The shutter mechanism to open the vehicle


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in vehicles. Essence : in the shutter mechanism of the vehicle containing the drum with integral supports, panel blinds and spring, the drum is installed between the decorative lining the racks of the window and is held in them. Pipe drum with one hand rigidly attached to a support, provided with a cylindrical journal, on the other hand is freely mounted on a support which is fixed from rotation in the decorative overlay. The spring attached to the tubes with pre-axial tension. 2 Il.

The invention relates to vehicles and touches the shutter mechanism mainly for the window of the vehicle.

Closest to the proposed mechanism is blind, containing the drum with bearing elements, one of which is rigidly connected with the drum, the other has a possibility of rotation relative to the drum and is made in the form of a Central rod, which is fixed outer end. Inside the drum is installed spring connected to the Central rod at one end, the other end of which is connected through the ring, forming an integral part of the tube, with a drum.

In the present invention eliminate this drawback is achieved by the fact that as one of the reference elements used in the bearing, which is fixed against rotation. The drum is mounted on this support with the possibility of free rotation. Spring drum attached to the supports in a pre-tensioned state, which ensures the retention of the rotating support.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed mechanism is a perspective view with conventionally removed by the drum; Fig. 2, the drum shutter in the section.

The shutter mechanism is described on the example of its use for the window of the cab of the truck.

Decorative plates 1 and 2 racks of the cabin Windows made of polymer material. The drum 3 with a fixed panel shutter 4 is placed between the decorative plates and held them for what pads are made bearing in the cover plate 1 in the form of a cylindrical>The drum 3 consists of a tube 5 and the end supports 6 and 7 are installed in the pipe. Bearing 6 is rigidly connected with the pipe 5, for example pressed into the pipe, and provided with a cylindrical journal. Bearing 7 freely installed in the pipe 5 and is provided with a flat mounting shank. Inside the tube 5 is placed the spring 8 with the preliminary twist, one end attached to the support 6, and the other to the support 7. The spring 8 is installed with advanced axial tension, allowing bearing 7 is held from falling out of the pipe 5. However, the spring 8 serves to create tension roller blind in a fixed position and to ensure its samonamotavanje on the drum upon release from fixation. These functions are performed by pre-twist of the spring during Assembly of the mechanism.

Flat shank bearing 7 is mounted in the socket decorative plates 2, and due to the elasticity of the material of the lining snaps of the shank in the socket after opening the inlet throat of the socket. Cylindrical trunnion bearings 6 mounted in the cylindrical hole of the lining 1.

The mechanism works as follows.

During coiling or winding of the cloth shutter 4 pipe 5 of the drum with one hand, wrase the ora 7. When lowering the blind twist of the spring increases.

The SHUTTER MECHANISM TO OPEN the VEHICLE containing the drum with integral bearings located inside the drum spring, cloth blinds, attached to the drum, and mounted in the bearings supporting elements, characterized in that it has installed in the window opening with decorative moldings, and one of the pillars of the drum fixed against rotation in the decorative plate and the drum is mounted on the support elements, with the possibility of free rotation, and the spring drum is attached to the supports with pre-axial tension.


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