(57) Abstract:

Usage: in agriculture, in particular in devices debtera. The essence of the invention: debecker includes hot knife 1 is mounted on the axis 2 with the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination by means of the screw 3. Cutting edge by adjusting the oblique angle of not less than the maximum angle of inclination of the knife. The rotating disk 4 with holes 5 on the circumference is set so that the knife within the tilt overlaps one of the holes 5. Under the disk 4 installed capacity 6 coolant, over capacity mounted device 7 for removing moisture and a table for the operator's hands. 2 Il.

The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to poultry, and can be used in veterinary medicine.

The invention provides for the accurate operation of the immediate and the reduction of thermal effects on the operator's hands and on the basis of the bird's beak.

In Fig.1 shows the proposed debecker, side view; Fig.2 is a front view.

Debecker for birds include the red-hot knife 1 is mounted on axis 2, with the possibility of adjustment by means of a screw 3 angle knife to the line PE the maximum angle of inclination of the knife, due to the exclusion of the impact on the bill is not sufficiently heated portion of the knife. The rotating disk 4 with holes 5 is set so that the knife within the tilt overlaps one of the holes 5, and the adjacent against the rotation of the disk was free. Under the disk 4 installed capacity 6 for the coolant, on which is mounted a device for removing moisture 7 (such as sponge), and in front of table 8 for the operator's hands.

Debecker works as follows.

Screw 3 adjust the angle of the knife 1 depending on the upcoming operation nadareski or complete trimming of the beak. In the tank 6 pour water or better detractor to the level that the holes 5 of the disc 4 were immersed in the liquid. Then the operator takes one or two chickens and inserts to lock their beaks in the hole is not closed knife (against the rotation of the disk). When the disk rotates beaks nidresource or cut quite a hot knife. After the operation chickens are put in a container and take new ones.

DEBECKER containing molten knife and a share the plate with iteratee, characterized in that it is equipped with a tank for coolant, and a share plate made in the form set the ohms to the line, perpendicular to the disk radius drawn through the middle of the cutting part of a knife, with adjustable tilt angle and its cutting edge with adjustable side beveled at an angle not less than the maximum angle of inclination of the knife, and the holes on the disk placed on its circumference.


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The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to poultry, and can be used in veterinary medicine

The invention relates to agriculture, namely by means of physical impacts on agricultural bird

FIELD: poultry science.

SUBSTANCE: one should irradiate eggs before incubation with the light of He-Ne laser LHN-104, wave length being 632.8 nm, power density at eggs surface being 50 mW/, with red light of fluorescent lamp DNESG-500, wave length being 630-650 nm, power at eggs surface being 23.1 erg and with ultraviolet from DRT-400 lamp at wave length being 185-400 nm, average dosage at eggs surface being 20 merg in 3-min-long exposures.

EFFECT: higher resistance to pullorosis in poultry.

4 dwg, 4 tbl

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SUBSTANCE: incubation eggs should be once treated with ultraviolet lamp for 20 sec or ozonized, then sprayed with 0.01-0.3%-succinic acid solution at 1.2-1.5 ml/120-150 eggs to increased the brood in chickens, decrease lethality and increase body weight in chickens.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of stimulation.

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SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes treatment of incubating egg shell with mitomin in concentration of 0.3-0.5 % and in amount of 2.2-2.5 ml/120-150 eggs.

EFFECT: increased egg hatching, decreased mortality; daily chickens with improved biochemical blood characteristics.

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FIELD: poultry farming.

SUBSTANCE: method involves withdrawing material from multiplicity of live eggs; analyzing withdrawn material for identifying of eggs having predetermined characteristic; treating in proper manner.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by providing the possibility of analyzing withdrawn material and performing proper treatment.

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SUBSTANCE: incubation eggs are treated with aqueous solution of edible salt, with sea salt being additionally introduced, said components being used in the following ratio, g/l: NaCl 2.5-3.5; sea salt 0.3-0.5. Method involves preparing aqueous solution of edible salt by double distillation of sodium chloride solution and adding sea salt during repeated distillation procedure; treating incubation eggs by aerosol applying process, with following exposing for 30-60 min.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in treatment of eggs.

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Laser beams scanner // 2265997

FIELD: optics.

SUBSTANCE: scanner has mirrors. Ten mirrors are mounted onto truncated cone of scanner at different angles to light source for scanning laser beams at direction of lightening chamber and for increase in exposure of processing.

EFFECT: reduced electric energy consumption.

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FIELD: radiation technology.

SUBSTANCE: unit has gas-discharge lamp ДНЕСГ-500, helium-neon laser ЛГН-104, ultraviolet lamp ДРТ-400, germicidal lamps БУВ-15. Germicidal lamps БУВ-30 are placed in cassette of optical filter of gas-discharge lamp ДНЕСГ-500 and under transporting mechanism for irradiation of total surfaces of incubation eggs to improve germicidal effect.

EFFECT: improved quality of disinfection; improved farming-biological efficiency.

3 dwg

FIELD: optics; laser engineering.

SUBSTANCE: assembly has gas-discharge lamp ДНЕСГ-500, helium-neon laser ЛГН-104, mercury-quartz lamp ДРТ-400 and germicidal lamps БУВ-15 as well as cassettes of optical filters of lamps ДНЕСГ--500, ДРТ-400, БУВ-15. There are also three germicidal lamps БУВ-30 disposed at angle of 120° to incubation eggs and IR laser "Uzor" of cassette of optical filter of lamp БУВ-30. Cassettes of optical filters of lamps ДНЕСГ-500, БУВ-30, ДРТ-400, БУВ-15 are decompressed at the direction of radiant chamber for complex influence onto incubation eggs with laser beams, ozone and ionized air and for disinfecting eggs at all the sides.

EFFECT: reduced energy consumption; improved productivity; higher vital capacity.

5 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: installation has gas discharge lamp, mercury-quartz lamp, germicidal lamps, and helium-neon laser. Installation is furnished with infrared laser for deep heating of incubation eggs by way of multiple-mode pulsed laser radiation of proximate infrared spectral region.

EFFECT: increased vitality and productivity of birds.

2 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: irradiation apparatus has start regulating device with contact mains wires, gas discharge lamp chuck, and reflector attachment device. Apparatus is further equipped with two photo-resistors connected to inductance coil and located on reflector internal surface. Inductance coil with winding and core is positioned centrally on casing. Isolating insert is located between casing and core. Receptacle surface of photo-resistors is turned to internal surface of reflector and is made in the form of wavy strip extending through the entire length of reflector at its both sides, symmetrically to edge of emitter. Casing is connected to attachment device through vibration isolators.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in protecting of lightening equipment from settling of dust thereon and reduced consumption of power.

2 dwg