Device for burning liquid waste


(57) Abstract:

A device for combustion of viscous liquids such as tar from the gas filter or the like, contains a tank with heating elements, a control device and a pipe connecting the burner with the tank. The tube is thrown into the tank and the end of the tube inside the tank, is connected with a metering pump ejector type. 3 C.p. f-crystals, 1 Il.

The invention relates to equipment for combustion of viscous liquids such as resins of the filters for the treatment of gas or similar, consisting of a tank or container with heating elements, burners and tubes connecting the burner with the tank.

Carbon elements used in the galvanic elements for the production of aluminium-prebaked (calcined) in the so-called ring shaped furnaces. According to the strict requirements of environmental pollution, gases emerging from such furnaces are cleared, and the only component that is separated in this regard, it is resin. Resin is an issue relative to how it should be deposited, as it contains toxins (RAS) and t Attempts were made to purchase the equipment for burning resin, but such equipment has not shown its usefulness because of the repetition of the existing problems, such as clogging of valves and feed pumps, as well as carburize burning nozzles.

A device for burning liquid waste containing heated tank waste and United with him through the pipeline with a pump spray device.

However, this device cannot be used for combustion of viscous liquids, such as resin.

From the point of view of the problems with known equipment, it was decided to develop specially designed equipment for burning filtered resin.

The main objective of the invention is to provide a reliable burning equipment, excluding the problems associated with clogging and carburizing, and wear would be reduced (durability). In addition, the object of the invention is the creation of cheap equipment, easy to maintain.

The goal is achieved in that the device for the combustion of liquid waste containing heated tank waste and United with him pipeline with a pump spray device, equipped with a heating device is accomplished with vazduhopolovna device, and the pump shaft connected with the motor placed outside the tank. The tank is equipped with a cover, through which is threaded the pipe and the pump shaft.

The drawing shows a diagram of a device for combustion of viscous liquids.

The device includes a tank 1 with the heating elements 2, controlled by a thermostat, the burner 3 and a pipe 4 for transporting the liquid from the tank to the burner 3. The tube 4 is immersed in the tank 1 and to the end of the tube, just above the tank bottom, is mounted dosing pump 5. The portion of the tube 4, which is immersed in the tank 1, preferably made of metal, while the outer part of the tube may be flexible and made of acceptable rubber composition. The metering pump 5 is driven by the shaft 6 by a motor 7, which is located outside the tank 1. Installation of the motor 7 outside the tank 1 provides protection from the high temperatures of the liquid in the tank, and also avoids problems associated with mounting and installation of electrical or hydraulic cables or pipelines, which must be continued into the tank for connection to a moving part of the pump.

In the invention predusmatrivaetsya may be clogged.

The tube 4 is in close proximity to the tank 1, provided with an air jet device in the form of a tube 8 for blowing air. Through valve 9 to the air tube 8, the liquid in the tube 4 may reprivatise (purged) if the motor is stopped or equipment for other reasons stopped. As additional measures, the tube 4 may be provided with a heating element (not shown) to prevent clogging.

To facilitate installation and implementation service tube 4 and the motor 7 of the metering pump 5 is located in the connection cap inspection 10 in the upper part of the tank 1. Thus, the tube 4 and the pump 5 can be removed from the tank 1 when lifting the cover 10, and the mounting operation and maintenance may be performed outside of the tank.

As noted, the tank is equipped with heating elements 2, which are controlled by thermostat. In order to avoid heat losses from the tank and to prevent the occurrence of high viscosity or solidify in the tube 4 as the tube 4 and the tank 1 is equipped with thermal insulation. The pump (motor) 7 is controlled by the frequency Converter by means of a computer. This provides the justification, according to the invention, mainly designed for burning tar from the gas filters, however, can be used for burning other viscous liquids having a high viscosity and on.

1. DEVICE FOR BURNING LIQUID WASTE, mainly viscous, containing heated tank waste and United with him pipeline with a pump spray device, characterized in that it has placed in the tank, a heating device, and the ejector pump is in the tank at the end of the pipeline.

2. The device under item 1, characterized in that the pipeline is made with vazduhopolovna device.

3. The device under item 1, characterized in that the pump shaft connected with the motor placed outside the tank.

4. The device under item 1, characterized in that the tank is equipped with a cover, through which missed the pipeline and the pump shaft.


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