Ventilated seat


(57) Abstract:

Use: for treatment and preventive procedures aeropittura in combination with music and video support, as well as in places of public entertainment - discos, in the salons. The inventive chair contains placed in the capsule seat, backrest and armrests are equipped with channels for supply and exhaust air respectively connected with Autonomous systems supply and exhaust air by means of playback and control audio. The chair is equipped with an Autonomous supply system to the organs of smell aromatic substances through separated channels supply of volatile related self-opening shut-off valves tanks for essential oils and fresh air fans. In the ceiling portion of the capsule has a cavity provided with perforations, for collection of waste air mixture, combined with channel drain system. 2 C. p. F.-ly, 2 Il.

The invention relates to articles of furniture, mainly rest rooms and physiotherapy, and can be used for sessions aeropittura and prevention in conjunction with music and videospre enterprises and organizations, demonstration of specific films with aromatic effect.

Known therapeutic furniture in the form of ventilated seats, containing the seat, back and armrests with channels for supply and exhaust air and Autonomous systems supply and exhaust air provides air flow to the peripheral areas of the seat, backrest and armrests and moved along the longitudinal axis of symmetry of the seat and backrest.

The drawback of this chair is its low efficiency and the inability to create specific air environment rich in aromatic substances disposed in the field.

The closest to the technical essence and purpose to declare is the ventilated seat [1] containing encased in a capsule seat, backrest and armrests, means playback and control audio, independent supply and exhaust air, connected by channels with a chair and entered into the system supply air control system gas composition in series between the source of compressed gas and the air supply channel. The system of regulation of the gas composition in the form of receiver, one input of which block the generation of aerosols of drugs. Through the output of receiver channel inlet air mixture enriched with volatile drugs, is injected into the working area of the chair.

With this design chairs air mixture flows from the top of the capsule down to the sense organs of the patient and then is sucked through the vents located on the rear of the capsule. There is a considerable loss of volatile essential oils in the receiver due to the presence of stagnant zones, and directly in the working area because of the strong scattering as received by the sense organs of the patient. In addition, some amount of oil is deposited on the walls of the receiver, which leads further to an arbitrary mixture of smells. The design of the regulatory system gas composition does not allow easy and safe to disable any one of odors during the procedure if you are hypersensitive his patient. During long-term operation in the receiver collects a significant amount of rainfall, which requires cleaning and in some cases complete replacement.

To reduce the loss of essential oils, providing instant and a regulated supply of volatile essential oils in the work area, reducing explorama for supply and exhaust air Autonomous supply and exhaust air, means for reproduction and the regulation of sounds, introduced Autonomous supply system of aromatic substances, made in the form of a set of tanks with aromatic substances, each of which is through the shut-off valve connected to the inlet of the air fan and weekends with the feed channel aromatic substances in the working area of seats, while the outputs of the channels of the supply system of aromatic substances and the supply air set adjustable valve located at the level of the senses of the patient, and in the ceiling part of the capsule is made of the cavity, provided with perforations, to catch the spent air mixture, connected to the channel for exhaust air. Adjustable valve consists of a hollow housing defined therein an axial core and ring diaphragm type, at the end of the fixed valve injection type.

In Fig. 1 shows a functional diagram of the device of Fig.2 General view of the adjustable valve in the section.

Ventilated seat consists of capsules lithobates form 1, in which the rigid frame 2 installed seat 3, a backrest 4 and arms 5. In pouch waters of the state Pharmacopoeia of the tenth edition, United through self-opening flap valve 7 with the supply fan 8 and channel 9 feed aromatic substances in the working area of the chair. At the output of the channel 9 feed aromatics and channel 10 for supplying clean air is installed with adjustable valve 11.

In the ceiling portion of the capsule 1 has a cavity 12, is provided with perforations, to catch the spent air mixture, coupled with the channel 13 of the exhaust air. In the capsule 1 is set as the speaker 14 at the level of the patient's head and the volume knob 15 at the level of the armrest 5.

Adjustable valve 11 (Fig.2) consists of a body 16, which is fixed to the adjusting ring 17 with a built-in radar aperture 18, the core 19, such as rubber, closing the penetration hole of the diaphragm, and with the end surface of the valve body 20 and the wall 21.

The device operates as follows.

The patient sits in a chair. Previously, the operator or the patient himself with the adjusting ring 17 sets the amount of aromatic substances, respectively, the minimum threshold of the patient. If you are hypersensitive smell like the cottage in the working area. In the General case, the operator adjusts the adjustable valves 11 filing aromatic substances and the supply of clean air so that the concentration of essential oils in the work area chairs did not exceed 0.05-1 g/l of air, which corresponds to the minimum concentration that can be detected at a distance of 0.5-1 m in their selection of appropriate plants in natural conditions.

At the request of the patient, the procedure is followed by a musical show specific video. Volume adjusts the patient with volume 15.

When applying the control signal one of the known methods, for example using a time relay, using the device control video adequately paintings of nature (flowers, forest, meadow, surf and so on) of the specific film on the supply fans, 8 air through the self-opening flap valve 7 is supplied to one or another tank 6, displacing the volatile essential oils through the self-opening flap valves 7 in the channels 9 of the feed aromatics and then through the penetration hole formed radar aperture 18, the fixed ring 17, and the axial core 19, and outlet valve 20 and Perigord the ( not shown) of system 10 supply of clean air and systems 13 exhaust air thereby promoting air mixture enriched in volatile medicinal aromatic substances, from the bottom up to the sense organs of the patient and then through the perforations in made in the ceiling part of the capsule 1, the cavity of the catch of waste substances 12 and the channels of the Autonomous system air outlet 13. The fan 8 is equipped with a heating element of air.

At the request of the patient or physician recommendations the speaker 14 can be used to transfer test of auditory training.

1. Ventilated seat containing a seat, backrest and armrests, with channels connected to Autonomous systems for supplying and discharging air, characterized in that it is provided with a capsule-shaped snails and covers the seat, back and armrests, Autonomous supply system of aromatic substances, comprising a set of tanks with aromatic substances, each of which is connected to the inlet of the air fan supply system, and the output from the feed aromatic substances through the self-opening shut-off valve in the input channels of aromatic substances in the working area, at the output channels of the supply systems of aromatic substances and the supply of vostokoptika, and in the ceiling part of the capsule has fenced off the wall cavity, connected to the channel drainage system, to output the spent air mixture.

2. The chair under item 1, characterized in that it is provided with means adjustable playback sound.

3. The chair under item 1, wherein each adjustable valve systems supply consists of a hollow casing, installed axial core and blade diaphragm adjusting ring and attached to the end of the valve body of the injection type.


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