal. To the annular piston by means of levers attached to the rod with a groove on which there is mounted for movement along the valve is made in its cavity and installed in the cavity of the heat-sensitive elements, and on the rod above the valve placed elastic element. 3 Il.

The invention relates to the field of water supply and drainage and can be used to prevent freezing of water pipes and their elements operated at low ambient temperatures.

The known device to release the water from the piping when the risk of freezing [1,2] the Disadvantage of them is that after emptying pipe drain channel remains open, therefore there are leaks water when re PU the defects are large vertical dimensions, the presence of a sealed cavity, the depressurization which will significantly reduce the efficiency of the device, and also that when you start again the incoming water is first of all to wash the upper part of the device, which can lead to delays in the opening of the discharge channel.

Closest to the proposed to the technical essence is the device [4] (prototype), comprising a housing with holes, drain pipe, put on him the annular piston attached to the valve, and the valve-side drain pipe has a blind hole filled with water and closed with an elastic seal.

The disadvantages of this device are large vertical dimensions, having a sealed cavity, and placing the cavity above the drain pipe, whereupon it is washed with water and re-start possible untimely opening of the discharge channel.

The purpose of the invention increase the efficiency and reliability of the device by preventing leaks when repeated after a reset, the start of water.

This objective is achieved in that in the known device, including installed inside a pipeline cor is the exploits of levers attached to the rod with a groove, which can move along the worn valve made cavity and mounted in this cavity temperature-sensitive elements, and on the rod above the valve placed elastic element.

Comparative analysis of the prototype shows that the inventive device is characterized in that it has an additional rod with a groove, a valve mounted with the ability to move along the rod with the inside of the cavity with the hosted elements.

Thus, the claimed device for protecting piping from freezing meets the criteria of the invention of "novelty."

A comparison of the proposed solutions not only prototypes, but also with other technical solutions in this field of technology, failed to reveal any sign that distinguish the claimed solution to the prototype.

Known valve (application N 52-30781, Japan), which is inside the hole, however, it is intended to accommodate the mechanism of opening of the drain.

In the proposed solution the hole is designed to provide the valve to move relative to the rod.

According to the decision (s crane, application N 56-16810, Japan) valve has a cavity. is when I change the size of the sensitive element, outside the cavity. The device is not closed immediately after reset.

The proposed device, the cavity is designed to accommodate a thermosensitive element, the locking valve relative to the rod to reset and release it after discharge.

This allows to make a conclusion on the compliance of the claimed device, the criterion of "substantial differences".

The essence of the invention is illustrated by drawings. In Fig. 1 is a diagram of the device in the position corresponding to normal operation of the pipeline of Fig. 2 the device in case of emergency water discharge, Fig. 3 the device is closed after emergency release.

Device for protecting piping from freezing consists of installed inside the pipeline 1 housing 2 with holes 3. Inside the drain pipe 4 with lugs 5, nozzle wear ring piston 6, which arm 7 is attached to the rod 8 with the groove 9. On the rod worn valve 10 with the seal 11, and the valve is made of the cavity 12 in which is placed and attached to the valve temperature-sensitive elements (for example a bimetallic plate) 13. Between the levers 7 and the valve 10 on the rod 8 is elastic element 14, between the UE is

During normal operation of the pipeline, water enters through the opening 3 into the housing 2 in podporchennuyu cavity. Circulation it prevents freezing. When you stop the flow first ice formed on the walls of the pipeline. When the ice crust will block the holes 3 and podpornega the cavity to be sealed, a further increase in volume during the expansion of freezing water will move up the piston 6, through which the levers 7 will raise the rod 8. The valve 10 in this moment with the rod 8 is associated with temperature-sensitive elements 13, at temperatures above 0C has a configuration that enables the coupling them with a rod through the groove 9. He also will rise. Through the resulting annular gap between the valve and the edge of the pipe the water from the pipe 1 will flow out, thereby preventing its rupture.

After emptying of the pipeline 1, the temperature inside will be reduced, the sensing elements 13 to change the configuration and exit the groove 9. The elastic element 14, the valve 10 will be pressed against the drain pipe 4, blocking the channel for water drainage.

After rebooting water having a temperature greater than 0oWith, will melt the ice in podpornoy the camera and elastic e the coefficients 15 re-enters the groove, the device will switch to its original state.

The analysis device or the protection of the pipeline from freezing (prototype) shows that for melting the ice inside of case you want to skip through the pipeline about 8 m3with a temperature of +2oWith the depressurization of the upper cavity through the open drain connection after rebooting water is poured around 13% or 1,04 m3. When the price of water (according to the group "Severokuzbassugol") 190 rubles/m3the economic effect from the use of the proposed device will be about 200 rubles each time it is triggered. In addition, leakage reduction will reduce ice formation around the pipe at the place of installation of the device. Considering the fact that the device must be installed on all areas of possible water accumulation in the pipeline and that they will all operate at the risk of a pipeline rupture due to freezing and termination of the water supply, the economic effect from implementation of the proposed devices on a single pipeline with a length of 1000 m only by preventing water leaks will be about 200,000 rubles per year, and taking into account prevention of cases of rupture of the pipeline when Tamerza is certain inside a pipeline casing with holes, the drain pipe, the annular piston, valve seals, wherein the annular piston by means of levers attached to the rod with a groove, which can move along the worn valve made cavity and its temperature-sensitive elements, and on the rod above the valve placed elastic element.


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