(57) Abstract:

Usage: refers to entertainment technology. The essence of izobreteniya: attraction contains two eccentric drives, platform with slots for eccentrics. At different speeds of rotation of the eccentrics of the platform has a different trajectory. 3 Il.

The invention relates to an entertainment technique.

Known attraction containing base, hosted platform, two eccentric, kinematically connected to the platform rotation drive connected to one of the eccentrics.

The lack of attraction is the low value, because there is no opportunity to change the nature of the motion platform with a passenger.

The aim of the invention is to increase the value of the attraction.

The objective is achieved by the fact that the attraction comes with a second actuator rotation associated with the second sheave, the platform made two slots for moving the respective eccentrics.

With this design of the attraction movement of the platform depends on the modes of operation of the actuators eccentrics: when only one drive platform owl is to eremets in a circle, reciprocating or take turns depending on the mutual arrangement of the eccentrics and the direction of rotation. All this increases the entertainment at traction.

In Fig. 1 presents a diagram of the proposed attraction, side view; Fig.2 is a top view of Fig.3 the trajectory of the platform.

The attraction contains a base 1 mounted on the platform 2, two eccentric 3 and 4, kinematically connected with the platform, the actuator 5 of rotation associated with one of the eccentrics. Attraction comes with a second actuator 6 rotation associated with the second eccentric 4. The platform made the two slots 7 and 8 for moving the respective eccentrics 3 and 4.

Attraction can be designed, for example, in the form of movable tracks that must be overcome without losing balance from the door 9 to the door 10. The track serves as the platform 2.

Attraction works as follows.

Include one or both of the actuator 5 and 6 and by rotating the eccentrics 3 and 4 result in movement of the platform 2. The mode of motion of the platform change by changing the speed and direction of rotation of the eccentrics, the platform can rotate around the circumference, to make a back-post what's unpredictable movements. The task may be to move players without losing balance to door 10.

Attraction can be decorated in the cave of fear with the shock of the floor platform, in the form of tyre with complex conditions aiming, etc.

The attraction provides high entertainment due to the complex forms of motion of the platform with passengers.

ATTRACTION containing base, hosted platform, two eccentric, kinematically connected to the platform rotation drive connected to one of the eccentrics, characterized in that it is provided with a second actuator rotation associated with the second sheave, the platform made two slots for moving the respective eccentrics.


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