A method of treating puppies northern fur seal from uncinaria

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(57) Abstract:

Usage: in veterinary medicine. The inventive method provides for cutaneous application of levamisole with isopropanol and dimethylsulfoxide at a dose of 3-4 ml per head of animal. table 2.

The invention relates to veterinary.

Known methods of treatment of helminthes diseases Northern fur seal by disinfection rookeries in the autumn after leaving the seals, as well as using Anthelmintics sulfide group disophenol (Disophenol) and dichlorvos (Dichlorvos). Medications given to animals in the form of tablets, gelatin capsules, through the probe; disophenol subcutaneously in the region of the left armpit. Dose per 1 kg of body weight.

There is a way using levamisole (Levamisol) at a dose of 6-8 mg/kg of body weight in the form of a 2% aqueous solution, which is injected once; nilverm (Nilverm) at a dose of 10-12 mg/kg body weight in the form of a 3% aqueous solution, is injected once intramuscularly.

The closest method to the present invention is the use of the drug citrin (Citarin-L spot on) Bayer (Germany). The drug is used in cutaneous dose of 3-4 ml per head with the contents of 300-400 mg levamisole skin, in terms of the monsoon climate reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, when treating spent a large amount Catarina purchased currency.

The essence of the proposed method of treatment is to use Catarina with additives, which are used isopropanol and dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO).

DMSO increases the penetration of drugs through the skin. Isopropanol easily wets the hair and provides access of the drug to the skin.

As a result of a patent search and review of the special literature the authors have not found a description of the treatment of the Northern fur seal citrinum in combination with additives.

The authors conducted a series of experiments. Anthelminthic activity Catarina mixed with dimethylsulfoxide and isopropanol against U. lucasi tested in different doses with different content Catarina and acting in it levamisole.

Commission experiment was conducted on 45 puppies Northern fur seal, taken from the North-West rookeries, troubled by uncinaria. In the experience were selected puppies after examination of faeces awesomechickin method of Fulleborn, macroscopically for the presence in the data of immature uncinaria eggs in the faeces is not detected, but they contained a lot of blood. The amount of blood detected by visual inspection, identified as follows:

a lot of blood++++< / BR>
a lot of blood +++

the average number ++

little +

Selected experience in puppies formed 3 experimental and 2 control groups of 10 animals each. Each group of puppies were kept in separate experimental sites.

Research results are reflected in table. 1.

I group each puppy printed on the back of a mixture of: citrin 75% DMSO 10% isopropanol 15% at a dose of 4 ml containing 300 mg of levamisole.

Group II each puppy printed on the back of a mixture of: citrin 50% DMSO 12.5% isopropanol to 37.5% at a dose of 3 ml (150 mg of levamisole).

Group III each puppy printed on the back of a mixture of: citrin 50% DMSO 12.5% isopropanol to 37.5% at a dose of 3 ml (200 mg of levamisole).

Group IV control of each pup printed on the back citrin at a dose of 2 ml per head (200 mg of levamisole).

V group control is not degelmintizirovano. Anthelmintic applied on the skin handheld device on the surface of the body in the back from a distance of 2.5-3 m Spray was from the body surface at a distance of 5-10 cm

After deworming in H puppies in the first day began to decline, the amount excreted in the faeces of blood and the release of puppies from uncinaria was faster than when treating citrinum. In the control group, 22 July 2 Palo puppy diagnosed with uncinaria, 8 were alive. As can be seen from the table. 1 (experimental group I) mixture Catarina 75% DMSO 10% isopropanol 15% at a dose of 4 ml containing 300 mg of levamisole showed 100% extensi intensifications. The release of puppies from uncinaria was faster than in the treatment citrinum.

When using a mixture of: citrin 50% DMSO 12.5% isopropanol 37,5% extendedrequest was in the II-nd group at the dose of 3 ml of a mixture (150 mg of levamisole) 80% in third group, at a dose of 4 ml (200 mg of levamisole) 90% at 100% intensifications.

In group III the effectiveness of the mixture containing 200 mg of levamisole was higher than when applied to the skin 2 ml Catarina with a content of 200 mg of levamisole.

These blends have anthelminthic activity on immature uncinaria. From table. 2 shows that the efficiency is given at a dose of 150 mg of active substance of levamisole was 100% after 2 days completely stopped the bleeding with faeces. In order to achieve this efficiency by Catarina without organic solvents the desired dosage of 3-4 ml or 300-400 mg of levamisole, and at a dose of 2 ml (200 mg of levamisole) at 100% intensifications of extensification the ka. When considering puppies commander fishery inspection revealed that mortality was 8.9% Before treatment, the mortality rate is lower than 40% did not fall.

Based on the performed experiments, the authors came to the following conclusions.

1. Mixture: citrin (Citarin-L spot on) of the company (Bayer) (Germany) 50% DMSO 12.5% isopropanol to 37.5% at a dose of 4 ml (200 mg) of levamisole has a higher anthelminthic efficacy against Uncinaria lucasi (Ancylostomatidae) than pure citrin at a dose of 2 ml containing 200 mg of levamisole at the Northern fur seal when pouring on the skin.

2. Using this mixture Catarina with DMSO and isopropanol lower costs Catarina treatment at 50-75%

Based on these findings, the authors believe that the use of citrine with additives increases the effectiveness of treatment puppies Northern fur seal from uncinaria allows you to save the import drug citrin.

A METHOD of TREATING PUPPIES NORTHERN fur SEAL FROM UNCINARIA, including the introduction of them anthelmintica, characterized in that as anthelmintica use a solution of levamisole in 1 ml containing 100 mg of active ingredient, and optionally isopropanol and dimethyl sulfoxide in the following ratio of the components is reparat enter cutaneous based 3,0 4,0 ml on the animal's head.


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