An oscillator for drill pipes


(57) Abstract:

The generator of the drill string pipe relates to the drilling technique, in particular for the elimination or prevention of accidents associated with tacks. To increase the efficiency of the impact on the area of sticking on the inner surface of the shaft that is installed in the enclosure opposite the tapered grooves. In the place of their mates made under saddle and waste valve with holes for hydraulic connection of the axial channel of the shaft with the annular cavity between the housing and the shaft. Waste valve is configured to pass through the saddle walls, and its diameter is smaller than that of the partition walls and the axial channel of the shaft. The inlet channels are made in the form of nozzles. The generator is equipped with a trap and a waste valve that is installed under the base of the shaft. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 1 Il.

The invention relates to the drilling technique, in particular for the elimination or prevention of accidents associated with tacks.

Known vibrator to eliminate sticking the pipe string in the well, including located in the housing shaft with the drive shaft provided with an imbalance on one end, two groups of strikers, located at a distance from each other, and support between GSA unbalanced with the case for support, consequently opposite in different groups strikers strikes the wall of the body from different sides of the support.

The disadvantages of this vibrator is that when the hydraulic actuator for the efficient operation due to the low efficiency of the device requires significant power feed hydraulic pump, an electric drive is unreliable.

A device for the elimination of sticking the drill string, comprising a housing with an anvil on the inner surface of the firing pin is mounted in the guide and the spring force of the spring loaded opposing springs relative to the housing, the valve communicating with the drummer, the camera feed and the flushing channel through the elements of the device, the shutter valve mates with his rod by a ball joint, the drummer made with thinning in the middle part and is mounted in guides mounted in the housing, with the possibility of angular displacement about the axis of the device (application N 4916976/03 from 5.03.91. E21 In 31/113).

Off-center strike on the anvil causes the rotation of the striker with the transmission-side surface (drummer) kinetic energy of the drill pipe, causing waves of transverse deformation of the bending of the construction, designed for emergency response, but not to prevent it, after the emergency response is required tripping, lifting operations to retrieve fault shutdown valve (tube).

The closest in technical essence is the generator of drill pipe, comprising a housing and placed it on the hollow turbine shaft mounted in the bearings, the chassis wall above the turbine with the inlet channels in the form of nozzles and the saddle under fault shut-off body.

The disadvantages of this design is that the alternator is to eliminate one accident, then you must rise and dismantling to continue drilling the well; the power of the generator is determined by the energy of the inlet flow and the efficiency of the generator; the actual power is low due to the impossibility of giving a large mass imbalance of the rotor; the working frequency of the generator is in a narrow range.

The purpose of the invention increase the efficiency of the impact on the area of sticking by expanding the types of processes occurring in the soil, and their intensification.

The direction formed by the nozzle of the fluid flow directly to the turbine blades increases the energy of the debate between structural elements, that allows the turbine to develop a greater number of revolutions per unit of time and causes a greater supply of kinetic energy.

The excitation of oscillations of the body of the generator due to the transfer of the locking member in the cavity of the shaft of the turbine to generate eccentricity, i.e., in a nest in the cavity of the shaft. The energy of rotation of the body varies from a maximum value as the rotation speed decreases due to the new load.

The frequency of vibration exposure on the contact surface of the metal pipe with the soil gradually decreases, while the change processes at the boundary of the pipe string with the ground.

The drawing shows the proposed oscillator, a longitudinal section.

The generator of the drill string 1 includes a housing 2 and located therein turbine 3 on the hollow shaft 4 mounted in bearings 5 and 6, the partition wall 7 above the turbine 3. The partition is provided with a seat 8 under fault locking body 9. The saddle is made of elastic, i.e., with the option to skip a stop valve, if the last applied pulse power, such as the impact of another fault shut-off organ. In the same partition 7 is made of the inlet channels 10, each in the form of a nozzle, s, the radius of which increases toward the middle of the shaft, where performed, for example, two slots for waste valve, it does not violate the balance shaft. In the wall of each socket drilled hole 12. The output of the generator set trap 13 for fault isolation bodies. The saddle 8 is made coaxially with the shaft 4. Bearing 6 is arranged to move relative to the housing 2. Generator included in the layout of the drill string. In the drilling mud to the drill tool passes through the saddle 8 and the shaft 4. In case of sticking the drill string is thrown locking body 9, which falls into the seat and blocks fluid flow through the turbine shaft 3. The liquid will go through the channels 10 to the turbine blades 3. Due to the fact that turbine has no imbalance, i.e. balanced, it develops a maximum speed. After that, the waste gate body being in the saddle 8, act on impulse power, for example dropping the second shut-off body. Under the action of pulse forces the locking body 9 out of the saddle 8 and enters into the rotating shaft 4, where it simultaneously operate three forces: gravitational, fluid pressure and centrifugal. Under the first action of the active ingredient is 9-slot under the action of centrifugal force is held in it and closes the opening 12. This creates a pressure difference on the surface of the valve body, providing a reliable hold it in the socket.

A stop valve in the slot offset from the axis of the shaft (and hence the axis of the turbine), which excites vibration. First, high frequency, because of the very high speed of the turbine. Then, the frequency decreases as under the action arose load (valve body) turbine reduces the speed. As a result, the impact on the area of the sticking is carried out in a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes respectively. The impact of high frequency contributes, for example, separation of the liquid phase on the surface of contact of the drill string with the ground, which reduces friction and improves the process of extracting the pipe string. The impact of low frequency provides a more intensive mechanical action on the ground, changing mechanical conditions of its contact with the column, also contributes to the process of its extraction.

Sticking the pipe string in the borehole due to the following. After a contact surface of the pipes from the filter crust on the borehole wall there are the forces that prevent moving the pipe string. The sticking is a special case of static friction between IU pairs have on the mechanical friction force, which are the consequence of the curvature of the borehole, the pressure drop in the well-reservoir having walls permeable filter cover, lower on the adhesive. The growth of the adhesion forces completed within 0.5 h, mechanical for several hours.

Wide frequency range of impacts on the soil causes a wide range of processes in the soil: from fluid on the surface of the metal pipe with the ground to a coarse mechanical removal of the force of static friction, with the result of intensive cross-shaking significantly reduced pressure drop with one another plane of contact of the pipe with the ground, and due to the flow of fluid in the contact zone of the crust decreases the voltage on the contact area between the pipe string with the borehole wall. All this leads to a decrease of the force of moving the drill string.

1. The GENERATOR of DRILL PIPE, including associated with the column pipe hollow body mounted in the housing shaft with an axial channel, forming with the casing an annular cavity, mounted on a turbine shaft, accommodated in the housing above the turbine wall channel, coaxial with the axial channel of the shaft, and under saddle slip valve forming with the casing of the communication space of the hull under the base of the shaft with the annular cavity between the shaft and the housing, characterized in that on the inner surface of the shaft made counter-tapered grooves, and in place of their mates made under saddle and waste valve with holes for hydraulic connection of the axial channel of the shaft with the annular cavity between the housing and the shaft, and waste valve is configured to pass through the saddle walls, its diameter less than the diameter of the channel walls and the axial channel of the shaft, while the inlet channels is made in the form of nozzles.

2. The generator under item 1, characterized in that it is equipped with a trap and a waste valve that is installed under the base of the shaft.


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EFFECT: increased reliability and service life, prevention of uncontrolled device actuation.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil and gas producing industry, particularly to wellhead facilities for release of flow string stuck in borehole at failure. The wellhead facility for release of flow string out of borehole consists of a damper and of a vertical pulse generator. The damper is made in form of a vertical sealed cylinder with a piston, an under piston cavity of which is filled with gas, while the generator is made as tubular case consisting of successively connected power cylinders. The power cylinders are furnished with pistons serially joined with hollow rods so, that under piston cavities of the power cylinders communicate between them and via a distributor they communicate with a piston valveless pump. The distributor consists of a cylinder case with two chambers divided with a partition equipped with direct-acting and back spring loaded valves: also force of contraction of the back valve with the spring is higher, than contraction force of spring of the direct-acting valve.

EFFECT: simple design and raised efficiency of release of stuck flow string out of borehole.

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SUBSTANCE: disclosed facility consists of lifter connected to damper and of generator of vertical pulses coupled with pipe string below. The damper corresponds to a cylinder with a piston, internal cavity of which is filled with gas under the piston. The generator of vertical pulses is made in form of a tubular case consisting of successively coupled power cylinders and of the damper connected above with a piston rod. The power cylinders are equipped with pistons successively connected by means of hollow rods so, that under piston cavities of the power cylinders are communicated between them and with the generator of hydraulic pulses via a distributor. The lower rod of the power piston is plugged from below and is connected to the pipe string. The distributor consists of the cylinder case with two chambers and is divided with a partition furnished with a one-stage valve for supply of liquid from a pump and with a back valve for discharge of liquid from the power cylinders. A safety valve is positioned between the distributor and a generator of hydraulic pulses; it is communicated with a buffer reservoir. All valves can operate with variations within wide pressure range.

EFFECT: facilitating selection of optimal mode of operation resulting in higher efficiency of stuck pipe string extracting from borehole, also facility is simple in design, not expensive in fabrication and low metal consuming.

1 dwg