Dump vehicle


(57) Abstract:

Usage: when unloading with trackless vehicles piece goods, agricultural products, etc., the inventive vehicle contains mounted on the chassis body and placed inside a flexible tape. At the ends of the ribbon attached to the rod with loops for fixing the stationary object while unloading. Along the bottom surface of the tape are flexible elements in the form of ropes, mounted on these rods. Belt width equal to the width of the body, and its length is defined by the relation L =l+1,1oC 1,3 h , where L is the length of the tape, l - body length, h is the height of the body. On the front body side mounted guide rollers. 3 Il.

The invention relates to a device for unloading trackless vehicles and can be used when unloading piece goods, agricultural products, forage, various materials, etc.

Known dump vehicle, containing mounted on the chassis body and inside the body flexible tape, the width of which is equal to the width of the body /and see.with.USSR N 1650486, CL VR 1/28, 1991./

The technical result is one the La in this dump vehicle contains mounted on the chassis body and inside the body flexible tape, the width of which is equal to the width of the body at the ends of the specified tape fixed rod with loops for fixing the stationary object while unloading, along the bottom surface of the tape are flexible elements in the form of ropes, mounted on the said rods, the length of the tape is determined by the ratio of L L + 1,1oC 1,3 h where L is the length of the tape; l body length; h is the height of the body, and on the front Board body mounted guide rollers.

In Fig.1 shows a section of the dump body of the vehicle of Fig.2 is a view along a of Fig.1; Fig. 3 installation diagram of the ribbon in the back.

Dump the vehicle contains the roller 1, is fixed by means of brackets 2 to the front side of the body. In the back of the removable flexible strip 3, the ends of which is rigidly fixed to the rod 4. The rods are attached slings 5,6, having at the ends of the hooks. On the bottom surface of the flexible tape 3 along it fixed ropes 7. At the discharge area with a fixed bearing.

Dump the vehicle operates as follows. The front end of the flexible element and slings 5 usbkey tape 3. Lines 6 clean on the body. Cargo is transported to its destination. Before unloading front end of the flexible element and slings 5 throw the cargo is removed from the body lines 6, hook lines 5 and 6 to the fixed bearing. When driving the vehicle forward cargo together with the flexible element slides from the body by gravity slid onto the discharge platform or directly on the unloading platform, equipped at the level of the body of the vehicle or another vehicle. After unloading lines 5 thrown through the roller 1 gear and a stationary support, otscheplaut sling. When driving the vehicle forward lines 5 and the flexible strip 3, moving the roller 1, come out from under the load and installed on the body. Then unhooking the lines 5, immersed in the body of the vehicle and the cycle repeats. The length of the removable tape is selected taking into account the full shelter of goods and opportunities fastening tape during transportation, the length was chosen experimentally.

The vehicle equipment removable flexible element allows for 3-10 minutes to unload cargo: boxes, bags, carcasses of livestock, fodder and so on, Manual unloading requires a considerable investment of time and t is Grusky. Mounted in front of the body, the roller allows flexible tape to lift and put in place, and fixed on the bottom surface of the tape along the rope /steel, rope, nylon, etc./ exclude freezing tape to the bottom of the body and increase its durability.

Application of the proposed dump vehicle helps to reduce labor costs, improve working conditions, reduce downtime of vehicles during unloading, to increase the operational capabilities of existing vehicles, to create a cheap, simple device that is easy to manufacture in the factory or outside the factory.

Dump the vehicle can be made even in small enterprises forms, as a temporary device and then using it in the form of shelters, tents, etc.

Dump vehicle, containing mounted on the chassis body and inside the body flexible tape, the width of which is equal to the width of the body, characterized in that at the ends of the specified tape fixed rod with loops for fixing the stationary object while unloading along the bottom surface of the tape I is l + (1,1oC1,3)h, where L is the length of the tape, l body length, h the height of the body, and on the front Board body mounted guide rollers.


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EFFECT: possibility of fixing platform in intermediate positions.

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EFFECT: provision of complete unloading of dump truck body.

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EFFECT: increase of reliability, wear resistance, and simplification of design of safety device.

8 dwg

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed dump truck body bottom has lining 1 made from separate rectangular plates 3 arranged with a gap 2 to allow said plates to thrust against bead 4 secured to the bottom on its rear edge. Plates have bores 5 with their axes oriented normally to the plane of plates. Rods 6 are secured to bottom surface to move unobstructed in aforesaid bores and with clearance 7 equal to gaps between plates. Note here that the lengths of rod extension is taken to equal the lining plate thickness after admissible friction wear on the plate top edge before plates replacement. There is a hook made from round bar and welded to the plate center to allow load lifting device to grip the plate.

EFFECT: ease of mounting dismantling of lining plates, reduced operating costs and consumption of materials.

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EFFECT: reducing weight and improving wear resistance.

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EFFECT: expanded applications.

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