Coastal power power plant


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the hydropower industry. The inventive coastal power installation comprising a shore base with the installed generator, camera AC level gates for the passage of water placed in the chamber the float and the mechanism for converting reciprocating movement of the float in the rotation shaft of the generator, including units and a flexible connection. The plant is equipped with latticed cylindrical housing mounted in the chamber, the float is made in the form of a hollow cylinder and is placed in the frame, the camera in the form of a tapered channel of the water tank, and valves - valves with hinged part-turn actuator plates installed in the walls of the channel. 3 Il.

The invention relates to low energy and can be widely applied where often on the coast of the waves arise and there is no centralized power. The unit can be easily mounted on the shore of a sea, lake, river, or any body of water.

Numerous wave power plant different designs, one such is given in the author's evidence 1377444. In Hey inserted. The float of the wave setup is deducted from drift waves special telescopic device.

Known other wave power plant, shown in the journal Ira 9, 1982, S. 31, article "the Path to salvation. This article provides one of the best in the world coastal wave station of the author Russell.

The famous coastal wave station is located in a recess coastal abutment, in this recess is mounted a turbine, which through the upper valve comes the wave and the effect on the turbine, and through the lower valve wave comes. Although this device was recognized as one of the best coastal wave energy, it is not devoid of disadvantages, the main of which are: the relative low efficiency, structural imperfection, limited in their capabilities.

Known power plant, described in the author's certificate of the USSR 1273635, CL F 03 B 13/00, 1986. This unit contains a float placed in the chamber of variable water level and a mechanism for converting reciprocating movement of the float in the rotation shaft of the electric generator, comprising a flexible connection with the system blocks.

This technical result is achieved by the fact that as a working organ is a structure consisting of a hollow float-cylinder placed inside a water lattice cylinder, mounted on a solid base stretching from coastal power of emphasis and located inside the conical sump having on their walls hinged polucheniya valves, contributing to the collection and recovery of water from the working body (float-cylinder), linked through cross with a generator of electric current.

The invention, its effect is primarily determined by the efficiency and significant simplification of the structure of the entire device and especially its working body, which is made by float-cylinder, placed in a water lattice cylinder, employee retention, guiding device, installed at coastal power lock, inside conical sump directing versatile waves on coastal power stop where they are, even when the wave rises to a high level, pulling the hollow float-cylinder kinematically linked through cross with a generator of electric current.

The invention illustrious devices A-A; in Fig. 3 shows a perspective cross section In the-Century

In Fig. 1 shows the following: coastal power energy installation 1, lattice water cylinder 2, the transmission window 3, a cone-shaped channel of the water tank 4, the left guide wall 5, the right guide wall 6, the folding part-turn valves 7.

In Fig. 2 shows the following: hollow float cylinder 8, the blocks 9, coastal power stop 10, a generator of electric current 11, cross 12.

In Fig. 3 shows the following: stretching 13 wave 14, 15.

The device description in the dynamics.

Water lattice cylinder 2 is installed and fixed braces 13 to 15 and sustainably withstand wave 14, in the water lattice cylinder 2 is placed a hollow float-cylinder 8 engaged in clash of the wave 14 on the basis of Archimedean force vertical reciprocating motion (see Fig. 2). The hollow float-cylinder 8 through truss 12, provides a generator of electric current 11. Improving the efficiency of coastal power plant 1 is provided with installation of water lattice cylinder 2 with a hollow float-cylinder 8 near coastal power lock 10, which are directed channel water

The device can be manufactured in any small workshop from widely available materials and products and installed underwater engineering team.

Technical and economic effect of the device is that due to the design of the tapered channel-header is not only able to pass any direction, but much to raise the water level even at a weak waves, providing high efficiency with a simple structure.

Coastal power installation comprising a shore base with the installed generator, camera AC level gates for the passage of water placed in the chamber the float and the mechanism for converting reciprocating movement of the float in the rotation shaft of the generator, including units and a flexible connection, wherein the plant is equipped with latticed cylindrical housing mounted in the chamber, the float is made in the form of a hollow cylinder and is placed in the frame, the camera in the form of a tapered channel header, the shutters in the form of a valve with a hinged part-turn actuator plates installed in the walls of the channel.


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EFFECT: creation of environmentally safe, highly efficient, low cost devices for power generation.

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EFFECT: increasing output energy of wave electric power station.

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SUBSTANCE: wave power plant comprises vessel with electric generator installed in it, rotor connected to the latter with vertical axis of rotation, with horizontal blades. Between the latter vertical blades are installed with serial alternation of vertical and horizontal ones. Blades are installed in plane of undisturbed surface of water so that the latter is plane of symmetry for them.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of wave power plant operation by increase of share of wave kinetic energy transformed by plant into mechanical energy of rotary shaft.

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SUBSTANCE: system includes a number of generator units (4a-6c) located in sea and a number of switchgear (1a-1c) located in sea. Each switchgear (1a-1c) is connected with a number of generator units (4a-6c). According to the invention, the system comprises a number of primary intermediate stations (17a-17c). It also includes at least one secondary intermediate station (19). Each primary intermediate station (17a-17c) is linked with a number of switchgears, and each secondary intermediate station (19) is connected with a number of primary intermediate stations (17a-17c). In addition, the secondary intermediate station is connected with on-land electrical network. The switching device (192) is available to ensure connection with different locations (193, 194, 195) of electrical network.

EFFECT: creation of system which is technically and economically compatible for supplying power to common electrical network.

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SUBSTANCE: wave electric station contains operating sections each represented as hollow straight four-sided V blocks, in cross section and in the form of rectangular. It is open from the bottom and linked with water medium. The above sections are installed lengthwise closely to each other. There are two open-end longitudinal windows in the top part of V-block, which form intake and pressure main lines and rectangular windows. The sections are located between vertical boards hung butt-to-butt inside two parallel lines punched into pile bottom.

EFFECT: increased power output from plant and simplified design.

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