A method of manufacturing a shield parquet


(57) Abstract:

1. A METHOD of MANUFACTURING a PARQUET Board, including preparation of substrate, a single-layer or multilayer with perpendicular orientation of the layers, and the front cover, the Assembly flooring and molding of the shield, wherein the front cover is made of parquet boards riveting, which previously being dried to 6% moisture content, then their side surfaces stick together and received the shield front cover cut out by a laser beam pattern, after which details of the image are removed, unfold the direction of the grain texture on 30 - 90owith respect to the direction of fibers of the main shield of the front cover and put back in the hole this or other basic shield front cover, then assemble flooring, and Reiki Foundation is laid perpendicular to the rails riveting the front cover, and then produce the pressing of a parquet Board within 60 - 90 minutes at specific pressure of 0.12 kg/cm2after which the flooring is placed in a cassette and compacted, followed by exposure.

2. The method according to p. 1, characterized in that the details of the image of the front cover, cut the shield front cover of odnosa fact, what part of the picture of the front cover and the main shield front cover handle various coloring substances.


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The invention relates to woodworking industry, in particular the production of parquet coatings for building and civil engineering, and can be used for flooring, wall panels, door panels, furniture panels

The invention relates to the production of building materials, in particular the production of parquet products, and can be used in the manufacture of plates and panels for the device, flooring, cladding walls and ceilings of waste lumber

The invention relates to the construction, in particular to the manufacture of floors, wall panels, decorative panels used for interior decoration

The invention relates to woodworking industry, in particular the production of pressed parts, floor coverings

The invention relates to woodworking industry, in particular the production of slats for flooring

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: floor panels include upper layer based on synthetic material, with shaped edge areas with connector parts in at least two opposite sides of panel. Floor panel manufacturing begins with plank material. Floor panels are shaped at least partially by laser processing of plank material.

EFFECT: laser processing used to remove part of material at upper layer allows obtaining at least a part of final surface of shaped edge area.

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FIELD: manufacturing process.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a wood processing industry, namely to production of parquet block. The method includes the manufacture of front coating by obtaining diamond-shaped elements of a set of rectangular wooden slats, their connection with each other and the base. Rectangular wooden slats of the same length are pretreated cleanly, collected, united, and glued to a flexible basis in the band with alignment at the ends. Then the band is rigidly fixed and processed through making separate cuts from the middle of the width of the upper part of the slat or set of slats to the middle of their length. Then from the middle of their length from the opposite side through the middle of the width of the bottom of the slats to the middle of the length of the subsequent series of slats and further similar cuts are made on the entire length of the band. Then cuts are made from the middle of the width of the upper part of the slat or set of slats to the mid-length of the opposite side of the slat or set of slats, followed by cuts from the mid-length of the slat or set of slats across the middle of the width of the middle of the length of the subsequent set of slats or a slat and further to the end of the band to obtain thus in the central part of the band of diamond-shaped elements and lateral elements. The lateral elements of the band are connected to produce similar diamond-shaped plates and used as additional elements in formation of a parquet block.

EFFECT: method enables to improve performance and reduce the amount of waste material.

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FIELD: woodworking industry.

SUBSTANCE: for manufacturing parquet planks the solid lamella of raw oak wood is sawed for the top layer of parquet planks with the thickness from 6 to 12 mm. The lamella is calibrated before drying, which is carried out in the drying chamber at high speed. Then according to the appearance the front side of lamella is selected and the lower side is calibrated. After this 2- or 3-layered parquet is pressed using the upper layer lamella on the cold or hot press. The finished parquet planks are profiled at four sides. The brush grinding or brushing with nylon abrasive brushes of the finished parquet planks is carried out on the front side.

EFFECT: reduction of production process of parquet.

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of construction, in particular, to joined systems of floor from polymer panels. Multiple polymer panels cast in the form of rigid solid, having flat upper surface and lower grating structure, joined mechanically together along side edges. Each side edge has steps that alternate, facing up and down, with concave slots on one surface and joined convex ledges on the other surface for reliable joining of adjacent panels to each other. Steps of adjacent panels are joined to each other to form full floor system. Multiple polymer panels may be cast to imitate materials of floor coating, such as brick, or coated with pieces of linoleum, carpet, synthetic grass, tile or wooden coating of floor. As an alternative solution, assembled panels may be coated with sheet of decorative material.

EFFECT: simplified assembly of floor.

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