Single axle tractor


(57) Abstract:

Use: in the construction of agricultural production facilities, roads and other objects, and doing farm work and utilities. The inventive tractor equipped with an additional swivel coupling device made in the form of a rigidly fixed on the frame of the tractor bracket, with which by means of a vertical hinge associated mounting support plate 17. With the last connected additional cylinders 6 of the turning mechanism and can connect the front wheel section. The rear hitch on the caliper which is set changeable working equipment, performed similarly. Executive hydraulic cylinders mounted on the frame to rotate them in the horizontal plane by 180o. 1 C. p. F.-ly, 9 Il.

The invention relates to vehicles and can be used in agricultural production, utilities, and the construction of roads and other objects.

Known single axle tractor, comprising a frame with castors, the engine and the rigid hitch installed on a frame (ed.St. USSR N Cam and so on) when combined with motion control by the turning of the wheels of the tractor causes the decrease maneuverability and road aggregate.

Closest to the proposed is a single axle tractor, comprising a drive axle with wheels, an engine, a frame mounted on the frame at the back of the articulated coupling device and steering actuating cylinders, one ends attached to the chassis (ed. St. USSR N 837316, CL 62 D 53/02, 1981).

However, the accession of wheel sections (trailer, semitrailer) and the control unit when the movement is only possible when attaching the wheel section only to the rear of the tractor. This reduces operational capability of the Prime mover.

Operating conditions can often be necessary to mount the tractor-trailer (section or a semi-trailer) in the preparation of a combination from the front part, for example, when the front section is mounted any attachments and road-building equipment, designed to operate at its forward position relative to the tractor. While at the same time can be used rear mounted equipment. However, this is not possible, as articulated coupling device is mounted on the rear frame of the tractor, as well as the Executive cylinders, steering, fixed NC management articulated only in the forward (moving forward) direction, and accordingly, mounting of the Prime mover to produce only from the back of the truck. In addition, the axle has no outlet to relieve him of torque in the case of a combination tractor-trailer from the front.

The purpose of the invention, the enhanced operational capabilities of the truck by mounting them wheel section (trailer or semi-trailer) from the front.

The aim is achieved in that the single axle tractor, comprising a drive axle with wheels, an engine, a frame mounted on the frame at the back of the articulated coupling device and steering actuating cylinders, one ends fixed to the frame, the free ends oriented in the direction of the rear of the tractor, equipped with a reinforced front frame for more articulated coupling device. Each hitch is made in the form of a rigidly fixed on the frame bracket, with which by means of a vertical hinge associated mounting the caliper to allow communication with him wheel section, and replacement of the working body. Securing Executive cylinders on the frame made with the possibility of turning them on 190aboutwithout removing from the frame group is ski compounds. Thus the free ends of hydraulic cylinders pivotally connected with one of the calipers, the latter have the latches for locking their hinges when installing calipers replacement of the working bodies and the leading axle of the tractor is made with the incoming shaft.

Brackets Executive cylinders are fastened to the frame with swing relative to the axis, through which they are connected to the frame and arranged parallel to the axis of the frame. The brackets are stoppers for fixing with respect to the frame in a stationary condition.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed single axle tractor, side view; Fig.2 installation on the tractor Executive cylinders, steering, top view; Fig.3 single axle tractor with front wheel section with dozer blade and mounted on the mounting caliper rear hitch circomsion; Fig.4 single axle tractor with watering equipment, rear wheel section which is installed tank, mounting caliper front hitch installed the sprinkler of Fig.5 securing Executive hydraulic steering on rigidly fixed to the frame bracket; Fig.6 view And Fig.5; Fig.7 view B in Fig.5; the fir> Single axle tractor includes a drive axle 1 with wheels, an engine 2, a frame 3, a front additional articulated coupling device 4, the rear hinge device 5 and the steering actuating cylinders 6.

Axle 1 is made with reduced propeller flanges 7 and 8.

The actuating cylinders 6 steering fixed on the frame 3 by means of the brackets 9, rigidly connected with the frame.

Also provides for the implementation of the brackets that connect to the frame 3 pivotally, by means of the fingers 11, around which the fingers can be pumped. Fixed brackets 10 on the frame 3 stoppers 12. On the brackets 9 and 10 cylinders installed through the vertical axis 13 on which are mounted a rotary hydraulic connection 14. Each articulated coupling device made in the form of rigidly fixed on the frame 3 of the bracket 15, with which the vertical finger 16 is associated mounting support plate 17. The latter is intended for connection of cylinders of management and pricacy wheel section or installing replacement of working equipment.

Single axle tractor works as follows.

When mounting the front wheel 6 is drawn by the rods are rotated around the axes 13 and connected with the support plate 17 front hitch 5.

If the wheel track prevents the rotation of the cylinders (the cylinders along the length does not pass between the wheels), the installation of the cylinders on the frame 3 of the tractor produced by swing arms 10. In this case, when the rotation of the cylinders turn the stoppers 12, rejects at the desired angle bracket 10 and produce rotation of the cylinders 6 in the direction of the front section and then connecting them with supporo 17. Make the connection flange 7 of the propeller shaft 18 with the axle 19 of the front section 20. Simultaneously with the caliper by any known means, such as bolts, are linked to the actual construction of the section 20.

Optionally caliper rear hitch install the replacement of working equipment, such as cirkovic 21.

The support plate on which is mounted a removable ancillary equipment, locked finger 22. When mounting a tractor with rear wheel section, all of the above operations are carried out in the same manner, with pre-caliper rear coupling device is released and the finger 22 is locked caliper front hitch.

1. Single axle TRACTOR, containing a frame, to which is related vedushsie with the Executive cylinders, one ends connected to the frame, characterized in that it is supplied mounted on a frame front hitch, performed as well as the rear articulated coupling device, in the form attached to the chassis bracket, through which the hinge with a vertical axis connected to the mounting support for installing replacement of technological equipment, and the Executive cylinders have the ability to rotate without Dismounting with respect to the frame in gorizontalnoi plane 180oaround the vertical axis, on which is placed a rotary hydraulic connections and which are installed on additional brackets fixed to the frame, while the free ends of the Executive cylinders articulated with connector connected to one of the mounting supports, each of which has a latch to lock the swivel bracket and the axle of one truck is made with a through shaft.

2. Tractor under item 1, characterized in that the additional brackets are installed on the frame can be rotated relative to it in a vertical transverse plane and is equipped with brakes for their fixation.


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