Composition for roofing


(57) Abstract:

Usage: the invention relates to the field of polymer-bitumen for roofing and waterproofing coatings. The inventive composition contains the following components, wt.h. the best choice rubber 7,5 9,5; bitumen 5,7 7,7; 20% solution of the degradation products the best choice of rubber in the mixture taken in equal mass quantities of xylene and nefras 0,8 50,0; antimony oxide 0,4 0,7; solvent white spirit or nefras 50,0 58,0; asbestos flour 0,8 - 2,8; cement 23,0 26,0. table 2.

The invention relates to the field of polymer-bitumen for roofing and waterproofing coatings.

Closest to the proposed to the technical essence and the achieved result is a composition for waterproofing coatings, including the best choice rubber, bitumen, xylene, talc and benzoyl peroxide.

This composition has good heat resistance, but high viscosity, low mechanical properties and adhesion.

The aim of the invention is the lowering of the viscosity, the improvement of physico-mechanical characteristics of the coating and adhesion while maintaining basic operational cloisterly rubber, bitumen-modifying additive, solvent and filler, contains as a modifying additive film-forming SPAF, antimony oxide, solvent, white spirit or nefras, and filler asbestos flour, cement in the following ratio, wt. h

Rubber butadiene - roll 7,5-9,5 Bitumen 5,7-7,7

Film-forming SPEF of 0.8-50.0, white spirit or nefras 50,0-58,0 Asbestos flour 0,8-2,8 Cement 23,0-26,0 Oxide antimony (III) 0,4-0,7

Film-forming SPAF this 20% solution of the degradation products the best choice of rubber in the mixture taken in equal mass quantities of xylene and nefras.

The use of film-forming SPAF, oxide of antimony as modifying additives specified solvent and filler contributes to the formation of the coating film of more advanced structural grid and, as a consequence, the improvement of physico-mechanical and adhesive characteristics of the material. While the inclusion in the composition of these ingredients in the specified amounts can improve simultaneously and important technological characteristic viscosity, which contributes to the empowerment of the application of mastic on the protected surface. As the best choice causality film-forming SPAT on THE 38, 40378-87 and oxide of antimony. As the solvent used white spirit according to GOST 3134-78 and nefras on THE 38-40125-82 and fillers, asbestos flour, cement.

The composition is prepared as follows.

Reactor type 3M 630 WRC with steam heating and stirring for 7-8 h at 70-80aboutTo prepare 13-14% solution the best choice of rubber in a given amount of white spirit or nefras. During the next 20-30 min at the same temperature it is mixed with a 20% solution of the degradation products the best choice of rubber in the mixture, taken in equal mass ratios of xylene and nefras, and enter the bitumen. Ingredients stirred at 70-80aboutC for 20-30 minutes After the mixture was added alternately and in parts oxide of antimony, asbestos flour and cement. Stirring is carried out for 2-4 hours, the Composition is applied by airless spray brush or roller in two layers of 0.5 mm and utverjdayut at room temperature up to degree 3 in two days. The samples subjected to the test.

The compositions according to the invention are given in table. 1, and the properties of the compositions according to the examples in comparison with the prototype table. 2.

The tests were carried out in strict accordance with the procedures defined with the BR>
elongation GOST 270-75

Adhesion to THE metal 21-27-10485

Heat GOST 2678-81

Frost GSAT 2678-81

Analysis of the data table. 2 show the advantages of the proposed structure.

COMPOSITION FOR ROOFING, including butadiene-styrene rubber, bitumen, additives, filler and a solvent, characterized in that it contains as an additive a 20% solution of the degradation products of styrene-butadiene rubber in the mixture taken in the ratio 1: 1 xylene and nefras, and oxide of antimony (III), as solvent white spirit or nefras, as filler asbestos flour and cement in the following ratio, wt.h.

Butadiene-styrene rubber 7,5 9,5

Bitumen 5,7 7,7

20% Solution of the degradation products of styrene-butadiene rubber in a mixture of xylene and nefras 0,8 50,0

Asbestos flour 0,8 2,8

Cement 23 26

The oxide of antimony (III) 0,4 0,7

White spirit or nefras 50 58


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EFFECT: increased oil resistance in media of water-saturated petroleum products.

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EFFECT: the invention ensures, that the anticorrosive primer coating provides the anticorrosive protection for the oil and natural gas steel pipelines at their building and overhaul, for the pipelines welded couplings areas insulation as well as reconditioning of the insulation defects.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to polymeric compositions used in making water-proofing and sealing adhesive coatings. The composition contains SKS synthetic non-specific rubber (waste products), bitumen, waste industrial oil, chalk, octophor-N.

EFFECT: composition has water absorption of 0,17-0,19 wt % and relative elongation of 42,80-44,26%.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for long-term protection of chemical equipment from diluted and concentrated acids and alkalis. The anti-corrosion composition contains the following in pts.wt: sealant 51-G10 100, zinc oxide or magnesium oxide 0.01-2.0, stearic or oleic acid 0.01-0.2, sulphur 0.2-5.0, polysulphide oligomer 0.01-2.0, zinc dithiocarbamate 0.1-2.0, diphenylguanidine 0.1-0.5, cyclohexanone 0.5-2.0. Sealant 51-G10 contains a solution of butadiene styrene thermoplastic elastomer DST-30-01 in butylacetate, filer, indene-coumarone resin and aerosil.

EFFECT: invention enables to shorten the duration of the cycle of preparing a homogenous composition to 24 hours without deterioration of operational characteristics of the coating material.

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SUBSTANCE: self-adhesive material has a base - aluminium foil and an adhesive composition applied on said base, having permanent stickiness, containing the following in pts.wt: isoprene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer with 5-7% styrene content 100, an adhesive agent - terpene phenol resin, terpene styrene resin or mixture thereof with perchlorovinyl resin 10-15, plasticiser - epoxidated vegetable oil 7-10 and an organic solvent - ethyl acetate or mixture thereof with benzine and methylene chloride 250-550. The adhesive composition can additionally contain chlorinated polyisoprene rubber in amount of 2-5 pts.wt. The ratio of the thickness of layers the base: adhesive composition is equal to 1:(0.25-1). The self-adhesive material is meant for repair and use at temperatures ranging from -60 to +80°C in aviation, in motorcar and shipbuilding and other engineering fields.

EFFECT: high adhesion strength, cohesive strength of the self-adhesive material, high resistance to static shearing at high temperatures, low labour input and power consumption when carrying out repair works on the surface of aircraft frames and other structures.

3 cl, 2 tbl, 5 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a decorative surface coating which can be obtained from a curable composition, wherein said composition contains a first polymer component consisting of a styrene-butadiene styrene block-copolymer (SBS); a second polymer component which is selected from a group consisting of a random or partially random copolymer of butadiene and styrene (SBR) and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR); a third polymer component consisting of a styrene butadiene copolymer (HSR) having high styrene content, filler, a cured system and additives which are selected from a group consisting of process additives, stabilisers, pigments and substances which stabilise the mixture of immiscible polymers.

EFFECT: improved composition for decorative surface coating which essentially does not contain halogens and is compatible with conventional PVC extrusion equipment.

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of producing anticorrosive coating involves preparing the surface of structures of different types to be protected, removing dust from the surface to be protected using compressed air or an industrial vacuum cleaner, defatting the surface with a solvent or alkaline detergent, applying a rubber mixture, a rubber adhesive and a modifying component with a curing agent, which are used in form of a rubber-polymer compound with pre-dissolution thereof in a solvent. The rubber mixture used is a low-hardness rubber mixture GX-2566 which is based on synthetic cis-isoprene rubber SKI-3 gr.1 and synthetic butadiene methyl styrene rubber SKMS-30-ARKM-15 and/or medium-hardness rubber GX-1976 based on synthetic butadiene methyl styrene rubber SKMS-30-ARKM-15, and high-hardness rubber GX-1751 based on synthetic butadiene methyl styrene rubber SKMS-30-ARKM-15 or GX-1627 based on synthetic cis-isoprene rubber SKI-3 gr.1 and synthetic butadiene methyl styrene rubber SKMS-50P, meant for making semi-hard rubber or hard-rubber articles, respectively. The rubber adhesive used is rubber adhesive 2572, which is a solution of a rubber mixture based on synthetic cis-isoprene rubber SKI-3 gr.1 and/or synthetic butadiene methyl styrene rubber SKMS-50P with sulphur, lead oxide and iron oxide additives. The modifying component used is a polymer compound for producing protective coatings at temperature of 20-35°C, which is polyurethane based on organic polyisocyanate, epoxide based on epoxy resin ED-20, polysiloxane based on an inorganic compound of silicon and oxygen; the solvent is nefras S2-80/120. The compound is applied in layers, each having thickness ranging from 0.03 mm to 0.13 mm. The first layers of the compound, which act as the prime coat, are applied with additional dilution of the compound in ratio of up to 6:1. After applying on the surface of the article, the compound is cured in ambient conditions at temperature of 20-35°C or is treated with hot air at temperature of 45-60°C, or with steam at temperature of 97.5-100.5°C at atmospheric pressure.

EFFECT: high adhesion and quality of the coating, high reliability and longevity thereof, simple technique and easier application of the coating, and application of the coating in ambient conditions.

2 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: anticorrosive coating composition contains DST-30-01 thermoplastic butadiene-styrene, an oligomer and a solvent, wherein the oligomer used is triethylene glycol dimethacrylate, the solvent used is toluene, and the composition further includes a photoinitiator - 2,2-dimethoxy-1,2-(diphenyl)ethanone.

EFFECT: faster preparation of the coating composition and direct formation of an anticorrosive coating.

2 cl, 1 tbl

FIELD: construction; manufacture of porous coatings used on different objects of construction and production of sport and other destination items.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is dealt with methods of manufacture of the porous coatings used on different objects of construction - for building of footways, floors on nursery and running-tracks on sports grounds and athletic fields, and also for manufacture of floor mats of a broad spectrum of destination and rugs for use in means of transport, in rooms and at premises entrances, in swimming and diving pools, etc. For manufacture of a filler for such a coating the conduct crushing of the waste rubber products of bus and rubber industry. In the capacity of the waste products are used aged or unused tire casings, that are crushed into the grits of sizes up to 10 mm. At that as the filler they use from 1 up to 6 mass shares. The binding agent based on polyurethane is taken in amount of 0.8 up to 1.2 mass shares. Coloring agent is taken in amount of 0.03 up to 0.1 mass shares. In the capacity of the coloring agent the dry paints such as iron oxide may be used. Process of stirring is conducted in a screw-type mixer with a reversing drive and a horizontally located screw, the overhead loading of components of the mixture and unloading formulation constituents and its unloading along axis of the axis of the screw at the temperature exceeding 2°С, till production of the homogeneous mass. At that the binding agent is introduced after introduction of the filler and the coloring agent during stirring. Unloading of the produced mass is performed by a screw mixer into a prepared container with consequent stacking on previously prepared surface by an even layer with its final thickness exceeding 3 mm. Then the produced coating is leveled, manually compacted and kept up to its full solidification. The invention makes it possible to simplify the method of coating manufacture at improved quality of items.

EFFECT: the invention ensures simplification of the method of the coating manufacture at improved quality of items.

8 cl, 1 ex

FIELD: manufacture of polymeric building materials.

SUBSTANCE: running-track and playing ground coverings are manufactured by depositing mixture of rubber crumb and isocyanate prepolymer-based composition, in which process rubber crumb is preliminarily mixed with water and further isocyanate prepolymer-based composition is added, said composition being made up of, wt parts: isocyanate prepolymer 100, polymethylene-polyphenylisocyanate 25-46, glycerol 8-11, catalyst 0.01-0.10, and water 0.6-1.5.

EFFECT: simplified technology and improved sports and technical characteristics of covering.

1 tbl