The way to perform agricultural work on the circular parts of the field


(57) Abstract:

Usage: for pilot testing of technologies bridge of agriculture. The inventive AGROSALON 1 for crop cultivation technology bridge of agriculture placed on the contour of agropedia 2, formed by sprinkling machine 3 circular steps, and work on the cultivation of crops and harvesting of agricultural products on agrocentre perform aromasteam 4, which connects with the outer end of the pivot, with water and electricity agromet perform from nodes in the sprinkler. 4 Il.

The invention relates to a method of performing agricultural work and agricultural engineering.

In Fig.1 shows a diagram explaining the method, a top view of agropedia and device implementing the method of Fig.2 the end part of the pivot and bonded with her Agramonte; Fig.3 is a view of the device along arrow a in Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is an example of a possible run intermediate support farm Agramonte, to the possibility of increasing the length and capacity of the farm.

AGROSALON 1 for cultivation selskohozjaistvennogo agropedia 2, serviced circular sprinkler machine 3, and the cultivation and harvesting of agricultural plants on agrocentre 1 perform aromasteam 4, which connects with the outer end of the pivot orientation of his farm 5-axis water distribution pipe sprinkler, with elektrosnabzhenie and supply of agromet carry from the units (not shown) the pivot.

Agromet used to implement the method, does not contain its power and may consist, in the simplest case, only from the farm 5, supported by two self-propelled truck Bicycle type wheels 6 which are driven from the motor gear 7 via the drive shafts 8. To increase the length and capacity of the farm 5 can have one or more intermediate supports with two spaced wheels 9, which are driven through the drive transmission with angular gear 10. Replaceable agricultural implements (not shown) are mounted on movable along the farm platform 11 moving along the guide rails 12 with the drive rope 13, driven reversible motor gear 14 through the drive wheel 15.

16 reference center, euxesta external irrigation system and other relevant sites the health of the pivot; 17 the rollers that support both branches of the drive rope; 18 tubular backbone and side beams 19 farm 5, which is also the water distribution pipes, which allows the use of agromet, when hanging on them of the nozzle, for sprinkling or watering bulk.

The method is as follows.

To save cost and time for implementation of the method can be used in the existing model agropedia, the accepted standard sprinkler machine circular actions (for example, machine Kuban-LK").

Water distribution pipe sprinkler on the desired amount of shortening and instead connect agromet farm on two or more self-propelled trucks. The cultivation of plants on agrocentre lead during the continuous circular motion of the device. The rows of cultivated plants are located coaxially in circles (see Fig.1). Run-time operations such as cultivation rows of plants or eat the harvest, the position of the platform and the tools on it are relative to the rows of plants, corrects the operator on the platform. The need for this when using long machines the first temperature, and secondly, the radius of the end-of-pipe sprinkler in its motion changes due to the winding machine, as modern methods of alignment, linearity, front sprinkler machines may not provide the necessary full linearity.

Deep plowing, requiring much effort, can be performed during continuous Shuttle movements of the platform: when working stroke of the platform from the periphery to the center and accelerated backwards, with appropriate orientation plowshares mnogolemeshny plow with pripodnyatym it with the return movement. Thus a continuous speed of movement of the pivot must be in proper alignment with the width of the used plow and its speed of working and return movements.

Since the implementation of the technology bridge agriculture active part of agropedia wheels are not sealed, then in many cases you can do without plowing and perform pre-sowing soil preparation soil loosening. For this purpose, the movable platform put the corresponding wide-gun, oriented as desired, and, slipping the gun after each annular passage device or each Shuttle charges platforms ( not considered here) and using the known methods for automating the execution of all works for the cultivation and harvesting of plants on agrocentre, can be achieved full automation of all works. Unloading remove the products can be carried out in the auxiliary vehicle, located on the outer ring road (not shown).

The Central part of agropedia under sprinkler machine is used in its traditional way.

The WAY to PERFORM AGRICULTURAL WORK ON the CIRCULAR areas of the FIELD that contains the processing agropedia multisupport sprinkling machine circular steps and deep tillage, characterized in that the tillage concentric circles produced with the assistance of agromet, which connects with the outer end of the pivot orientation of his farm along the water distribution pipe sprinkler, with electricity and water supply agromet carried by the pivot.


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