The device grebennikova c. c. energy impacts


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in medicine to relieve pain in the body. The inventive device comprises a source of therapeutic effects in the form of a set of superimposed on each frame filled the empty honeycomb, representing the layers of the honeycomb structure. The device may include a hard shell, fastened with a rack and having the ability to move along it, as well as needle displacement, in particular, to install the planes of the layers perpendicular to the direction of the sun with a U-shaped bracket and hinge. 4 C.p. f-crystals, 4 Il.

The invention relates to medical devices used for the treatment of pain of various kinds that occur in the human body.

During the long period of human life both traditional and alternative medicine is used in different ways and methods of getting rid of pain. Here in the first place is the medical treatment of various drugs that led into the body orally, intramuscularly, intravenously, etc. are widespread methods of acupuncture, Tr is. Ribery and installation for the deliverance of man from the pain. However, they are quite complex, expensive and require external energy. Recently started to be used bioenergetic methods of influence on the human body.

The action of the claimed device, called "Painkiller Grebennikova B. C." /by author/ based on the wave properties of matter, with a honeycomb structure of any material that contains numerous cavities, rhythmically located in space. Interferention elongated in a cellular structures de Broglie waves, forming a system maxima /standing waves/ in space, interact with living systems, in particular, with nerve impulses and molecular processes, changing their frequency characteristics and, as a consequence, the physiological condition of organs and systems /1/. And the effects on a living organism will be different in different shape, sizes and arrangement of the cavities of the honeycomb structure of a solid.

It turned out that in nature there is quite a perfect cellular structure might have on living organisms aforementioned effects. This bee nests or cells.

When working with honeycomb b the temperature. The effect did not disappear when closing the cells cloth, cardboard, metal. Based on the experiences of people were prepared detailed protocols, capturing different kinds of feelings /2/. Neither weather nor other factors on these impacts is not significantly affected, but often marked dependence on the position of the sun in the sky. After numerous experiments, it was found that the cause of the effect are not insects and not the material of the cells, and the shape, size, and location of the cavities. It was also established that the nests of bees and cellular-layered structures of other sizes capable of acting not only at hand, but on the whole body, being thus a source of therapeutic effects, moreover, that the effect does not escaped.

The technical result of the present invention to create a device that can have on a person's analgesic effect in a wide range of diseases of different nature and severity and different at the same simplicity and reliability. This technical result is achieved in that the painkiller contains set in place the source of therapeutic effects with a honeycomb structure made of hard material, formed rhythmically located the United honeycomb, moreover, the frames with the frames stitched together and placed into the body of solid material, which is mounted on the associated with the base of the vertical rack to move along it.

The technical result is achieved in a greater degree, if the set consists of six frames with the frames, and the case is oriented at an angle to the rack.

Also the technical result is when the killer is supplied with a horizontal U-shaped bracket, the crossbar of which is movably connected with the bar, and to the ends of the branches pivotally attached by their ends to the casing part.

The invention presents schematic drawings, which depict:

In Fig. 1 shows painkiller Grebennikova B. C. horizontal location of housing in the provision of patient therapeutic effects; Fig.2 - painkiller, in which case hinged on the U-shaped bracket mounted on the rack; Fig.3 shows the layout of the killer, when its action is most effective for a person; Fig.4 frameset with honeycombs, side view.

Painkiller Grebennikova B. C. includes source of therapeutic effects 1, the eeee. Cell is the cell in the form of regular symmetrical rows.

The dimensions of the existing framework 2 determine the dimensions of the other parts of the painkiller. Between frames 2 stack pads, and the entire set of frames 2 are placed in the housing. Case material any: wood, metal, plastic. One of the side surfaces of the housing secures the clutch, which is capable of moving on a vertical rack 3 and fixed at the required height by a screw. Hour 3 or stronger on their own bearings or sealed with a chair on which to sit the patient. To further enhance the effect, the body is attached to the bracket /tripod/ 4 with flak hinges so that orienting it along the azimuth, you can tilt it to any angle to the horizon perpendicular to the direction to the Sun.

Unlike beehives frameset with honeycombs is located horizontally, not vertically, or obliquely.

Painkiller Grebennikova B. C. is as follows.

Chair with stand 3 on which is fixed housing part 2, is set in a tranquil location of the Cabinet so that the patient sat to light not face /Fig. 1/. At sunset the case of the killer will be pacchionian intensively the effect of the painkiller is manifested in astronomical midnight in the middle of winter, when the effect is amplified by the multiple layers of the globe, and the susceptibility of the organism is the highest (see Fig.3/.

The optimal number of frames in the set, as shown by the experiments, is equal to six.

The optimal distance from the working surface of the body to the head /spine, sacrum/ if the horizontal location of the chassis of painkiller 10-12 cm, when installed inclined /Fig.2 / 15-25 see

The patient's posture should be free, legs slightly picked up the chair, his hands lying separately on hips, eyes closed.

The duration of the session 8-12 minutes, but no more than 20-30 minutes.

In the early steps of painkiller, the illusion of heat on crown /nape/, easier breathing, slight dizziness, relaxation of muscles, dryness in the mouth, the illusion of changing the weight or dimensions of the whole body. A short pain in the former fractures, wounds, stitches. After the session some time the state of light anesthesia.

Indications: headaches migrainepage, neuralgia, post-traumatic and other characters, concussion, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, myositis, vasomotor and allergic lungs infectious rhinitis, eczema, allergopharma and other allerg the plants, stuttering, nosebleeds, neuralgic and post-traumatic pain.

Contraindications: epilepsy, fever with high temperature, post-infarction condition, acute hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, infectious diseases.

The duration of individual sessions. It is desirable to conduct them in the same hours. Just 7-15 sessions, a break until the next course of 7-10 days.

Thus, painkiller Grebennikova B. C. although not a panacea for all ills, allows to achieve a technical result. The simplicity of the device is that it does not require electrical or other external energy supply.

Sources of information

1. C. S. Grebennikov "the secret of the bee's nest" "Science in Siberia" weekly USSR Academy of Sciences, 1984, No. 1 page 7.

2. C. S. Grebennikov "the Secret nests of solitary bees" log "bee" N 12 1984, PP 28-29.

1. Device for energy effects, contains a source of therapeutic effects, including a layer of a cellular structure of a rigid material formed rhythmically arranged in space cavities, such as honeycomb, characterized in that the source Le is aalami, for example, in the form of frames, which are superimposed on each other with the possibility of a fixed connection.

2. The device under item 1, characterized in that the holders of the layers of the honeycomb structure is placed in a rigid housing that is associated with the base of the vertical stand with the ability to be moved and fixed at a given level.

3. The device according to PP. 1 and 2, characterized in that the source of therapeutic effects contains six layers of the honeycomb structure of the solid material.

4. The device according to PP. 2-3, characterized in that the case with holder is oriented at an angle to the vertical.

5. The device according to PP. 2-4, characterized in that hour provided with a U-shaped bracket, the ends of branches through which the hinge is connected to the housing for securing the orientation of the planes of the layers perpendicular to the direction to the sun.


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