Srednesrocnye sector sprinkling apparatus


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the agricultural industry, in particular in the construction of the sprinkler apparatus. The inventive sector sprinkling apparatus includes a housing 1 with three trunks inside the main body 1 and side 2, the mechanism of rotation of the shafts is made in the form of a rocker with jet vanes 4, and device irrigation sector. The latter includes double wedge-shaped deflector 9 with adjustable angle between the wings in the range of 0 to 90. When the jet hit at the leaf is garbage it accordingly in the direction of rotation of the shafts and against, resulting in the velocity remains constant. 6 Il.

The invention relates to agriculture, namely, irrigation technology, and can be used in sprinkler systems.

Known srednesrocnye sector sprinkling apparatus comprising a housing with a Central trunk and elements connected to the armature water conveyance pipeline, one or two sidetracks, ending with a nozzle rotation mechanism sidetracks and the device providing irrigation sector, made in the form wagotreagma plate mounted on the housing and the active surface of the deflector forms an acute angle in the plane of rotation of the generating wagotreagma plate, and the top angle directed toward the operating speed of the device. In addition, the deflector is installed with adjustable angle [1]

The disadvantage of this apparatus is, firstly, the change of rotation speed for each turn, which leads to reactive lateral variations in the process, jamming moving parts and their rapid deterioration. Secondly, there is no device that allows you to adjust the angle of the sector napolia in the course of its operation.

Famous pie sprinkler apparatus, different from the above that with the aim of improving the quality of irrigation and the effect of the water jet on the speed of the scroll apparatus in the sector napolia, it wagotreagma plate provided with radially directed toward the axis of the Central shaft gutters installed on its lower edge, the deflector is made in the form of monoglove [2]

The disadvantage of this apparatus is identical with the similar.

The purpose of the invention is the elimination of the variable speed device, its lateral oscillation during operation and regulation of the angle sector of napolia.

This objective is achieved in that the device providing irrigation sector in the through bracket double wedge-shaped deflector, with the beginning of the main wedge angle of convergence of the valves, directed towards the output side of the hole, and at the end of the working parts of the valves vent can be, for example, as flat, with the same angle that the top and tramplinopodobnyh, i.e. with a greater angle. The main angle is adjustable 0-90aboutWith, and the limb ends of the valves can reach 200about.

In Fig.1 shows the proposed system, a General view of Fig.2 is a top view of Fig.3 scheme of the double wedge-shaped baffle with a device controlling the convergence angle of the valves, for example, through the grooves porzucek, side view; Fig.4 is the same, top view; Fig.5 is the same, the view from the side of the outlet part of the nozzle orifice of Fig.6 is a flow chart of operation of the apparatus, the view from the top.

Pie sprinkler apparatus consists of a body 1 with a Central shaft inside and elements connected to the armature water conveyance pipeline, laterals with 2 nozzles 3, the mechanism of rotation of the shafts including a rocker with jet vanes 4, the return spring 5, the axis 6, the rack 7 (rotation stops rocker), rigidly connected with trunks, and device security sector napolia, vklyuchayuschaya, providing sector napolia may be more than one. The angle formed by the axis of the nozzle 3 with the axis of the casing and the Central shaft, is equal to the limit 60-85aboutwhen the point 0 connecting the device to the system from the top (Fig.1) or 95-120aboutwhen this point below (known position). In relation to the horizon angle is the limit 5-30about. Angle1convergence of the valves of the main deflector is equal to the limit 0-90aboutand at the end of their2and3and so on, can have an angle of up to 200aboutthan is achieved by the distribution of precipitation in a relatively large range of irrigated area with less intensity of the rain.

The apparatus operates as follows (Fig.1, 2 and 6).

The process of irrigation water passing through the trunks of the emitted jets through the nozzle 3 at an angle to the horizon. During operation trunks with 2 nozzles 3 in the zone a-B in the direction N rotate with the operating speed by a rotation mechanism (4-7), while watering radius equal to the range of the jet. When the axis of the nozzle 3 is combined with B non-rotating deflector 9, the stream of water begins to get to the first direction of rotation of the flaps and be reflected from it against the direction of rotation of the nozzle. The practice is being introduced jet a, but with the garbage from her rain in the N direction of rotation of the nozzle and the apparatus. This sector napolia B-a and in the irrigation sector a-B speed of rotation of the apparatus remains constant working. If, for example, will need to change the main convergence angle sash1(Fig.4 and 6), it is sufficient to loosen the nut of the bolt, tightening poloski 10, modified as required (increase, decrease) the angle between the wings 9 and pin poloski 10 bolt and nut again.

Offer srednesrocnye pie sprinkler apparatus can be widely used, in particular, in devices for subsurface irrigation to multisupport sprinkling machines operating in the movement, for example type "Frigate", and set back their support trucks, the wheels went on Napolitano sector and did not do a deep rut. Removal of deep ruts will help to increase the productive use of almost all agricultural machinery, and especially harvesting, in the irrigated field, reduce the cost of living labor, energy and natural losses of harvest.

SREDNESROCNYE SECTOR SPRINKLING APPARATUS comprising a housing with a Central barrel and two sidetracks, with the biscuits sector irrigation characterized in that the device providing irrigation sector is made in the form located at the outer contour of the rotation of the jet vane arm rigidly mounted on the apparatus by means of bracket double wedge-shaped baffle with adjustable angle between the wings 0 90oat the ends of the valves are bent under the same or different angles to 200ofrom each other.


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