Downhole material handler


(57) Abstract:

The inventive downhole material handler includes a conveyor with a rigid rod, wedge toe, fencing panels and the support plate. Wedge toe is located on the front end of the conveyor and connected with him. The base plate is fixed to the underside of his rod and located in the front. Each enclosing the shield is located on the corresponding side of the base plate and pivotally connected with it. Fencing panels are installed with the possibility of limited rotation in a vertical plane and fixing in position to partially overlap the lower part of the section formed by the output. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 4 Il.

The invention relates to mining and is designed to work with a loading machine of continuous or cyclical actions when carrying out excavations brown-and-blast method and overload rock from the tunnel face on a belt or scraper transport conveyor placed in the ongoing development, as well as for the formation of the blade destroyed by the breaking of rock or coal array.

When conducting mining brown-explosive way in the process of blasting rock or OTDELENIE pieces of rocks can be thrown to a distance of 20 m, as a result, it is necessary to carry out manual cleaning formulation.

When unloading of the rock mass from the bottom loading machines continuous, and especially cyclic actions (bucket) in the initial stage of loading their performance is quite low. This is due to the fact that the blade in the beginning has a small thickness of the layer, resulting in additional time spent on maneuvers with loading an organ or the whole machine.

In this regard there is an urgent need to develop special equipment or devices that allows you to shape the blade destructible rock mass and partially or completely overlapping section of excavation to correct dispersion of the rocks.

Known technical solution [1] the Device consists of a conveyor and located above them vibratory feeder, which has a possibility regardless of the conveyor to move along it by means of a winch.

Considering the device is designed for receiving and transporting the thump of hands by the explosion of the upper stratum of ore. This feeder is a tray for receiving the thump of hands ore and is equipped with a vibrator for feeding n is yrbook, because it is not able to accept destroyed by the explosion of the rock mass from the breast of the face and does not allow to form the blade.

The closest in performance vehicles and loading functions is a device for release and loading ore [2] the Device consists of a vibrating conveyor, vibrating feeder, capable of moving along the conveyor through the hotel winch, frame with sliding perekryvatel and hydraulic stud jacks. The device is designed to control the release of previously repulsed ore through hesinki, rays or other rising output conveyor located in a horizontal development. To reduce the pressure of the efforts in the implementation of the feeder in a stack of ores it has a wedge-boot-toe with swivel plate.

Consider the device cannot be used to form the pile (pile) when blasting blasting the chest of the face in the process of conducting horizontal and inclined mine workings. It is intended for special conditions inherent in the mining industry, the issue of pre-broken ore through the rising generation with subsequent loading on the main conveyor.

The aim is achieved in that the downhole loader is located along the axis of the ongoing excavation and includes a conveyor with a rigid rod, located on the front end of the conveyor and connected with him toe wedge for the introduction of a pile of rocks and protection transport authority pipeline from direct impact of rock during blasting blasting and enclosing shields, the conveyor is made attached to the bottom side of the rod on the front of the base plate. Each enclosing shield, located on the corresponding side of the base plate, hinged to the support plate and is mounted with limited rotation in a vertical plane and fixing in position to partially overlap the lower part of the section held mine workings.

Downhole material handler has a mechanism to rotate the enclosing shields in the form of hydraulic power cylinders and retaining the at one end with the corresponding enclosing a shield.

Significant differences are as follows.

Downhole tailpiece with mounted on the front end of the conveyor toe wedge is made with a fixed on the lower side of the rod on the front of the base plate, the sides of which are enclosing shields, pivotally connected to the support plate with the possibility of limited rotation in a vertical plane and fixing in position to partially overlap the lower part of the cross section of the ongoing excavation. The cross section above the loader remains open, allowing the explosive blasting not only to form the blade of the rock mass, but also to place some part of it on the panline the composition of the pipeline.

For the implementation of a limited turning circle enclosing shields the material handler is a mechanism made in the form of hydraulic power cylinders, and a retaining rack for fixing cladding panels in position. Each retaining hour one end pivotally connected to the enclosing shield.

In Fig. 1 shows a layout diagram of the downhole loader, side view.

Downhole loader consists of a scraper conveyor 1 with the actuator 2, V sash on the sides of the base plate 5, which is rigidly attached to the lower side of the panline in the front part of the conveyor 1. The rotation of the shields 4 around the hinge 6 is hydraulic power cylinders 7. Shields 4 provided with a retaining racks 8, each pivotally connected to one of its end with the enclosing shield to give it greater rigidity in the rotating drum and the bottom. The end part of the stacker 1 drive 2 is located on the base frame 9. On the panline the rod is fixed in the front 10 and rear 11 of the trunnion (fingers) that are essential for mating material handler with the Executive body of the loading machine or rope winch moving the material handler.

In Fig.2 shows the section a-a in Fig.1.

Enclosing the shield 4 comprises a rigid frame made of profiled products, such as channel bars, and including vertical 12 and horizontal communication 13. To the frame rigidly attached metal protective sheet 14. Power cylinders 7 when installing cladding panels 4 in the transport position 11 (Fig.1) are placed in the grooves 15 of the support plate 5.

In Fig.3,4 presents the layout of the loader in the cross-section of excavation: Fig.3 when placing material handler at the wall framing; Fig.4 the location, the blasting operations of the loader 1 is installed at a distance of 3-4 m from the breast slaughter. While moving his generation is loading machine by engagement of its Executive body with fingers (knuckles) 10. Fencing panels 4 by means of power cylinders 7 are installed in working position 1 and to increase the rigidity of the structure are propped up by the uprights 8. After blasting part of the rock mass trapped in the panline material handler in his inclusion in the work loaded on the transport conveyor located beneath him. Then the material handler 1 through the loading machine is moved back to a distance in accordance with the angle of repose of the rock mass. Fencing panels 4 are transferred to the transport position 11, then loading machine starts unloading of the rock mass and loading it on the loader 1. Upon completion of the driving cycle, the material handler is set back on the above distance from the face. The cycle is repeated.

1. DOWNHOLE LOADER, comprising a conveyor with a rigid rod, located on the front end of the conveyor and connected with the last V sock for introduction into the pile of rock and protection of transporting the body of the conveyor from direct impact of the rock mass when srivstava and located in the front part of the support plate, and each enclosing the shield is located on the corresponding side of the base plate, hinged to the support plate and is mounted with limited rotation in a vertical plane and fixing in position to partially overlap the lower part of the section formed by the output.

2. The material handler under item 1, characterized in that it has a mechanism to rotate the enclosing shields in the form of hydraulic power cylinders and retaining rack for fixing cladding panels in the working position, each of the retaining strut pivotally connected at one end with the corresponding enclosing shield.


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