(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to storing food, and more specifically to devices, ensure its integrity, and can be used to store not only the food, mostly canned fruits and vegetables, but also industrial, mainly rubber. The inventive storage room of the store is made in the form of an artificial reservoir storage on the earth's surface, representing a pit filled with clean natural water at the bottom of which, in the water below the freezing depth is stored as the product itself, properly packaged and grouped, and empty containers released from under her. Depending on the local hydrogeological and climatic conditions at the location of the storage pit can be made fully embedded in soil or polyanaline - half-deepened with the side walls in the form of ground slopes with clothes or without clothes on their cruceta and vertical from kamnevidnyj or other materials, fully open or partially, or fully closed, removable, collapsible insulating the roof, mainly pogruzochno handling, transport and warehouse work at this store are performed using modern means of mechanization, and their qualitative and quantitative composition minimized and presents only a gantry or overhead crane. And to maintain in the storage set storage mode used as natural factors and known technical means: artezianskiy or pumping stations, ice or refrigerating machine. This store is also different in that it can be used to store not only food products, but also part of the industrial, mainly rubber, in particular of car tires and other wheeled vehicles, in long-term storage in the reserves for various purposes, such as backup, strategic, and others, as well as for paint and other flammable products storage current, without any changes in its design. Using the proposed repository for storing flammable materials and products it shows a new, very useful property, completely eliminates the possibility of combustion of stored products. These new signs proposed repository as its ground location and Nezavisimost the study, low consumption of materials of its construction, the possibility of its construction and use to store part of both food and industrial products, provide a solution to this problem is the extension of the territorial and functional area of its application, i.e., this type of storage everywhere supersedes all other types of existing stores, including those mentioned in the description of the invention. 3 C. p. F.-ly, 4 Il.

The invention relates to the storage of finished products and can be used for storage as part of the food, mostly canned, freeze which is contraindicated, especially fruits and vegetables, and parts industrial, mainly rubber, paint and other explosive flammable.

There are various widely used worldwide warehouses and stores for the storage of food (and industrial) products, a common feature of which is the fact that they as a safe environment used air. In order for him to give required for the safety of this or other products of quality, such as certain humidity and temperature and other volume of this air is isolated from the impact is radusa construction: durable flooring walls, floors and roof and supporting building elements: foundations, girders, columns, etc. as well as the necessary technological equipment to maintain specified conditions for storage and production of MRTS work. Especially building material of fruit and vegetable stores both ground and underground construction. They are characterized by the presence of numerous technological equipment for placement and operation which uses a significant proportion of usable area and storage volume. For example, when container, the most progressive way to store vegetables loss of useful space and storage capacity is 20 to 30% which is their major drawback of increasing the unit cost of the building per 1 ton of vegetables [1]

There are also many other store to store canned (Packed in airtight containers) food, a common feature which the proposed store is the fact that they as a safe environment used ordinary natural water.

So, for example, Japanese experts have created at the bottom of the lake b & e warehouse for storage of rice [2] This lake is famous for the cool water, the temperature of which during the year has remained virtually constant is e sealed in plastic bags, stored, ports, for three years. The warehouse is equipped with modern means of production MRTS work. Use as a safe water environment in this warehouse has enabled Japanese professionals to refuse when it is created from material enclosing and other building structures of traditional warehouses, replacing them with simplified, and many types of equipment. Indeed for such a warehouse is not needed capital building with all its structural elements, and system maintenance of the set storage mode.

However, this warehouse has the disadvantage. One of which, the main and very important, is that it is not possible to replicate in the plural and to build where there is a need in the storage of products, namely in any settlement. This disadvantage is caused by the fact that the basis for its creation is a natural pond with the unique properties of water, which in nature is limited. Its other drawback is that it is building belong to the category of high complexity and require highly skilled specialists and special production oborudovaniya one rice.

The aim of the invention is the extension of the territorial and functional applications store, namely the ability to build and use in any settlement not based on the presence or absence of the local natural or artificial pond, and even climatic conditions.

This goal is aimed at more successful solution narodnohozyaystvennie tasks ensuring the quality of finished goods at the reduction of this material, labour, energy and other costs. It is especially important when solving problems in preservation of food products, mainly fruits and vegetables, as the most perishable, a significant portion, of the order of 20 percent or more, which is lost when stored in traditional stores. Equally important is the preservation of the industrial products, while reducing it all cost elements, in particular of rubber products, mainly tires (tyres) automotive and other vehicles, as the most massive and fire, as well as paint and other explosive and flammable products.

When storing the above CLASS="ptx2">

The proposed storage includes storage room, made in the form of a water reservoir located in the soil, and represents a pit filled with natural water, the means of production MRTS-work, as well as products, hermetically packaged in a primary container or without such packing, for example of rubber-technical products, it is absolutely not necessary, placed in the pond.

This store differs as follows.

The pit is made in the form of an artificial pond with vertical or sloping walls of natural or artificial materials or ground slope, and the pit is equipped with support elements in the form of a flat tables, located on its bottom, and the products are packaged in containers that are set lower corners on the support elements, and the containers are located below the level of freezing water. This provides the opportunity to build this store in any area of our country, regardless of local conditions and using for its construction local construction materials.

The reservoir is fully or partially closed by means of a collapsible insulating roof or equipped with a system of artificial ohla and conditions: from North to South.

The reservoir can be used for storage of empty containers, and more precisely it is possible to store empty large size packaging and portable containers: glass containers, cans, used for storing canned goods. This eliminates the need to create a production area for storage of empty containers and empty containers.

In Fig.1 shows a plan of the store, operated in the winter with partially withdrawn from the container with a partial cut of the snow cover, roof insulation, ice cover, part of the surface and volume of water; Fig.2, 3 a section a-a in an enlarged scale and without the image of the snow cover; Fig.4 is a schematic drawing of the floor/vault accommodate containers and lock.

Option store is designed for year-round storage of canned fruits and vegetables, erected in loamy soils (II-III category) and in the locality who do not have local reservoirs, in addition, with poor plumbing.

Water storage is a half-deepened-paleobiology pit elongated rectangular shape, made in the soil is 2 cm concrete paving 3. In other embodiments, depending on the local properties of its ground side walls can be designed as inclined and vertical with the use of other building materials, and the pit underground. The best option of the side walls is a wall construction using for the construction of its underwater part of the discarded tires of cars and other wheeled vehicles. Due to the insignificance of the loads acting on the floor, it is made in the form of simplified construction, representing aligned with the bottom 4 of the pit, under which the free-standing tables (support) height of not more than 10 cm, which are containers of 5 based on only their lower corners. Tables are located under the joints of adjacent containers and performed at the intersection of the internal transverse and longitudinal rows of culled small tires 6 partially recessed into the bottom, and the internal cavity of the sealed soft ground or sand 7; on the extreme borders of the rows adjacent to the side walls of the concrete 6.1, rectangular, measuring about h see

The excavation at all depths filled with water 8, and the height of 20-50 cm below the surface Polat is ulovane around the perimeter decorated with a border 12. Along the long sides of the reservoir padded crane path 13 gantry crane 14, separated from the edges of the pit pedestrian sidewalk 15, both ends of the pit are technical platform 16, one of them 16.1 is intended for installation and maintenance of the crane, and, if necessary, is used as a backup storage container, the second 16.2 posted 17 technical and service 18 buildings and structures serving/storage. From the outer side of the crane tracks and technical areas there is a circular road 10 one-way traffic. The curb 12 is erected fence 19 warning accidentally hit people in the water, in this case of metal pipes, racks which are mounted in the edge and to the top of the handrail 20 short brackets fixed plate 21 coated with the numbers of rows of containers. Part of the reservoir, approximately one third or half of that is used to store products sold in the winter, covered with removable floating roof, consisting of separate hollow rubber or polymer containers 22 type pontoons square shape with a length of sides equal to twice the width of the container 5, and height (thickness of the to and in transverse rows next to each other, and in a transverse lines internal cavities are interconnected detachable sleeve 23 mounted on one piece on both opposite sides of the pontoons fixed in their upper surface. In addition to connectors, each sleeve is provided with a stub. The best type of pontoon 22 inflatable thin wall, providing it with strength, withstand the weight of a formed on the surface of the snow cover 24 and its own weight. On the upper surface of the pontoon, in addition to sleeve 23 fixed mounting tabs 25 and pedestrian flooring 26 designed for installation and operation of the roof. The purpose of the roof to prevent the formation of a solid ice cover in winter and excessive heating of the water in the summer.

In/store serves the dual console gantry crane 14 industrial design with a span of 40 m and a lifting capacity of 5 tons with moving freight by truck 27 and cabin control 28, which in the singular within the store performs all his MRTS work. The crane 14 poluavtomatizirovannuju: he has the ability to automatically record your location in the alignment of each transverse row of containers and cargo carriage in alignment with the longitudinal axis of each row, pick up the body 29, the ability to automatically and is affected versions it can be fully automated. In addition, the crane is equipped with two electric fan 30 mounted on a wheeled trolley 31 with one of its sides, capable under slight pressure to serve in the cavity of the pontoons 22 as cool and hot, about 60-80oC, the air. Instead of gantry crane in this reservoir may be used crane of similar characteristics, for example, with a bridge mounted on a wheeled trolley gantry crane and crane equipment, automotive-style, moving through the upper shelves of the bridge, and use and gantry cranes greater or lesser capacity and length than the above.

To increase the level of mechanization of MRTS-work experience products to the crease, and its producers and consumers, applied the following grouping Tara;

boxes portable containers, standard and reusable. Their purpose grouping products, put up in small-volume containers, such as cans and bottles with a capacity up to 10 kg;

containers 5 gross weight for 5 t type car or train cubic shape, size about HH see Their peculiarity is that their building envelope is made of a lattice is operamania products zataennoy in boxes and barrels, and other containers weighing more than 10 kg for storage and transportation, as purging and packing. As the primary packaging for the storage of goods used in the model, currently used, metal or glass jars and bottles up to 10 l, polymer bags or bags weighing up to 30 kg, different barrels with a capacity of up to 200 L. In other embodiments can be used or other airtight containers, of a capacity exceeding 200 l

Containers, boxes, and primary packaging containers made of water-resistant materials, ensuring their long-term operation.

Operation/location is not possible without constant water exchange, as the level of the water surface is constantly changing in connection with the storage and removal of it products, and in the summer, in addition, there is a risk of excessive heating of the water environment. With this purpose, in the present embodiment, used his own force artesian well 32 a small performance about 25 cubic meters/hour, Under appropriate conditions instead of an artesian well, you can use one of the city's water supply networks or local when the ptx2">

The essence of utoobjane consists in the following. When filling in/storage products in it, the water level rises, and when it is repossessed falls. In the first case, the excess water discharged from the upper layer, and the second is pumped fresh, cool water. In the summer period in the case of heating/pumped storage cooler water from the water-wells or water supply, or from the bottom (deep) layers of the local reservoirs. In the warehouses located in temperate and southern areas, for water cooling it is possible to use glaciers or refrigerating machine. In all variants of the discharged water may be recycled, for example, for watering the streets or for primary processing of fruits and vegetables, if the reservoir is part of the fruit and vegetable base.

Safe environment, as mentioned above, is plain water with its natural and physical properties. The main parameter ensuring the safety of canned products is temperature safe environment for most of it, especially fruits and vegetables, it does not exceed +1-15C. This mode almost all year round, supported by nature in open water, located in the Northern regions and the Northern part of the temperate, which increases to +4-10oC, and since the beginning of freeze-up and prior to its opening, it becomes permanent and is reduced to +1 + 4oC. The formation of the ice cover 11 has a beneficial effect on stored products, but makes removing it during this period. To get rid of these difficulties and applied detachable insulating the roof of pontoon 22.

In the proposed repository it is possible to arrange the storage of almost all kinds of canned products, such as fruits and vegetables, and meat, freeze which is contraindicated in particular casino-salted, pickled and canned fruit and vegetables, various pastes, purees, juices, jams, etc. as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, stored (preserved) in unregulated or self-regulated air-gas environment (DHW), edible fats and oils, and other products. Here is stored and empty containers from under her, including glass. Products hermetically then is loaded into the primary container, packaged in small capacity are grouped in portable boxes, and set them in the containers 5, packaged in larger containers (plastic bags, cans and drums weighing 10 to 200 kg) is installed in the containers in this container. The container 5 as products and packaging, the installation shall do them about 2-4 cm Border rows in the form of invisible axes imposed on the fence 19 and fixed plates 21. The rows are numbered: cross-Arabic numbers (0,1,2,), longitudinal letters of the Russian alphabet (a,B,C,) with zero number, which is marked with N. This numbering system series allows you to keep track of the locations personally of each container using rectangular coordinates: 1A, 2B, 3B, etc. showing on any of transverse and longitudinal rows of container is stored. Multiple adjacent transverse rows are combined in the sectors identified by the indices C1, C2, C3, which is for storing the same type of products. The height of the containers 5 are installed in two rows directly at each other, without any pads, in other embodiments they can be installed in one or more than two rows.

In/storage can be located on the territory of the manufacturer or of the manufacturer's products, or fruit and vegetable base, in combination with her other structures, or standing near some consumers, this notion fruit and vegetable shops. In any case when siting this store takes into account the availability of local natural and major artificial lakes, the water of which is responsible sooteh better use of favourable hydrological conditions and water in local reservoirs, that will significantly reduce costs as to its construction and its operation.

Work, but rather the manufacturing process/storage is closely linked to the provider's products and its wholesale customers, and their separate transactions are so closely interrelated that significantly affect the rhythm of work of each of them. Divide the whole process into two main: tab products for storage and delivery to customers.

Bookmark products for storage is short-term in nature and is carried out in the harvesting season vegetables and fruits. Take into account that during this period all glass containers, boxes and other containers and the containers 5 are stored in a repository, then the process is as follows:

before procurement of canned products of its manufacturer in advance is delivered from the reservoir two-three-day supply of packaging and grouping packaging;

subsequently organized the systematic delivery of empty containers to the supplier (manufacturer) products and products in the following order:

1. On canvas 9 ring road 10 under the console of the crane 14 is supplied container 33, from the repository retrieves the next container 5 with SS="ptx2">

2. loaded containers are delivered to the supplier who own forces and means unloads them, and the vacant container loads containers with products.

3. Delivered container products are served under the valve 14, through which they are deposited in a vault on the site of an earlier seized, loaded with containers.

4. The released container ships are loaded the next batch of containers with the containers and the operation is repeated until the full load or store it in a specific sector, for example 1C.

5. The containers are removed and are in storage in transverse rows on their whole length with one Parking gantry crane 14, and their removal, loading, unloading and delivery to the supplier and back to the warehouse is carried out simultaneously on the principle; there packagings back with products that eliminates idle passages, as transport and freight truck and crane.

The supply container to the reservoir storage is one of the paintings 9 ring road, depending on which half of the transverse row (left or right) is filled with products.

Issuance of consumer products from the store is made in the same paragraph is and containers with products and shipment containers in the yard of the shop (consumer) is made by means of the store, in particular a container equipped with lifting devices.

In winter, the process of issuing products added additional surgery for removal (demolition) thermal insulation of the roof. It is reducible to the following:

the valve 14 is installed in the corner of one of the transverse rows of pontoons 22, the extreme of them is connected by a hose (sleeve) 23 with an electric fan 30 through which the through cavity of the pontoons 22 this number is pumped through the hot air up until the ice spikes at the joints between them melts. Then the crane removed two or three adjacent pontoon and placed on an adjacent row, then this open area are withdrawn containers 5 with the products and are installed on the storage of empty packaging;

after two or three regular pontoon moved to the area, previously from which they were taken, with the vacant parcel is withdrawn products and sets the container and in such sequence is the removal of the production and installation of storage containers with a total area/storage, private insulating roof.

In the summer, roofing insulation is used to protect the summer of stocks from excessive heating of the water with the) winter site/store on the summer using the same crane 14.

Some features of the use and operation of the repository.

Storing summer food stocks, and generally is available in containers of the lower ranks, in the layer of water less susceptible to heating by the sun, and in the case of need for artificial cooling can be limited by the volume of water in the layer.

Of primary packaging in a store stores only glass bottles, cans and barrels, zaterannie in container 5. This raises the following contradiction: when storing it must be filled with water, and when transporting empty as when it is delivered to the manufacturer of the products will have to carry the water, in fact the ballast. Partly this contradiction can be compensated due to the fact that the proportion of empty containers, for example, two or three lower rows of boxes, installed in them by the necks upwards, and the other necks down, thus ensuring peoplemost containers and reduces the amount of ballast during transportation. To eliminate this drawback, for example, in storage, located at a considerable distance from the producers must gantry crane 14 to equip containeropbevaring to drain water from steklarna it in the air-gas environment is that the volume of plastic bags, sacks and other containers passed a few more output with the reduction of the volume of DHW in them under the pressure of the water environment, for example, at a depth of 5 m, It creates more favorable conditions for the storage of goods, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables, because the walls of the container will not pressure on fruits and vegetables and to deform them.

Features of storage in this store is inherent in the products, Packed in metal cans. If the retention period is negligible, for example, not more than one year, and the form of cylindrical cans with a volume of not more than 1 liter of banks with the products, Packed in wooden crates are deposited in the container in these boxes without additional packaging. Flat banks, and cylindrical with a long shelf life, stored in wooden boxes, cardboard and paper boxes additionally hermetically packaged in plastic bags together with the grouping container.

It is necessary to dwell on the specifics of the marks stored in this storage products. The traditional way using paper labels are not suitable. It must be replaced and used for marking water-insoluble dye, nnoi of storage suppliers and consumers of products this store stocked with proper packaging and grouping containers glass containers, boxes, containers, etc. as well as its own specialized transport by container ships, some of them designed for delivery of products to customers (shops), equipped with hoisting mechanisms, able to unload with his platform containers 5 and download them. Tara is issued to the manufacturer and to the consumer only work with products and bail. Quantitative and functional composition of packaging and transport is determined by the design solution for the construction of the repository.

The peculiar thing about this store for the storage of industrial products is as follows.

It is possible to organize the storage of a significant part of industrial rubber products, mainly tires (tires= and chambers road and other vehicles, pipes and tubes, plastic and rolled products, in long-term storage in the reserves for various purposes, for example, strategic mobilized and others. These products are not stored in any sealed packaging, since water has a favorable hcpa is ionicheskogo her pack. For storage of small items it is possible to use containers of the aforementioned type, for other pallets, for example for the storage of tires and cameras to use the drums to which they are put in a pile and fixed with the bottom and top of cheeks, upper removable.

Paint formulations and other flammable material on the current storage, are to be deposited in a sealed package. This store, PIR using it for storage of flammable industrial products which includes rubber, and acquires another new, very useful sign in the ignition and burning of stored products, even in cases of emergencies.

The industrial applicability of the invention is confirmed by its structural and economic characteristics. Indeed, this store is quite simple in design structure, no material capital walling, internal walls, partitions and durable floor and other building structures, to the same quantitative and qualitative composition of its technological equipment is minimized. For example, in APA, the purpose of the invention is to extend the scope of its application, and its achievement provides the ability to replace the proposed store all previously known types of storage facilities and warehouses for the storage of similar products, including those mentioned in the description as analogues, it is quite obvious that the invention is achieved the result that meet social needs.

1. STORAGE, including storage area is a reservoir located in the soil, and represents a pit filled with natural water, hermetically packaged products are placed in the reservoir, means of production, handling, transport and storage operations, wherein the trench is made in the form of an artificial pond with vertical or sloping walls of natural or artificial materials or ground slope, and the pit is equipped with support elements in the form of a flat tables, located on its bottom, and the products are packaged in containers that are set lower corners on the support elements, the containers placed below the freezing water.

2. Store under item 1, characterized in that the reservoir is completely or partially overlapped with the help of water.

3. Store on PP.1 and 2, characterized in that the pit is made paleovalleys.

4. Store on PP. 1 to 3, characterized in that the reservoir used for storage of empty containers.


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EFFECT: proposed device and method provide the most complete use of sunlight and artificial light for light and colour stimulation of plants, prevent ingress into interior of the greenhouse of pests, dust and rainwater, which enables to provide high quality plant products.

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