Passive radar veil


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the field of passive masking from radar weapons systems, in particular in the mask veils of dipole radiotracers (DRAW). The essence of the invention: improving the efficiency of the dipole shielding is achieved by giving them radioparadise ability and more time efficient while improving performance, including increasing the mechanical strength, elasticity, eliminate adhesion properties and other DRAW completely made of electrically conductive material, which is used doped polymer (DP). When setting radio-absorbing curtains to limit ranges of the counter are applied DRAW, elongated in the direction of highest conductivity APS for their manufacture uses magnetized up to saturation of the ferromagnetic polyacetylene, p-doped with iodine or n-doped sodium, DRAW is performed in bands and ribbons of different lengths of doped polyacetylene or in the form of segments of fibers doped polythiophene. 5 C.p. f-crystals, 2 Il.

The invention relates to the field of disguise, and specifically to means prot is by making the dipole radiotracers (DRAW), can form in the atmosphere stealth veil with an extended effective time of action and meet the requirement of secrecy counter.

Known masking veil of the DRAW on the basis of artificial fibres (glass yarn, synthetic fiber, etc.,), the surface of which is to impart conductive properties cover as much as possible with a thin layer of electrically conductive material (silver, copper, zinc and others). Metallization of the surface complicates the technology of production and inevitably leads to an increase in the mass of the product, and therefore, reduces the duration of the veil as a result of rapid sedimentation dipoles on the ground under the force of gravity (sedimentation).

Closest to the invention are passive radiodrama veils containing DRAW, completely made of electrically conductive material (aluminum foil, carbon-graphite fiber and so on). Such dipoles, having a high electrical conductivity throughout the cross section, and have greater reflectivity compared to the DRAW of metallized fibers. However, the relatively high density of the applied electrically conductive materials reinforces one of the main/P> During sedimentation of the dipole veil observed chaotic lower reflectors. The amplitude of the signal reflected as a single dipole, and throughout all of it, is changing randomly and depends mainly on the spatial orientation of the DRAW. Effective surface scattering cross section (RCS) of each reflector is maximum when the coincidence of its axis with the electric field intensity vector and is equal to zero when they are perpendicular to the linearly polarized electromagnetic radiation. Turbulent diffusion of individual sections of the atmosphere and the differences in aerodynamics DRAW make them arbitrary orientation in which the real EPR dipole interference 5-7 times lower than its maximum possible value.

In addition, during the production of the veil some of the dipoles tangle in flight, deformed and broken because of their low strength and elasticity. As a result, the ESR is reduced in direct proportion to the coefficient of expansion, taking into account the effect of adhesion, deformation and fracture of reflectors, which for practical calculations can be accepted equal to 0.1 to 0.3. The adhesion of the dipoles due to the high adhesion of the material and the formation of static electricity the veil and its timing. Reflectors made for this purpose with a quasi-permanent charge, have a limited shelf life, and their mutual repulsion in the atmosphere in the absence of opposing forces increases the scattering and reduces the density of the veil.

However, even with sufficient density after ejection DRAW in the atmosphere the speed of their movements in space and masked object differ dramatically that when using the Doppler effect allows the suppressed radar to separate from such interference and confident to uncover the masked object.

Effective selection of moving targets on the passive background noise also contributes to the stratification of the veil that arise due to differences in the speeds of falling horizontally and vertically oriented dipoles. After some time when you put in the veil are formed two areas: an upper predominantly horizontal polarization and the lower vertical. In radiodrama the veil there is the effect of the mutual shielding of the various reflectors located at a distance 10 from each other in the plane perpendicular to the propagation direction of the radiation-length radio waves). As a result, total ESR of the veil becomes much smaller and the beam, if the level of secondary radiation interference exceeds the intensity of the reflection of the masked object. The effect of education on the screen of the indicator radar illuminated region, which suppresses mark goals and provides a breakdown of their support in distance, angle or speed. However, the sudden emergence of artificial interference specifies the enemy to the presence of the masked object. Failure to comply with the principle of secrecy counter leads to the opening goals in the course of detailed reconnaissance of the area and the potential for targeting using complex other means (optical, thermal, and others).

Thus, the disadvantages of passive radiotray interference are a short-term effective dipole veils, due to their low spatial stability in the atmosphere, and low suitability DRAW packaging and long shelf life, manifested in their adhesion, deformation, breaking when opening the package before use.

The invention improves the efficiency of passive radar screens by giving them radioparadise ability and increasing the time for effective action at the same time the organizational properties and others).

This is achieved by the fact that the dipole radio reflectors made of doped conducting polymer (DP). To further increase the electrical conductivity anisotropy DRAW electrically conductive polymer is elongated in the direction of its greatest conductivity and to enhance its capacity for spatial orientation in the electromagnetic field and the formation of physically stable absorbing structure as a conductive polymer DRAW used doped ferromagnetic polyacetylene, magnetized to saturation state. To further increase the spatial stability of the dipole of the veil in the electric field of the atmosphere at low altitudes as conducting polymer DRAW used p-doped iodine polyacetylene, and in the formulation of sustainable veil at high altitudes polyacetylene, n-doped sodium. To improve the aerodynamic qualities of the veil DRAW is made in the form of segments of fibers doped polythiophene.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, which schematically illustrates the probabilistic orientation DRAW in the electromagnetic field with the horizontal (see Fig. 1) and vertical (see Fig. 2) polarization when frontally radar veil contains DRAW 1, distribution in surrounding space 2 in accordance with the direction 3 distribution of the power flux irradiating radio waves.

In the surrounding space 2, an electromagnetic field, characterized by the electric field E and magnetic field H, which has a focusing effect on DRAW 1 of the doped polymer.

The resulting periodic dipole structure has an ability to radioparadise and has a high spatial and geometric stability.

Execute DRAW from the doped electrically conductive polymer, the anisotropy of its properties and high absorption capacity, which is practically independent of the wavelength of the incident radiation, determine the ability of the proposed dipole curtain to multiple absorption capacity within the diffuse scattering patterns.

Reducing spurious reflections at the interface of the veil-the environment is provided by a small difference of dielectric and magnetic permeability of the material DRAWS and air.

Electromagnetic energy that passes through the marginal zone of the dipole inside the veil, exposed original is elamrani, the absorption and ultimately the attenuation, which is the masking effect.

In addition, the use of PD as a conductive material dipoles provides increased time for effective action by increasing vertical stability of the veil in the atmosphere. This positive effect is manifested by the increase in time spent dipoles in the atmosphere, and time of the vertical stratification of the dipole of the veil. The replacement of base material light polymers and eliminating the need metallization DRAW weight is reduced 2.3-2.7 times. Proportionately reduced and the rate of sedimentation DRAW, which also depends on their orientation relative to the earth in the form of the veil. Spatial-geometric stability of its bulk structure is determined by the physical nature of PD, which demonstrate the properties of the strong paramagnetic and therefore capable of interacting with electromagnetic radiation suppressed radar, to occupy a stable position.

Uniformity of structure dipole curtain contributes to the manifestation of the anisotropy of the absorption ability of the DP: the absorption coefficient of the radiation incident normal to it is Yu, parallel to the surface of the polymer, its absorption is increased to 30% and the reflection reaches 33% almost regardless of the wavelength of the incident radiation.

The efficiency of absorption is proportional to the intensity of the diffuse scattering in the veil, which is determined by the reflectivity DRAW, i.e. the value of their conductivity. Molecular structure of PD causes anisotropy in the manifestation of the electrical properties DRAW, the conductivity of which in the direction of the longitudinal axis can be three orders of magnitude higher than in the transverse direction.

Pulling conductive polymer in the direction of its greatest conductivity orients the polymer chains parallel to each other, which increases conductivity and makes the material comparable electrical properties with the best metallic conductors.

Use as electrically conductive polymer doped ferromagnetic polyacetylene, provisional magnetized to saturation state, allows for greater ability to DRAW semioriental in the atmosphere and the formation of spatial sustainable radioparadise veils in weak electromagnetic fields (astatichno induction contributes to their orderly spatial orientation of the electromagnetic field, created suppressed radar. On the North and South poles magnetized dipole apply oppositely directed forces, i.e., occurs the moment a pair of forces that characterize the magnitude of the field strength at a given point in space. Steady DRAW coincides with the direction of magnetic field intensity vector H, which is perpendicular to the electric field intensity vector E and the direction of propagation of radio waves. With this arrangement, vibrators field of secondary radiation of a dipole curtain is virtually absent and the interaction of the radiation with vibrators in the whole volume of the veil. It is the interaction of a wave with many DRAW from the doped polymer is carried out under the implementation of the anisotropy of its absorption properties.

Ordered absorption DRAW the veil, due to their interaction with the electromagnetic field suppressed radar, minimizes parasitic reflections, which can take place only due to the effect of mixing. The magnetic connection between the pole areas separate DRAW stabilize their position within the veil, and facilitate a smooth transition of the mask patterns in free space. Seamlines and multiple absorption signal in the whole volume of the veil, what makes this dipole veil barely visible for radar reconnaissance of the enemy.

In linearly-polarized electromagnetic field generated radar reconnaissance, DRAW offer passive veils are oriented horizontally or vertically depending on the polarization direction of the incident wave. The horizontal orientation of the dipoles is additionally stabilized by interaction of their opposite magnetic poles, thereby reducing the speed of sedimentation of the dipole of the veil in the atmosphere and increase to 15-20% of the time its efficiency. However, the uniform use of vertically polarized radiation leads to a corresponding reorientation of the DRAW. The resulting deterioration of the temporal parameters of the dipole of the veil in particular cases it may be compensated the same type doped polymeric material in which the molecules are able to purchase the same or a positive (p-doped) or negative (n-doped) charge. As a result, unipolar charged DRAW depending on the type of doping act of atmospheric electrostatic forces of attraction and repulsion.

In the environment the processes, for example during the formation and development of clouds. Already in the presence in the atmosphere sociopathic clouds observed electric field E 10 V/cm, although the mechanisms intensive electrification of aerosol particles and charge separation in them are still weak, but directly after the formation of heavy rainfall is characterized by an extremely rapid increase of the electric field with the formation in pure water the clouds of negative charge, and in a purely positive ice. In line with this, different parts of the same cloud are the charges of different signs: the lower part of the clouds, turned towards the earth, is charged negatively, and positively the top. According to the size of emerging electric field and the surface has induced positive charge. The results of studies of storm activity in the atmosphere can also be concluded that the neutral zone, usually located in the clouds and falls at a height of 3-5 km

Therefore, the dipole cloud of positively charging the DRAW is advisable to install the lower border of the cloud (at low altitudes), which, carrying a negative charge, together with the positively charged surface is minute at medium and high altitudes, it is advisable to use a negative charging, DRAW, experiencing repulsive forces in the opposite direction to the forces of gravity. The scattering of the veil as a result of mutual repulsion of its constituent unipolar charged DRO prevents their mutual attraction of opposite magnetic poles.

Thus, time effective dipole of the veil can be increased by the amount of up to 20-30% of its original value, only the use of the electric field of the atmosphere. For this purpose the invention provides for the use of p-doped polyacetylene as a conductive material for producing a positive charging of the dipoles, and as it operauser agent is iodine. Another kind of veil different by using a DRAW from n-doped polyacetylene in bands and ribbons of different lengths.

The possibility of obtaining a DRAW in the form of segments of a fiber material is achieved by the fact that as dotiruemaja polymer used polythiophene with the ability to melt and be drawn out into fibers.

The possibility of practical implementation of the invention is confirmed by the presence of developed chemical and elektrokhimicheskie, polypyrrol acquire the physical properties necessary to achieve the technical result. The asymmetry of their manifestation is used or largely compensated for as in the manufacture of DRAW (dipoles are formed in the direction of maximum conductivity DRAW), and the formation of appropriate spatial patterns of the dipole of the veil. Getting physically stable structure is possible due to the presence of the doped polymer properties strong paramagnetic. Amplification of naturally derived effect is possible in the manufacture of DRAW from a pre-selected ferromagnetic components doped polyacetylene.

The possibility of the synthesis and practical use of the APS is charged positively or negatively depending on the nature operauser agent, as well as physico-chemical conditions for receipt of these fibers are confirmed by experimental results.

The production of the simplest source of the product to obtain DP polyacetylene can be carried out by the method of dechlorination product manufactured by the domestic industry heavy-duty PVC, and some Blier on the basis of the results of research and reached the technical level of chemical production.

1. PASSIVE RADAR VEIL containing dipole radiotracer from a material with a conductive surface, wherein the dipole radiotracer made of doped conductive polymer.

2. The veil under item 1, characterized in that the electrically conductive polymer is elongated in the direction of its greatest conductivity.

3. The veil under item 1, characterized in that the electroconductive polymer used doped ferromagnetic polyacetylene, magnetized to saturation state.

4. The veil under item 1, characterized in that the electroconductive polymer used p-doped iodine polyacetylene.

5. The veil under item 1, characterized in that the electroconductive polymer used n-doped sodium polyacetylene.

6. The veil under item 1, characterized in that the dipole radiotracer made in the form of segments of fibers doped polythiophene.


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EFFECT: high protection level of additional radiation sources.

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SUBSTANCE: the technical result - reducing probability of receiving information about the source of interference that reduces vulnerability of the last and provides secretive suppression of radio electronic means. The mode is in that reception of signals of radio electronic means is carried out, their characteristics are estimated, angular coordinates of radio electronic means are determined, a continuous interference signal is formed on the basis of received data and radiated it in the direction of the transmitter suppressed by radio electronic means. The interference signal is radiated on frequencies F1 and F2 which are chosen from condition fp±nf1±mf2, where fp - a working frequency of the suppressed radio electronic means, n and m - whole figures.

EFFECT: reduces probability of receiving information about the source of interference.

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