(57) Abstract:

Use: irrigation technique for watering plants boiler method. The inventive outlet includes attached to the pipe 1 gasket 3 and setroubleshoot element 4 in the form of a nylon loop disposed between the seal 3 and the pipe 1. 4 C. p. F.-ly, 3 ill.

The invention relates to techniques for agricultural irrigation the drip method and can be used in other areas where drip feed fluid.

A device of drip irrigation [1] containing a pipe with a thickening of elastic deformable material and is designed as a needle pierced through the thickening, kapleobrazovatelya.

The disadvantages of this device are necessary to manufacture a special tube with a thickening, as well as the unreliability of the connection of tableoperations with the pipe.

It is also known a device for watering plants [2] includes a pipe with a threaded water outlet hole and kapleobrazovatelya made in the form of water conveyance wick, one end of which is mounted in a threaded sleeve, and the other equipped with a needle for penetration into the soil.

For this the trees. At the same time for replacement or washing of the wick when it is silting up of the necessary disassembly and reassembly device that determines the greater the complexity and inconvenience of service.

Closest to the proposed invention is similar outlet [3] containing a pipe with a hole and is pressed against the hole and overlying its kapleobrazovatelya made of porous material.

The principle of leakage of the fluid through the pores determines the rapid siltation, causing the need for replacement or washing kapleobrazovatelya with disassembly and subsequent Assembly of the discharge. At the same time well-known outlet contains details such as the device clamp kapleobrazovatelya to the hole, requiring the manufacture of stamping, i.e., with appropriate tooling and equipment.

The aim of the invention is the creation of escape, allowing the gardener independently without use of scarce materials, tooling and equipment to manufacture a drip irrigation system that provides reliable and long lasting automatic watering when convenient and does not require high material costs and time of service.

Goal reached is of tetela and installed in the area of the openings between the seal and the pipe with a possibility of free movement setroubleshoot element, moreover, the seal may be worn on the tube rings, setroubleshoot element in the form of a loop of filamentary material, such as nylon fishing line, and the hole of the pipe to take the form of a transverse groove.

Compared with the wick [2] and porous element [3] proposed kapleobrazovatelya not prone to sedimentation, which increases the operational reliability of the discharge, and the use made of resistant environment materials and do not require frequent replacement of the seal and setroubleshoot element reduces the cost of operation.

Clean channels by simply moving setroubleshoot element relative to the seal and trumpet, as well as rinse these channels abrupt increase in flow during forced depressurization hole without disassembly of the outlet reduce costs time and provide ease of maintenance.

The use of the seal, made in the form mounted on the pipe ring simplifies the design of the culvert and its manufacture.

When the flexible elastic tube, for example made of rubber, the seal is made of a rigid material. The hole is sealed by the pressure in the line. When the increase or decrease of pressure is the duty to regulate the stabilization of consumption.

When using rigid pipe seal is made of an elastic material, for example cut from a rubber tube, This design of the culvert provides low-pressure irrigation, does not require connection to a stationary water supply networks and allows you to create a drip irrigation system powered from a separate reservoir, for example the barrel.

Execution setroubleshoot element in the form of a loop of filamentary material to prevent inadvertent flow of liquid through the pipe walls, facilitates the removal and concentration of moisture in the fixed coordinate irrigation. At the same time the loop creates additional facilities in operation due to the possibility of leaching capreolata channels by a simple pulling of the elastic seal from the hole. Finally loop associated with sealant, prevents falling out of the element during transportation and service.

The use of nylon fishing line as setroubleshoot of discrete element allows to set the desired flow rate by adjusting a diameter of the filament and provides a high resistance element to the environment.

The implementation of openings in the form of the Popper is Oia.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed discharge; Fig. 2 is a cross-section of Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section.

The outlet consists of a tube 1 with an opening 2, the seal 3 and setroubleshoot element 4. Capreolata channels 5 clearances between the outer surface of the pipe 1, the seal 3 and item 4.

Outlet works as follows.

The fluid from the pipe 1 through the opening 2 flows through the channels 5 in the form of drops and focuses on the element 4. The service outlet is periodic cleaning and flushing of the channels 5. Cleaning is accomplished by a slight movement of the element 4 relative to the tube 1 and the seal 3 in the area of the hole 2. Flushing is an abrupt increase in flow due to forced depressurization hole 2. When rigid pipe 1 and the elastic seal 3 by pulling the last loop element 4. When the flexible tube 1 and the hard seal 3 compression tube 1 in the area of the hole 2. The specified flow rate when watering is set by selection of the diameter of the element 4.

1. OUTLET mounted on the output hole of the pipeline and including a seal and setroubleshoot element, characterized in that uplatne what letsitele and pipeline in the area of the outlet.

2. Culvert under item 1, characterized in that the seal is made in the form of a ring covering the pipeline.

3. Culvert under item 1, characterized in that setroubleshoot element is designed in the form of a loop.

4. Outlet on PP. 1 and 3, characterized in that setroubleshoot element is made of nylon fishing line.

5. Culvert under item 1, characterized in that the outlet pipe is made in the form of transverse slots.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation.

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EFFECT: increased efficiency owing to selective dispensing of water to plant roots.

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EFFECT: simplified construction and improved watering quality.

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EFFECT: increased efficiency, uniform and high-quality irrigation.

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SUBSTANCE: dropper has casing with inlet and outlet branch pipes. Float and locking member are located in casing. Hollow float is made in the form of biconvex lens. Slot is made in casing cavity of inlet branch pipe. Slot is formed as spherical segment with radius of sphere equal to or smaller than radius of sphere of float biconvex lens. Spherical segment shaped slot is formed in casing cavity of outlet branch pipe. Radius of sphere of said slot exceeds that of float biconvex lens. Locking member is defined by elastic membrane located in casing between float and outlet branch pipe. Inlet branch pipe and slot joined with membrane surface are equipped with radial channels. Dropper of such construction operates in any spatial position and does not require strict vertical positioning.

EFFECT: simplified construction and uniform and high-quality irrigation.

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SUBSTANCE: dozer-dropper has plastoelastic valve provided in irrigation pipeline. Plastoelastic valve adapted for supplying of water into injector has detachable casing with water supply channel formed as helical groove with conical openings at its surface, said openings being adapted for connecting helical channel with casing outer surface. Diameter of conical opening joined with said channel is smaller than that at casing outer surface.

EFFECT: increased yield of farm crops and reduced irrigation norms.

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SUBSTANCE: injector has detachable casing with water feeding channel. Casing cavity is equipped with helical groove having conical openings on casing surface. Openings are hydraulically communicated with helical groove. Diameter of each of said openings joined with helical groove is smaller than that of outer surface of casing.

EFFECT: improved uniformity in distributing of precipitation in root layer of soil during the entire irrigation season.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Dropper // 2253226

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular drop irrigation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: dropper has cover, casing, regulating member, and water outlet. Cover with feeding connection line is mounted on irrigation pipeline. Water outlet with discharge pipeline is mounted in lower part of casing. Cover with feeding connection pipe and water outlet with discharge pipe are equipped with flares arranged in opposite relation with respect to one another. Regulating member has flexible elastic membranes equipped with dosing orifices and float positioned for loose displacement between flexible membranes. Membranes are fixed in casing by means of threaded cover and water outlet.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, in particular, utilization in irrigated agriculture for drop irrigation of soil, preferably for tree seedlings.

SUBSTANCE: injector has porous casing with inlet and outlet openings and water outlet. Float-type regulating member arranged in water outlet is equipped with water locking valve arranged in its upper part. Air discharge valves are provided in upper part of water outlet above float-type regulating member. Openings of different depth are formed in porous casing. Said openings are extending in parallel with outlet opening, in ribs of ground engaging devices. Number of ribs of ground engaging devices exceeds two. Ribs have saw-shaped form.

EFFECT: provision for differentiated distribution of precipitation in accordance with amount of sucking roots of wood plantations in soil horizons.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: irrigation equipment, in particular, fine-dispersion or drop sprinkling equipment used in mobile and stationary sprinkler units for producing of sprays with droplet sizes admissible for irrigation of wide range of farm crops.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler unit has hollow cylindrical casing with partition wall, wherein guiding rod is rigidly fixed centrally of partition wall. Conical deflector with curved grooves is fixed on guiding rod for displacement along it. Location of conical deflector in predetermined position on guiding rod is provided by means of adjustment nut which may is fixed by lock nut. In order to form uniform liquid film around perimeter of conical deflector, grooves are provided in such a manner that they do not reach edge by distance equal to width of casing outlet opening ring, when conical deflector is lifted to maximal extent. Fluoroplastic layer is built in friction surface of conical deflector.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in producing of finely dispersed uniform spray, simplified construction and enhanced reliability in operation.

3 dwg