Device for loading and unloading of root and tuber crops


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in agricultural engineering. The inventive device comprises a chassis with fixed shipping experienced 3, the intake worker body having front and sides inclined plates 5 and 6 with the possibility of rotation in the vertical plane, the driving wheel 9, which is mounted loading hopper located above the intake body and having front and side flanges 7 and 8 smaller length associated with the corresponding plates in their raised position. Il.

The invention relates to agricultural machinery,in particular to a device for loading and unloading of root and tuber crops in storage,

Known conveyor-loader TCC-30 of the pick-up TLC-30 designed for these purposes, containing the receiving and shipping conveyors mounted on a frame with swivel wheels [1]

The disadvantage of this device is the complexity of the design and inconvenience in operation due to pick-up that should be put in place of the receiving conveyor at an unloading products.

It is also known a device for loading and unloading of root and tuber crops containing the e inclined plate with a possibility of rotation in the vertical plane [2]

However, the capacity formed by the sides of the loading conveyor, the hopper is insufficient to discharge him in the vehicle, and the last will be idle when loading the store.

The purpose of the invention increase the efficiency of operation.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed device, side view;Fig.2 is a view in plan.

Device for loading and unloading of root and tuber crops contains a suspension in the form of a frame 1 with the traction wheels 2 and individually drive each of them with fixed shipping conveyor 3 and the conveyor 4. To the frame 1 is mounted intake also working body having a front 5 and a side inclined plate 6 can be rotated them in the vertical plane.Over the fence working body is receiving hopper having front 7 and sides 8 sides lesser lengths of the respective plates 5 and 6 and associated with them in their raised position. A funnel mounted on the driving wheels 9 and 10 has a support on the bracket 11,

Device for loading and unloading of root and tuber crops is as follows.

Goes from the body of the truck or other vehicle served in a hopper Otta up (shown by the dotted line in the drawing).

After filling the hopper is filled above him loading hopper formed by the flanges 7 and 8, mounted on the driving wheels 3 and the fixed support 10. From the hopper the products are delivered to the conveyor 4 and is loaded into the repository.

For permutation bearing 10 come unscrewed from the bracket 11 and the device moves to a different download location.

For unloading side loading conveyor 3 are omitted due to the rotation of the inclined plates 5 and 6 in the vertical plane. This forms a wedge at the front and sides of the loading conveyor 3.Fence body is removed from the hopper and is embedded in a mound of products. With the introduction of bulk cargo plate 5 is fed to the loading conveyor 3 and further to the conveyor 4.Upon termination of the introduction device is rotated left or right by the inclusion of one of its driving wheels 2, the side plate 6 is embedded in the embankment, delivers the bulk material on the conveyor 3 and the conveyor 4.

If the front and side hopper will not be smaller length and carry on appropriate plates fence body in their raised position, between the boards and the plates may form a gap through which bulk cargo bude is u and the rotation of the device allows to reduce the number of driving wheels, and hinged sloping plates with the option of establishing their sides of the hopper and wedge loading conveyor allows to use the device as in loading and unloading products.The presence of the hopper allows you to increase the capacity of the hopper loading conveyor and to reduce the downtime of vehicles during the loading of the product,which increases the efficiency in operation of the device.

Device for loading and unloading of root and tuber crops containing suspension with ukrep authorized on shipping it by pipeline, fence work, the body having front and side inclined plate with a possibility of rotation in the vertical plane, characterized in that it is provided with a running wheel on which is mounted reception funnels, located above the intake working body and having front and side of a smaller length, paired with the corresponding plates in their raised position.


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EFFECT: high-accuracy determination of bridge discharge conveyance intensity.

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