Installation for liquid processing of raw hides and semi-finished


(57) Abstract:

Usage: the equipment for liquid processing of raw hides. The invention is: to improve work efficiency and reduce the metal in the liquid processing of raw hides and semi-finished inner drum of the unit, separated by blades-partitions into the cavity made in the form of two disks. The drives are located on the ends of the outer casing and rigidly connected with the shaft. The cavity formed by the blade-plate, rigidly connected at the ends with disks. The length of the drum blades-partitions are associated with the shaft, enabling them to rotate with a specified number of revolutions. The blades of the partitions are made of box-shape with ribs. Working blade surfaces-walls have the shape of a curve of the second order. 2 Il.

The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to equipment for liquid processing of raw hides.

Known device for liquid treatment of raw hides [1] containing the outer casing and the inner drum arranged coaxially one within the other and mounted on bearings for rotation with a given number of revolutions. Cyl is barb.

Known device for liquid treatment of raw hides [2] contains a stationary outer housing and the inner movable drum mounted coaxially on bearings for rotation of the inner drum with a given number of revolutions. The inner part of the rolling drum separated by perforated walls into the cavity. The cylindrical part of the inner perforated drum.

A device for liquid treatment of raw hides and semi-finished products [3] containing an outer drum mounted on bearings rotatably nested within the second roll formed discs fixed on the axis of rotation on the ends of the outer drum walls, fastened on a shaft blades for mixing the cake mix, associated with disks to ensure their rotation with a given number of rotations.

A disadvantage of known systems is their considerable intensity.

The purpose of the invention increase the efficiency and decrease of metal.

This goal is achieved by the fact that each blade is made of box-shape with the ribs, and its working surface has the shape of a curve of the second order, when AAMA installation has structural differences, to achieve the goal.

In Fig.1 shows an installation, General view, from the front in the context of Fig.2 is a side view in section.

Installation for liquid processing of raw hides and semi-finished product contains two support columns 1 and shaft 2, on which is located the outer cylindrical drum 3 is connected through a gear pair 4 and 5 with the actuator 6 of rotation of the drum 180aboutfor loading and unloading bulk.

Inside on the ends of the outer drum 3 on the shaft 2 is rigidly mounted two discs 7 connecting blades 8, made of box-shape with the ribs 9. Discs 7 have openings 10, and the blades of the partition 8 is formed by three rotating cavity 11, which are interconnected by holes (perforation) 12, made in the blade walls 8. The working surface 13 of each blade-partitions 8 in cross section has the shape of a curve of the second order. The rotation of the cavities 11 formed by blades-partitions 8, rigidly connected with the shaft 2, is carried out by means of the actuator 14.

Loading and unloading of the semi-finished product, the fill and drain process solutions and washing water is carried out through the hatch 15.

Installation works as arr is of opsta-partitions 8, facilitate periodic lowering of leather prefabricated in technological solutions and processing occurs.

The working surface 13 of the blade wall 8 when the rotation helps smooth lowering and lifting of the semi-finished product, which excludes its clumping and twisting. Through the holes 10 in the discs 7 and holes (perforation) 12 in blades walls 8 are circulation and discharge of process solutions.

After the end of the loop the drum 3 by means of the actuator 6 and the gear pair 5 and 4 is rotated 180aboutLuke 15 down and is draining technological solutions. At the same time to prevent loss of prefabricated manhole is closed one of the blades partitions. Then the drum 3 is rotated 180aboutLuke 15 up and served water and cleaning materials.

The cycle repeats till complete processing of the semifinished product in various technological solutions.

INSTALLATION FOR LIQUID PROCESSING of RAW hides AND SEMI-finished, containing an outer drum mounted on bearings for rotation on the shaft, placed inside a second drum mounted for rotation and image of the project for a semi-finished product, and dividing the volume of the cavity, mounted on the shaft to provide rotation with a given number of revolutions, and the United disk, characterized in that each blade is made of box-shape with the ribs, and its working surface has the shape of a curve of second order, while the disks mounted on the shaft firmly.


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The invention relates to light industry, in particular for the fur industry, i.e

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SUBSTANCE: method involves spreading skin on respective carrier plates and introducing carrier plates with skin spread thereon into vessel; hermetically sealing vessel and creating low pressure therein; introducing liquid solution into vessel for treatment of skins to wet state; transmitting vibrations to vessel in order to provide continuous and uniform movement of treating solution contained in vessel. According to another version, method involves cleaning animal skin by introducing aqueous solution containing hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide into vessel. Apparatus has number of plates on which leathers are spread, hermetically sealable vessel into which plates with skins spread thereon are introduced, device for creating low pressure in said vessel, at least one mixing reservoir for introducing therein of water and respective active substances for the purpose of producing liquid solution for skin treatment. Mixing reservoir is adapted for communication with hermetically sealable vessel, wherein low pressure is maintained for introducing therein of liquid solution, and vibratory member for transmitting vibrations to vessel for providing continuous and uniform movement of liquid solution introduced into hermetically sealable vessel.

EFFECT: reduced unfavorable effect upon environment of skin treatment procedure, in particular, elimination of necessity for utilization of chemicals, simplified, useful and compact construction of apparatus.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes cyclic evacuation and mixing the working solution with raw material; rate of pressure drop which is within 0.3-0.9 bar/s exceeds rate of its increase and frequency of pressure fluctuations lies in field of infra-red spectrum; mixing is performed by ordered motion of raw material in working solution. Device proposed for realization of this method is made in form of closed thermostable reservoir mounted on base and provided with casing, movable rotor, loading shaft, discharge chamber, temperature indicator, liquid chemical supply valve, drain valve and preheating and evacuation systems. Preheating system includes delivery of heat agent to movable rotor and preheating of working solution through wall of rotor; mounted on external surface of rotor are cassettes with raw material. Evacuation system is isolated from working solution by means of elastic membrane; loading shaft performs function of discharge chamber.

EFFECT: improved quality; reduced duration of process; saving of chemicals; enhanced ecological safety; cut costs.

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EFFECT: the invention ensures reduction of the fur abradability, the increased strength of the fur side pelage with the skin tissue and strength of the fur at stretching.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises drying chambery communicating with pneumatic system and consisting of top and bottom sections arranged on the frame. Aforesaid sections have their open parts arranged in opposition. Heaters are arranged between housings of every section. Movable cover is arranged between sections for them to be sealed. Vessels intended for cyclic dynamic feed of compressed air into detachable pneumodynamic chambers are arranged on the cover to move from one section to another. Aforesaid pneumodynamic chambers are rigidly fitted onto sleeves arranged on the surface of every vessel. There are fans to uniformly circulate hot air inside every section that can be turned off after opening the sections. Aforesaid chambers represent petal-type nozzles consisting of tip outer threaded rings 16 with carving, outer 17 and inner 18 rings. Ring 21 with fasteners for lugs 22 and plates 23 are fastened, with the help of screws 19 and washers 20, onto every outer 17 or inner 18 ring of the nozzle, and on top outer ring 16. Four vertical plates 23 are arranged between ring pairs. Note here that plate 23 can move in ring 21 in every upper of ring pairs and in top outer threaded ring 16 of plate 23. Every lower ring 21 with fasteners lugs and plates is rigidly fixed with the help of pins 24. Four lugs 22 are arranged to move in ring pairs 21 via push-rods 28. Pneumodynamic chamber base accommodates platform 29 supporting aforesaid chamber to rule out sliding of treated fur skin 31. Collar 34 is tightened by the screw 35. Note that half nut 36 is attached to foresaid platform 29 for pneumodynamic chamber to be fastened to the device. Rubber gasket 39 is arranged between aforesaid half nut and platform. Rubber seal 40 is fitted into half nut 36 for tightness purposes. Bellow 41 is arranged inside afore described chamber for compressed air to be fed therein in cycles. Threaded plug 42 is fitted on one end of aforesaid bellows 41 for it to be jointed to top outer ring 16. Other end of bellows is arranged on nozzle of platform 29.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises eliminating defects representing damages sports (3) in layers (2) formed by recesses in skin (1) with natural grain patter. These defects are eliminated as follows, i.e. water or slightly foamed plastic suspension is forced into aforesaid recesses, the said suspension containing ultimate solid particles. Then skin (1) is dried, surface (4) of the layer of grain pattern (2) is subjected to pressure and thermal treatment with the help of pressure roller at least 100C. Note here that plastic mass is formed in aforesaid recesses that contains hollow tiny balloons (5) made up of solid particles to completely fill the said recesses (dwg. 1).

EFFECT: higher quality.

13 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: veterinary science.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in fur treatment with acoustic (audible) sound of certain frequency in the range of 20-20000 Hz, its intensity varies in the range of 10-100 dB for the time of treatment in the range of 1-10 min.

EFFECT: reduced toxicity of treatment.

2 tbl, 7 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for soaking-ageing a leather-fur semi-product has a housing, a base, a cylindrical vessel, a rubber membrane, a removable cover, a compressor installation, a flexible hose and a control valve. The removable cover is in form of a ring. Rubber belts are tied to the cover. The rubber membrane is attached to the cylindrical vessel. The semi-product is placed between the rubber membrane and the rubber belts. The control valve is installed on the flexible hose. The hose is configured for cyclo-dynamic feeding of compressed air into the cylindrical vessel.

EFFECT: increase in efficiency while maintaining high quality of soaking-ageing and improved working conditions of the operator.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for soaking and ageing a leather and fur semi-product, having in the bottom part a filler device for depositing working compositions onto the return strand of a feed conveyor which is mounted over the filler device, a working member lying over the loaded strand of the feed conveyor and made in form of shafts with annular cavities which are arranged in checkered order for each previous shaft with respect to the next shaft, wherein in the top part of the apparatus there is an additional filler device for depositing working compositions onto the return strand of an additional feed conveyor and there is an additional working member over its loaded strand; the working member lying in the bottom part of the apparatus can move back and forth in the vertical plane perpendicular to the semi-product being processed through a crank; there is also an automatic device for removing the finished half-product lying at the end of the loaded strand of the feed conveyor lying in the bottom part.

EFFECT: invention improves the quality of soaking, cuts the processing time and cuts the ageing time.

1 dwg