Optical device for monitoring the area outside spaces, not visible from the workplace pilot


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in an aircraft, in particular in devices that provide the opportunity to monitor the area outside spaces. The inventive optical device for monitoring the area outside spaces, neprosmatrivaemoy from the workplace of the pilot, containing two optical channels, each of which is executed in the form of optically conjugate between a lens 2 mounted on the helmet of the operator of the eyepiece 4 and located between the optical-fiber bundle 6 and installed in front of the eyepiece 4 beam splitter 5, objective 4 is installed to control for individual vision, and the lenses 2 are arranged with a horizontal parallaxes corresponding to the radius of stereoscopic vision. 1 Il.

The invention relates to an aircraft, in particular to a device that provides the opportunity to monitor the area outside world, which is not visible from the workplace of the pilot.

The closest in technical essence to the invention is an optical device for monitoring the area outside spaces, blind with rnih between a lens, mounted on the helmet of the operator eyepiece and located between the optical-fiber bundle and installed in front of the eyepiece beam splitter.

A disadvantage of the known device are reduced image with distorted depth of space, do not change in flight angle, stereo, zoom, mirror image, which causes a reverse reaction of the pilot, as well as to monitor cargo pilot is required to look away from the direction of flight, which affects the safety of the flight.

The technical result that is achievable with the use of the invention is the improvement of the operational characteristics of the device, improving the efficiency and safety of works.

The technical result is achieved by the fact that the eyepiece is installed with the possibility of regulation for individual vision, and the lenses are arranged with a horizontal parallaxes corresponding to the radius of stereoscopic vision.

The drawing shows an optical device for monitoring the area outside spaces, blind from the workplace of the pilot.

The device consists of a base 1 on which is litely 5 and connecting the lens 2 with the eyepieces 4 fiber optic bundles 6.

The device operates as follows.

From each lens 2, the image enters each eye of the operator through the fiber-optic harness 6, a beam splitter 5 and the eyepiece 4. Installed between the eyepiece 4 and the eye of the operator a beam splitter 5 is a semi-transparent or non-transparent mirror or a prism, allowing to observe the environment and imposed on it the image from the eyepiece 4, or the environment and the image from the lens 2 at different angles of view. The eyepieces 4 and the beam splitter 5 is fixed to the helmet of the operator with the ability to adjust the individual pupillary eye distance and the vision of the operator. The lenses 2 are installed with some stereo sound on a common ground 1 in the zone from which you want to monitor. Stereo imaging, optimal for each specific distance from the object of observation and can be adjusted remotely from the cockpit up to the maximum stereo effect.

The use of the invention eliminates the disadvantages of the known devices and to achieve the technical result.

OPTICAL DEVICE FOR monitoring the AREA OUTSIDE world, NOT ABOUT the almost conjugate between a lens, mounted on the helmet of the operator's eyepiece, and is located between the optical-fiber bundle and installed in front of the eyepiece beam splitter, wherein the eyepiece is installed with the possibility of regulation for individual vision, and the lenses are arranged with a horizontal parallaxes corresponding to the radius stereoscopical vision.


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