Bridge complex for agricultural works


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in agricultural engineering, in particular in the device bridge complex to perform agricultural work. The inventive multi-span bridge unit has a movable platform 2 with a swivel range of 5, moving at low supporting wheels. The turntable allows you to deploy on the site of an auxiliary self-propelled device 6 with mounted guns, which for one reason or another cannot be mounted on the movable platform 40 moving along the spans of the bridge device. The control and handling can be performed by the operator in the cab 10 self-propelled device 6. 2 C. p. F. - ly, 10 ill.

The invention relates to the agricultural industry to bridge devices to perform agricultural work.

Known multi-propelled bridge device, such as, and. C. 1568907, class A 01 B 49/00, suitable for attachment of the whole range of agricultural tools, as relatively light and heavy, such as sugar beet, potato or grain harvester. Strong farm facilities is th farm road, metal.

Known self-propelled bridge device with lightweight metal multi-farm. Multisupport farm these devices easy, monometallic and easy to manufacture. Moreover, it can be used already mastered serial and mass production of the farm used for the suspension package of the contact wire at railway stations. The disadvantage of these devices is that the light farm is not rational, or you cannot visit heavy agricultural implements or tools, occupying a large amount.

The device adopted by the author for the prototype, is a bridge device, published in the journal "Technology in agriculture", N 1, 1990, S. 36-38.

The disadvantage of the prototype is that the entire population of agricultural work bridge unit can only perform sprinkler irrigation and fertilizer plants, and other agricultural work is performed by guns mounted on an auxiliary self-propelled vehicles moving on the ground and condense this and it destroys the soil. The disadvantage is also that spreads auxiliary self-propelled means at the ends of the cars require a lot of space.

The purpose of the extension explainig self-propelled means with farming tools while maintaining high values of the coefficient of land use (for economical use of space land).

In search of the most simple and easily achievable ways to bridge development of agriculture with a minimum initial cost of funds. Universal bridge mill with a large capacity metal-intensive, costly to manufacture. The first experimental bridge complexes can be created using available existing serial elements. In this case, as for temporary use, and is constantly, it is possible to prevent the use of modern highly effective, but heavy and large-size agricultural implements for harvesting.

The ability to achieve this goal is ensured by the fact that:

bridge device has a movable platform with a swivel range of motion of the supporting wheels;

the device has a manual remote control operation of the complex, which you can use being in the cockpit auxiliary self-propelled agricultural equipment (control of the bridge, turning around and crane beams);

the mobile platform is equipped with rack guides the crane beams.

In Fig. 1 shows a bridge complex, side view; Fig. 2 is a top view; supporting self-propelled vehicle shown gateline self-propelled vehicle on a turning circle, deployed on the 90aboutis hopper bottom silos hopper into the body of the service vehicle hour with the guides removed as unnecessary; Fig. 4 the same; used hour from the crane beams; one of the crane beams carries a loaded pallet packaging or swayed removable hopper for loading on the vehicle, and the second holds ready for loading brought empty removable bin or pallet container of Fig. 5 is the same, a view along arrow B in Fig. 4, when one of the crane beams holds the weight brought empty removable hopper; Fig. 6 platform with rotary circle, top view, scale enlarged, and Fig. 7 cut platforms along the diameter of the turntable; Fig. 8 section b-b of Fig. 6, an enlarged scale; Fig. 9 side view of part of a bridge device with a movable platform; Fig. 10 cut the bridge device y-Y in Fig. 9.

Bridge complex for selskohozyaistvennyh work has multi-propelled bridge device multisupport farm 1, trailed the movable platform 2, moving on the supporting wheels 3, 4, and with the turntable 5, one or more mobile self-propelled means 6 with the set of agricultural implements.

Bridge device has runouts operator, in the cabin 10 self-propelled rolling means 6. To the mechanization of cargo handling, the movable platform 2 has a rack 11 with the guides 12 for crane beams 13.

Metal wheels 3 mobile platforms have bilateral flange and rely on the guide rail 14, secured to the plates 15 road ruts under one or both boundary self-propelled trucks of the bridge device. On the same rail rests and a number of similar wheels 16 of the edge sections. The other side of the movable platform 2 is based on the low rubber wheels-rollers 4, the moving plates of the coating. The movement of regional self-propelled trolleys 8 and connected with them through thrust 17 platforms 2 is supplied from a motor-gearbox 18 via universal joints 19 and high rubber wheels 20.

The rotation of the turntable 5 is derived from the gear motor 21 through gears 22, 23, which transmit torque packages toothed sector 24, mounted on the wheel bolts 25 and forming a crown gear. The reference corpus plate movable platform 2 has a number of ribs 26. Under the turning circle on the base plate fixed circular ribs 27, and the lower side of the turntable circular rib 28. In space is attorny, at the turning circle and inclined congresses 30, 31, 32 fixed guides 33 for the tracks or wheels of the mobile self-propelled means 6 and wheels exterior maintenance of transport vehicles 34. On the upper surface of the fixed platform and limiters 35 value raising the edges of the turntable mounted in their enclosures supporting rollers (not shown).

Flat multi-span vertical farm 1 bridge device based on interim self-propelled trolley 36 with the drive wheels from the motor gear 38 through the angular gearboxes and drive shafts 39.

Suspended platform 40 with farming tools 41 moves on wheels 42 on the guide rails 43. The drive wheels 42 from the motor gear 44 through the drive shafts 45. The energy captured by the current collector 46 with trolls 47, under cover made of insulating material. Power on self-propelled means 6 is supplied with trolls 48 and the cable 49 is supported by a rotating shaft 50. The trolleys mounted on a frame 51, the edges of which, as on rails, moving the carriage 52. Digital 53 marked the rollers moving in the auxiliary flat plates 54 and providing the desired position of the platform 40; 55 clamped roller, providing n is s, provide transverse stiffness of the bridge device to the extent necessary; 59 storage hopper; 60 removable hopper or tray packaging.

The device operates as follows. Moving agrology, bridge device by using attachments performs scheduled type of work, and light agricultural work, for example, sprinkling and fertilizing plants are in continuous frontal movement, and heavy, for example, plowing, cultivation in start-stop mode. The motion is at a constant multi-line track active and productive part of agropedia not compacted.

When on the platform 40 due to the large weight or volume, for example, combine harvester to put it is impossible, due to lack of capacity used by the bridge device, the combine put on auxiliary electrified self-propelled chassis, or use it with the serial diesel chassis that are available. Turns chassis at the end of each gona do with the turntable, which can be four: two at each of the regional self-propelled trolley 8. Reversals do as follows: enter on the turntable, vaeinoe hopper 59, for example, beets into the car body 34, and then again deployed on the 90aboutto leave the circle. Reversals occur circle air cushion. Air flows from the auxiliary equipment housed in the body of the truck 8, a flexible connecting hose (not shown). Simultaneously supplied through the remote control 7, the command to move the bridge device to stop the next reference frame 57 by a sensor 56, and after stopping the bridge device in another operating position, the driver of the vehicle 6 slides on agropedia to start a work rut to the other side.

In those cases where it is necessary to change the pallet container or change the loaded hopper container is empty (Fig. 4, 5), use the rack 11 and the crane 13; first loaded container 60 is removed and put in the back of the car, and then computes the corresponding reversal of the circle, put on the chassis 6 is empty, pre-lifted car 34, the hopper container. Service car transport moving plates 15 from left to right and crosses the turntable when under it there is no air.

At the beginning of the rut of the rolling tool 6 in the opposite direction of the arrow 50 is deployed from impacts is S="ptx2">

Bridge device can have only one turntable, as shown in Fig. 1, 2. Moreover, the pivot at the opposite end of the rut should be performed in the traditional way. For reversal must be provided by the appropriate land space.

Power supply of the facility are carried out either from the external network, or from its own diesel generator to be placed in one of the edge sections.

The positive effect of the device is as follows:

the complex gives the possibility to use the entire Arsenal of agricultural machinery, regardless of capacity and other parameters of the bridge device as agricultural implements, which for one reason or another cannot be installed on the platform of the bridge device can be supplied to the auxiliary ground of electroless or used in the form in which they are issued by the industry with a hinge on the money that is available for them;

a high ratio of land use is due to the fact that you do not need to take strips of land for spreads, electroless with hinged instruments the manual remote control, fixed, for example, suspended lengthening the cord so that it can be used by the driver supporting work tools without leaving the cab allows the driver to manage the entire complex: to control the turning circle, the movement of the bridge device, to control the crane beams, i.e., the whole set can be handled by one person;

the presence of the rack and crane beams, removable from the platform during periods of non-use, allows to mechanize the handling of the work shift bins, pallets and containers, containers.

1. BRIDGE COMPLEX FOR AGRICULTURAL WORK, including multi-span bridge device on the supporting electric self-propelled trucks with a fixed trolleys for electricity self-propelled AIDS and mobile self-propelled tools, agricultural implements, characterized in that the multi-span bridge unit has a movable platform with a swivel range, mounted on supporting wheels and associated with a self-propelled cart.

2. Complex p. 1, wherein the bridge device has a remote control panels placed over the turning circle.


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EFFECT: provision for employment of tillage tool on different types of soils without necessity of additional readjustment, improved preparing of soil, increased efficiency, reduced labor intensity and power consumption, and reduced metal usage.

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SUBSTANCE: method involves mowing and grinding licorice vegetative buds and accompanying plants in association of low-productivity licorice undergrowth by means of haying machines to produce cuttings; while mowing, uniformly distributing ground mass over surface of mown strip; providing marker lines and placing planting material in narrow strips at predetermined spacing, with high-quality cuttings of 4-5 years licorice rootages of 12-18 mm diameter and 18-25 cm length being used as planting material; mellowing strips and cutting inclined slits by means of tillage tool; during advancement of machine, moving planting material into inclined slits; simultaneously with planting of cuttings, providing grooves for receiving of mineral fertilizer in surface of inclined wall of slit by means of slitter tine equipped with tiered cutters made in the form of rectangular parallelepipeds; placing nitrogenous fertilizer at norm of 0.2-0.6 kg/running meter in upper tier and phosphorous fertilizer at norm of 1.3-1.8 kg/running meter in middle tier; introducing into lower layer potash fertilizer at norm of 0.8-1.6 kg/running meter for development of plants at second and third years of life; after introducing of mineral fertilizer and placing of cuttings, compacting mellowed strips above inclined slits by means of ring-lug roller sections. Nozzle of pneumatic pipeline is arranged above each cutter. Each pneumatic pipeline is individually connected with seeding unit for withdrawal from fertilizer box of nitrogenous, phosphorous or potash fertilizer. Seeding units are kinematically connected with supporting wheel. Each pneumatic pipeline of tine-cutter is connected with pressure cavity of high-pressure fan equipped with hydraulic drive.

EFFECT: increased yield of green mass and provision for applying of mineral fertilizer to different soil depth.

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SUBSTANCE: tillage tool has frame, share, tiered rotavation drums disposed behind share and equipped with knives, drive mechanism made in the form of reducer and adapted for driving of rotavation drums, and seeding unit. Lower part of reducer is deepened into soil together with rotavation drums, which are adapted for rotation in opposite directions. Rotavation drums are arranged in spaced relation with respect to one another, rotate at equal angular speeds and have unequal diameters, with total value of diameters exceeding thickness of soil layer under tillage process. Share is positioned in front of rotavation drums and is deepened to depth equal to half the thickness of soil layer under tillage process. Gas distributing device disposed immediately behind share is connected through filter with exhaust pipe of tractor engine. Ratio of rotavation drum diameters, distance between axes of rotation of rotavation drums and angular offset are set in accordance with respective dependence.

EFFECT: improved quality of basic tillage of solonetz soil.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, soil tilling and drilling equipment.

SUBSTANCE: according to first version, tilling-drilling unit has frame mounted on supporting wheels, hopper mounted on frame, shanks connected through seed guides to hopper and made in the form of A-hoes with adjustable moldboards and levelers, and covering rollers, so that rows of working tools are formed. Unit is equipped with pivotally mounted pendulum-type levelers-compactors arranged in mid rows of working tools, behind shanks in front of covering rollers. In outer rows of working tools, pendulum-type levelers-compactors are positioned behind shanks, in front of rear supporting wheels with sweeps-harrows. A-hoes have A-shaped splitters. According to second version, unit has frame mounted on supporting wheels, hopper mounted on frame, and shanks connected to hopper through seed guide, said shanks being made in the form of A-hoes equipped with adjustable moldboards and levelers, so that rows of working tools are formed. Unit is equipped with pivotally mounted pendulum-type levelers-compactors arranged in mid rows of working tools behind shanks. In outer rows of working tools, pendulum-type levelers-compactors are arranged behind shanks, in front of rear supporting wheels with sweeps-harrows. A-hoes are equipped with A-shaped splitters.

EFFECT: improved quality of embedding of seeds and increased yield of cereal crops.

3 cl, 6 dwg