Run-of-river hydroelectric peter plotnikova


(57) Abstract:

Use: hydropower as ryslavy unit that uses the free flow of the river. The inventive unit together with the support plate installed on the bottom of the river and secured pile anchors. The stream of water flowing around the housing of the working chamber 2, enters the inlet window 3 and begins to rotate the turbine 1, the blades of the turbine 9, approaching the lowest point , free from water, since it is made concave shape, the flow of water is directed to the exhaust box 4, this contributes to the vacuum device 5. The flow of water getting on the turbine blades turn, will be faster to rotate the turbine of the unit together with the generator and thereby generate electricity. 1 Il.

The invention relates to hydropower and can be used as a ground unit, working on the free flow of the river.

A device called "Run-of-river hydro unit", comprising a housing, a turbine connected to a generator, a vertical rack with crossbar and four rockers that are pairwise connected by hinges, springs (SU. A. with. N 1402703, CL F 03 B 13/10, 1988).

The disadvantage of this invention awlaelo the invention called "Run-of-river hydroelectric", adopted as a prototype, which has a transverse turbine, the working chamber and the housing, mounted on stilts.

The disadvantage of this invention is the lack of protection from the ingress of large debris (e.g., drift wood).

The technical result of the invention is to improve the efficiency of the unit by eliminating the possibility of clogging of the unit large debris and thereby putting it out of action.

This result is achieved in that the hydraulic system with a generator enclosed in the working chamber, made a streamlined shape in the sea of China, which according to the law of hydrodynamics, fluid flowing around the convex side of obstacles increases the speed that will increase the efficiency of the unit. The water in the working chamber flows through the inlet window that is on top of the convex portion of the working chamber and is protected by a grill that eliminates the possibility of large debris and leaves through the outlet box, which is equipped with a vacuum device in the form of a rectangular flanging body perpendicular to the flow of water. The flow of water, bumping into the obstacle creates a vacuum that Boo is the NDB, that will help after working cycle, freeing them from the water, and means to facilitate their further upward movement. The housing of the working chamber of the hydraulic unit is attached to the concrete slab using racks, the resistance of the plate is carried out using a pile anchors. The turbine is divided into ravnovyesnyye sectors radius the circumference of the rotor with the center on the circle.

The drawing shows the device overall appearance.

Turbine 1 unit generator (generator not shown) placed in the chamber 2, in the upper part of the camera body 2 above the turbine 1 has an inlet window 3, covered by a grille (grille not shown), at the end of the camera 2 is the outlet box 4, which is equipped with a vacuum device 5, the camera 2 via the connecting racks 6 is attached to the reinforced concrete plate 7, which in turn is mounted on the bottom of the river and secured pile anchors 8. The blades of the turbine 9 is made concave shape.

The device operates as follows.

The hydraulic unit is mounted together with the supporting concrete slab on land and through the vessel and the crane is installed in a specific location on the river bottom and secured pile anchors 8. The flow of water,s 2, and on top of the housing of the working chamber 2, passes through the inlet window 3, covered by a grate, on the concave surface of the blade 9 and begins to rotate the turbine 1. In the lower position, the blade is released from the water, the water rushes to the exhaust box 4, its movement in this direction will contribute to the vacuum device 5. The flow of water getting on the blade 9, in turn, will be faster to rotate the turbine 1 unit with a generator that will produce electricity.

Run-of-river hydro unit, comprising a housing with a working chamber with inlet and outlet Windows, cross turbine blades concave form, established in the working chamber, and pile anchors, characterized in that it is equipped with a vacuum device and the support plate rigidly connected with the housing of the working chamber enclosures, housing of the working chamber is made convex streamlined shape, the inlet window is made in the upper part of the convex hull of the working chamber and closed grating, concave surface of the blade working turbines installed across the inlet window, and the vacuum device is made in the form of a rectangular flange of the housing of the working chamber around the outlet box.


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