Sewer pipe


(57) Abstract:

The inventive knitting element connects the support and the shell ring. Bearing and jacket are made from pieces of recycled tires tires facing the tread part to the outside, the side surface of which is made with radial to the tread side cutouts. The ends of adjacent pipe offset from each other vertically. 4 Il.

The invention relates to underground and underwater structures, namely, sewer pipelines, izgotovliaemye in place for devices outside of the sewer network in the individual building.

Known sewer pipe containing a support and a membrane [1]

The disadvantage of the sewer pipeline is necessary to use special and functionally incompatible elements, as well as comparative complexity and the complexity construct the sewer pipeline.

The objective of the invention is the creation of a sewer pipeline, free from the above disadvantages, i.e. the possibility of building a sewer pipe of small diameter (less than the diameter pokrytii and use for the construction of interoperable elements to reduce material consumption and reduce the cost of construction of the sewer pipeline.

This object is achieved in that the pipe containing a support and a shell provided with a tie element connecting the support and the shell, with support and jacket are made from pieces of recycled tires tires facing the tread part to the outside, the side surface of which is made with radial to the tread part of the cut, and the ends of adjacent pipe offset from each other vertically.

In Fig.1 shows an automobile tire with the necessary incisions and cuts for the construction of the sewer pipeline of Fig. 2 location of individual parts tires tires, which is made up of separate sewer pipe; Fig.3 the joint between the pipes in the sewer pipe; Fig.4 section a-a in Fig.2.

The pipe consists of two parts: a support 1 and the shell 2, is made from pieces of recycled tires automotive tires 3 facing the tread part 4 to the outside. On the side of the tires made the cut 5, radially located to the tread portion 2. The ends of adjacent pipe offset from each other vertically. On top of the sewer pipe at arowana moisture-proof film 7.

Sewer pipe constructed as follows.

In the beginning make a sewer pipe. For this tires recycled car tires cut into pieces of desired length, which depends on the required length of the constructed pipeline. The maximum length is three meters, if the tire is cut into pieces. Then on the inner part of the side surface of the tire to produce incisions 8 to tread part (incisions are made in 18 of the 20about, i.e., 20 cuts), can be made and a different number of cuts, but the angular division in any case, it should be assumed constant for the entire party tubes. After the formation of the cut part of the pipe exterior finish. For internal education before production cuts on the side surface partially remove the inner part of them, after production cuts ready and the inner part. Prepared internal part of the pipe its lateral sides is introduced into the external between its lateral sides, and at the end of the pipe make the indent by one and a half (or more) of the section, along with placement of one part to another to produce the external piping of the resulting pipe knitting elements one part of the pipe will create a castle above the cut side surface of another (internal, external part of the tube. Prepared in this way the pipe is ready for the construction of the sewer pipeline. After excerpts of the trench required width and length of the obtained tube is placed in it and connect to each other using the reserved fasteners so that the inner part of the pipe was placed in the external is achieved by the appropriate location of the pipe while it is being laid in the trench. After connecting end sections of the tubes between a set offset relative to each other vertically, obtained the castle sealed moisture-proof film 7, which is on top can also be strengthened using a knitting element 6, for example a wire, a synthetic twine, etc., the pipe can be. without the use of moisture-proof film, if the pipeline is not expected to produce descent heavily polluted or aggressive liquids. Upon completion of the pipeline construction and testing of the pipeline is covered with earth.

The invention eliminates the use of metal pipes, to provide corrosion resistance and to use the worn out tires automotive tires.

SANITATION is catch-up support and the shell, with this reliance and jacket are made from pieces of recycled tires tires facing the tread part to the outside, the side surface of which is made with radial to the tread part of the cut, and the ends of adjacent pipe offset from each other vertically.


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