The sub-surface irrigation system


(57) Abstract:

Use: for cultivation of agricultural crops, mainly for cotton production. The inventive system with sub-surface irrigation includes irrigation channels with reinforced bottom, padded between the rows of plants, with bilateral elbows. The irrigation canal is equipped with a ceiling, which used element in the form of an arc of organic mass, i.e. from fresh cow and sheep manure mixed with soil. The ceiling covered with top soil. A soil irrigation system allows economical use of water, as in open networks up to 40% of the water evaporates into the atmosphere, as well as to cultivate agricultural crops in different terrain. 8 Il.

The invention relates to agriculture and can be used in the cultivation of agricultural crops, mainly for cotton production.

There is a method of irrigation from irrigation pipes, including water supply through underground pipelines to supply into the container two containers permeable to the inner hole of the premises of the plant is x attachment, as well as large energy costs during operation.

Known also similar to the method of manufacturing a hollow root of the pot in which the organic mass of a mixture of soil and fresh cow and sheep manure at a ratio by weight of. (40-70): (10-57):(3-20), from which are formed the various forms for seedlings.

The disadvantage of this method: there is no way to automate the production line of pots of organic mass, and to provide manually is sufficient impossible.

The proposed technical solution is the closest as the prototype is a system of sub-surface irrigation, including channels in the irrigation network, laid between the rows of containers and connected with them through is made in the soil pits.

The main disadvantages are that irrigation channel outdoor and contributes to greater evaporation of water in the atmosphere.

The purpose of the invention, the reduction of water consumption rates and capital investments and simplified methods for the use of organic mass to prevent the evaporation of water in the atmosphere.

System sub-surface irrigation, containing channels irrigate the th ground Flexi hose, covered covered up with soil organic elements in the form of an arc with a certain length and width, lying after overlapping with extreme lateral bottom surfaces on the tops of the corrugations with the formation of a closed irrigation network, as well as taps, and the width (ceiling) equal to the width of trambovanij dirt bumps and bilateral depressions of the corrugations, as even water dispensers connected to the root zone environments, provide the plant roots with moisture, and the tops of the corrugations, as slow, provide a slow flow of water (barrier).

In Fig. 1 shows a cut groove with generally accepted between planting rows of cultivated plants, the data of Fig.2 the location of the arcuate element cover, covered up with soil. in Fig.3 cotton, to the roots which absorbs water along arrow B of Fig.4 section a-a in Fig.3; Fig. 5 is a partial cross-section with a closed irrigation system of Fig.6 and 7, the arcuate coating of organic mass, two projections; Fig.8 axonometric view cut along the width l of soil corrugations, where the arrows shown In the distribution of water through the taps.

On a plot of l irrigation canal above trembeling mass, covered with top soil layer 2, taken from section 2 of the furrow (because the soil is moved from one place to another, it is marked in two places figure 2). Between the arched ceiling 1 and the bottom of the channel with the formation of a closed irrigation network 3 was formed, and side bends 4. The lower end surface of the arcuate element, which rests on the tops 5 dirt buckles, and side bends are connected with the root environment where they develop plants with 6 roots 7.

On a plot of l irrigation canal, which formed a closed channel, its ground corrugations are formed by special rollers on the housing, which also made corrugated elements.

Under irrigation by contracted private channels the water is distributed through the outlets 4 and through the rooting medium is absorbed by the roots of cultivated plants 6. In the bends when watering always have a supply of water, detain 5 vertices dirt corrugations.

The implementation of an irrigation canal closed substantially reduces the loss of water by evaporation, and the period of retention of soil moisture in the root zone environments is lengthened, whereby the number of irrigations is reduced, therefore, the water consumption for irrigation is reduced.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency, uniform and high-quality irrigation.

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