The barn


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to agriculture and can be used in barns. The barn includes a base with Foundation trenches-nasosinusitis and aboveground part in the form of a mobile platform chassis, fencing elements with insulation and front walls, stalls and tethers. Platform and enclosing the elements are in the form of a single arched body, chassis, which is made in the form of outer and inner longitudinal Salzach runners interconnected by crossbars. The lower ends of the arches housing mounted on the outer rails, and along the walls of the trenches-awesomecapital completed coated with a metal tape intermittent guide grooves, which are placed in the lower part of the outer Salzach runners. 3 Il.

The invention relates to the construction of a barn, mostly on the permafrost.

Famous barns with underground storage of manure (ed.St. N 1026321, class E 04 H 5/08, 1981). They do not solve the problem of reliable fondirovanija grounds of the cowshed in the conditions of permafrost.

Known agricultural job (ed. St. N 1413226, class E 04 H 5/08, 1987), compiled by the Asti United by a single floor and is installed with the possibility of moving from one block underground manure storage to another.

However, the construction of this building and its operation is hampered by the complexity of structural elements, because of the absence of insulation enclosing structures, particularly in areas pairing of its two parts (above and below ground).

The aim of the invention is to simplify the design of the barn and the cheapening of the cost of construction.

This is achieved by the proposed barn that includes a base with Foundation trenches-nasosinusitis and aboveground part in the form of a mobile platform chassis, fencing elements with insulators and stand partitions, stalls and tethers, the platform and enclosing the elements are in the form of a single arched body, chassis, which are presented in the form of parallel longitudinal Salzach runners, mounted between the cross bars, the lower ends of the arches housing attached to the ends of cross-beams, and the walls of the trenches-awesomecapital completed coated with a metal tape intermittent guide groove in which is placed a longitudinal selatcia runners, when this insulation is made from the top of the enclosing elements and hanging around the perimeter of the bottom surface part of barn e of tethers attached and salazones the top runners.

In Fig. 1-3 show barn, its individual design, components and parts, the cross-section.

The barn consists of wooden arches 1, including the retaining walls of polyarchy 2, diagonals 3, the tightening 4, platform 5, containing the carrier 6, the cross-beams 7, 8 lags, solid decks 9, 10 lattice, barn and fencing equipment 11, the feed table 12, the clamp 13, the trench-awesomecapital 14, the Foundation faced with the guide grooves 15, solid wooden casings 16, the elastic insulating mats 17, a roof 18, flexible waterproof material 19 and clamping means 20.

The barn is constructed as follows. In the beginning built two parallel trenches-navaconcejo 14 and the guide groove 15. After that built a mobile platform 5 without tie racks and enclosures device 11.

Then, using a special device built wooden arches, which are connected by a stiffening frame barn and covered with boards 16, which are stacked flexible insulated mats 17 with propuskom below. Arches are sheathed on the external profile and covered with a roofing sheet 18, on the allowance of the Mat fit waterproof material 19 and p is foreseen.

Further mounted barn equipment, fencing and other equipment.

Simultaneously with the barn or at another time constructed at some distance strictly in the continuation of the longitudinal lines interchangeable trench-navaconcejo 14 and the base with the guide grooves.

Use for the frame of the barn lightweight wooden arches consumption is reduced timber against the construction of the onshore part of the barn is similar to the capacity of local building materials in 3-4 times, work 2-3 times, and against the best method of construction of a barn from lightweight metal arches metal consumption is reduced more than 10 times with increasing consumption of wood only 20-25%

The construction of barns wooden arches available everywhere, saves transport costs.

Replacement of foundations in permafrost grounds for replacing annually trench-navaconcejo simplifies operations, reduces the consumption of large amounts of wood (2-3 coats of a continuous roll of small logs F cm), extends the service life of the barn.

The use of trench-awesomecapital provides efficient use and and manure management, environmental cleanliness on the farm and in the surrounding environment.

Thus, the construction and operation of the proposed barn for small farms (up to 25-35 cows) can solve many of the organizational-economic, technical and technological problems in animal husbandry in General, and in the Far North in particular.

The BARN includes a base with Foundation trenches-nasosinusitis and aboveground part in the form of a mobile platform chassis, fencing elements with insulators and stand partitions, stalls and tethers, wherein the platform and enclosing the elements are in the form of a single arched body, chassis, which is made in the form of outer and inner longitudinal Salzach runners interconnected by cross members, the lower ends of the arches housing attached to the ends of cross-beams associated with Narodnyi runners, and along the walls of the trenches-awesomecapital completed coated with a metal tape intermittent guide grooves, which are placed in the lower part of the outer Salzach runners, and the insulation is made with a serving of enclosing elements hanging around the perimeter of the bottom above-ground parts of coastal and tethers attached from above to the internal salazones the runners.


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EFFECT: increased resource saving, reduced production costs of agricultural product and improved ecology of environment.

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EFFECT: increased stiffness and insulation properties of storage barrier elements.

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SUBSTANCE: residential and production vertical farm contains floor multi-layer coverings and roof with jacks. In the first layer of coverings there arranged are germination chambers of green food, plantations, green houses with pastures on the surface and town houses with driveways and pedestrian ways. Water pools for sturgeons, prawns, Spirulina and biological water treatment are arranged under them. Germination chamber, plantations and green houses with pastures are made in the form of turning multi-bladed throttle germination chambers with supply and discharge devices of air, bulk materials, potable water and solutions. Germination chambers and water pools allow performing automatic control of productive capacity of plants and animals, precision sowing, seed harvesting, harvesting of plants of any kinds, removal and processing of drains so that fertilisers and hydrogen can be obtained, forming robotic paddocks for feeding with green food, their roots, tuberous roots, seaweeds, planktons of any kinds and age groups of animals, sturgeons and prawns. Vertical farm and its converter power supply allow to quickly respond to the market's needs.

EFFECT: increasing efficiency of agricultural industry.

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SUBSTANCE: factory-greenhouse has a foundation, a chief south and north walls, a deflector in the upper part of the greenhouse to create a vertical movement of air from the greenhouse to the outside. The factory-greenhouse has an internal support structure with horizontal girders for mounting vertical cultivating columns in the form of corrugated plastic pipes and location of the system for creation of water aerosol, a translucent sealed cover mounted on the support structure, the trenches with perforated covers on the greenhouse floor for laying air ducts, sewers for collection of nutrient solution and pipelines for supply of nutrient solution to the cultivation columns, a ventilation system with an intake and cleaning air for supply to the greenhouse through air ducts through the holes in the covers of the floor trenches. The factory-greenhouse comprises a reflector of sunlight and artificial light, a spotlight with colour optics, a mud room, as well as an irrigation system of translucent cover in the form of a pumping system, a main pipeline with holes for outdoor irrigation of the coating, the collector of water flowing down from the coating for subsequent spraying it after cleaning and sterilisation inside the greenhouse through the nozzles to produce an aerosol of water and water vapour. The method is characterised in that it comprises the supply of filtered air to the greenhouse through the holes in the floor of the greenhouse to generate ventilation according to the scheme of bottom-up and outlet of air through one or more holes at the upper part of the greenhouse to prevent ingress inside the premises of pests, creation in the upper part of the greenhouse of water stable water aerosol, highlighting of water aerosol by spotlights with colour optics, reflection and concentration of sunlight and artificial light, outer irrigation of translucent coating with water and collecting this water for subsequent spraying after cleaning and sterilisation in the greenhouse, cultivation of plants on vertically arranged columns.

EFFECT: proposed device and method provide the most complete use of sunlight and artificial light for light and colour stimulation of plants, prevent ingress into interior of the greenhouse of pests, dust and rainwater, which enables to provide high quality plant products.

2 cl, 7 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, in particular to buildings for livestock management, primary treatment and processing of production. The modular cowshed comprises premises for cows, calving and calf rearing, storage and preparation of feed, for the milking parlor with milk house and a laboratory for the ventilation chamber, and manure storage located separately. Part of the premises is presented as technological modules as part of the production, milking and feed-producing, united in monoblock or cowshed, as well as reclamation of manure, effluent and feed wastes, dedicated to the separate premises. The feed-producing module is docked with the production module to form a single feed passage. On either side of the feed passage within the feed-producing module there are facilities for storage and preparing components of feed mixture for animals. The vestibule walls of the cowshed in the end of the building and the wall of the milking module is made with the ability of dismantling and subsequent docking with additional parts of production and milking modules with an increase in the number of animals.

EFFECT: process of expanding of the farm with an increase in the number of animals is simplified, the process of manufacture of products is simplified.

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