Tricycle with two frames and flywheel


(57) Abstract:

Usage: as a cargo bike. Essence: Bicycle tricycle with two frames and the flywheel has an additional drive flywheel made interoperable through the solenoid controls the main drive. 9 Il., table 1.

The invention relates to a cargo bike, known 2-seat tandem, to which clings the truck, this design in an urban environment is not convenient because of its storage and it is very difficult burden to overcome the lifts.

The purpose of the relief structure and possible storage in the home and approximately 150 kg of cargo at a speed of 30-35 km/H. this is Achieved by the fact that the bike consists of two frames, arranged in parallel, with cast wheels, United by one axis, with the inner side of the right wheel is a flywheel mounted on the bearing swing, which is pressed on the axle of the rear wheels, but with separate actuator, consisting of sprockets of different diameters, increasing the speed of rotation relative to the wheel several times, at the ends of the roller pressed bearings, on which are mounted the ends of the frames. On the bearing flywheel is maximum 12 m/s while providing the flywheel using the bike especially when climbing sprocket flywheel from the face side has teeth. The right and left wheels are pressed on a common platen, it mounted a drive sprocket right wheel with teeth toward the teeth of the flywheel, in order to avoid sudden jerk when switching on the flywheel, is due to the difference of the diameters of the sprocket clutch and the common shaft that protects from sharp jerk and does not allow an increase in the peripheral speed of the wheels.

Manages Bicycle cyclist sitting on the right wheel has a common frame with the front wheel. The rider sitting on the saddle of the left wheel rotates the pedal driven sprocket, a roller which is mounted on the platform 28, the same cyclist to increase the power by taking kinetic energy from the flywheel turns off the current feed to the electromagnet 33, from the speakers, torque the front wheel, the spring expands, pushes the thrust washer, which is attached to the pipe, which is located inside a common shaft 9. Pipe the other end of the plastic screw in the drive sprocket right wheel, which slot is moved to the right and the teeth leading asterisks are concatenated.

The drive of the flywheel is to increase the peripheral speed in addition to driven sprocket additional intermediate sprocket small diameter and large, the

P R I m e h a n and E. the Bearing of the intermediate sprocket mounted on the platen fixed to the frame.

The drive flywheel enclosed top flap and sides with one side fenced right wheel, and on the other a cargo box that is freely inserted between the wheels, the bottom of the plastic, and on the perimeter of the attached nylon mesh attached at the top to the frame. Cast wheel, flywheel and frame of Centella containing 65% polyacene and 35% of magnesium powder, the polymer density, elasticity capable of withstanding a full load attributable to freight the bike when the specific gravity P of 1.21 g/cm3.

The approximate weight of main parts shown in the table.

In Fig. 1 shows a truck 3-wheel bike, side view; Fig.2 is a view in plan; Fig.3 is the same, end view; Fig.4 site wheel sprocket with the teeth of the clutch, end view; Fig.5 the same, wheel, side view; Fig.6 node flywheel, side view; Fig.7 washer pressed on the bearing of the flywheel, side view; Fig.8 left wheel, side view; Fig.9 the device to connect or disconnect the flywheel from the transfer of energy to the wheels, side view.

In Fig.1-9, the following notation: 1 rear right wheel, 2 rear seeduwa sprocket wheel, 9 the shaft of the rear wheels, 10 sprocket wheel 11 of the intermediate drive sprocket wheel 12 driven sprocket of the right wheel 13 driven sprocket of the left wheel 14 and the drive sprocket right wheel, 15 sprocket of the left wheel, 16 chain "Gala", 17 right frame 18 of the thrust tube is screwed into the leading asterisk right wheel, 19 spring feed to engage the sprocket 20 thrust washer, compression spring, 21 pedal left wheel, 22 pedal right wheel, washer 23 mounted on the bearing flywheel with gear teeth, 24 teeth sprocket wheel 25 meshing teeth node of the flywheel, the wheel 26, 27 holder left cyclist, 28 Playground for fastening the holder and pedal roller 29 nylon mesh, 30 the bottom of the boxes, 31 leash from the thrust washer 32, anchor, 33 electromagnet, sitting freely on the shaft 34 of the retaining washer solenoid.

A feature of the invention is its ease, providing a flywheel assistance to cyclists when climbing, does not require liquid fuel, as required by mopeds or motorcycles. At the end of the transport box is taken out, and is easier for him to find a place to store, left wheel well is separated from the right wheel, this bike until analogue is Lacepede, and the movement is effected simultaneously by two cyclists by torsion of the pedals 21 and 22, rotating the sprockets 12 and 13 and the sprocket 10 rotates the intermediate sprocket 11 and 14, passing the goal of "Gala" speed sprocket 8, the drive of the flywheel creates him a substantial circumferential velocity without affecting the speed of the rear wheels. The rotation of the flywheel is free up until the rider sitting on the left frame will not include current, which produces a Dynamo, rotate the front wheel, causing the solenoid 31 will attract the armature 32, and that it will compress the spring 19 and at the same time will attract a washer 20, which is connected with a tube of plastic material, the inside of this tube passes a shaft connecting the rear wheels, the other end of this tube is threaded into the drive sprocket right wheel, in this position the flywheel with a wheel divided and each of them has its circumferential speed, while de-energization of the electromagnet, the spring straightens up, pushes the puck, which his pipe moves through the air slots sprocket 16 right wheel that has teeth in the side of the flywheel, while her teeth go for the sprocket teeth of the flywheel 8, causing the flywheel will start to transmit the kinetic energy of the wheels having different diameters Scala. The drive flywheel is guarded by top flap and sides with one side must be surrounded by the right wheel, with another cargo box on the perimeter of stretched nylon mesh, cast wheels, flywheel and frame made of lightweight materials, including sectile containing 65% polyacene and 35% of magnesium powder, the polymer density, elasticity capable of withstanding a full load attributable to freight the bike total weight without load will be a maximum of 20 kg

The economic result.

This design cargo bike designed for the carriage of S. agricultural products from home gardens and urban dwellers or small farmers, saving money on travel, commuter train or bus, as well as saving money on gasoline.

Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it does not require separate warehouses due to the fact that it is easy to disassemble and store it on the balcony or loggia.

TRICYCLE WITH TWO FRAMES AND FLYWHEEL containing the wheel and drive, made in the form of a driven sprocket connected by a chain transmission with a leading asterisk installed on the axis of the wheel and the intermediate sprocket and the flywheel, freedoms is rivada flywheel, made in the form of sprocket placed on the bearing of the flywheel, a driven sprocket mounted on the axis of the driven sprocket and the intermediate sprocket with solenoid controls mounted on the wheel axis for interaction sprocket flywheel with the leading spring-loaded sprocket wheel mounted on the splines.


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