Method for the production of steroidal glycosides series furostana, increases germination, seed vigor and yield of eggplant


(57) Abstract:

Usage: as a means of improving germination, seed vigor and yield of eggplant. The inventive product steroidal glycoside series furostana (somelongozid), yield 0.9% on dry raw materials. Reagent 1: the roots of eggplant. Reagent 2: 70% aqueous ethanol. Reagent 3: Sephadex G-50 column, eluent - distilled water. Seed germination is increased by 11-22%, biomass increased by 15%.

The invention relates to Bioorganic chemistry, in particular to methods for the production of steroidal glycosides from plant material.

The known method for the production of steroidal glycosides which have an antimicrobial effect, from the flowers and seeds of onions, which consists in degreasing plant materials and extraction with methanol concentration of the methanol extract, dilute the residue with water and extraction with butyl alcohol, the process of evaporation of the obtained extract to the dry residue, which was dissolved in methanol and the desired product precipitated with acetone [1]

However, the known method is rather time-consuming.

The closest technical solution to the present invention is a method of obtaining a steroid of glycothermal water, the resulting aqueous extract is then repeatedly treated with butanol, butanolide extract was concentrated in vacuo and the residue is washed with acetone and dried [2]

The disadvantage of this method is that it is necessary to use in the extraction of large amounts of water and therefore large amounts of butyl alcohol, which is difficult to extract concentrated in vacuo. In addition, butanol-1, along with the number of furostana glycosides, steroid glycosides extracted several spirostana that strongly inhibit the growth-promoting processes in plants.

The purpose of the invention to simplify the process for the production of steroidal glycosides series furostana from the roots of eggplant with a higher growth promoting activity compared with the structural analogs.

This goal is achieved by the method lies in the fact that steroid glycosides extracted from the roots of eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.) with 70% alcohol. The extract obtained was concentrated in vacuo to an aqueous residue, which chromatographic on a column of Sephadex G-50 using distilled water as eluent.

Dedicated control desired product in a thin layer of silica gel in the systems of the reagents Sanya and Ehrlich.

P R I m e R 1. 1 kg of freshly ground roots eggplant, pour 2 liters of 70% aqueous ethanol, extracted by heating for 4 h, the extraction was repeated three times. The extract obtained was concentrated in vacuo to an aqueous residue, which chromatographic on a column of Sephadex G-50 using distilled water as eluent. Control of the division performed by TLC in the solvent system chloroform-methanol-water 65:35:10 (bottom layer) and 65:35:7 (volume ratio), showing the chromatogram reagents San and Ehrlich.

The result is 9 g amount of steroid glycosides series furostana called somelongozid, representing 0.9% of the weight of the feedstock. The content of glycosides to the absolute dry weight of roots of eggplant is 2.2%

Somelongozid is the sum of a number of glycosides chetyrehsteroidnyh furostana.

In the IR spectrum of the drug is present broad absorption band at 900 cm-1characteristic of glycosides of this type.

Somelongozid a powder, light brown, non-hygroscopic, non-volatile, easily soluble in water, ethanol, methanol. Not soluble in acetone, chloroform, discemi methods identified tigogenin and diosgenin, in oligosaccharide part glycosides paper and gas-liquid chromatography identified glucose, rhamnose, galactose.

For presowing treatment of seeds eggplant drug dissolved in distilled water in concentrations of 0.001, 0.005, 0.01, and 0.05% Concentration of 0.01% was the most effective.

At the same time experiencing structural analogues: tomatozide [3] kapsikozid [4] melongozid [5] in the same concentrations. Experienced the growth regulators: Ivin, succinic acid, IAA.

Served as control seeds, soaked in water.

P R I m m e R 2. Eggplant seeds varieties "Dnestrovsc" in gauze bags hurt in the resulting solution of the glycoside for 24 h and left at room temperature. Thus treated seeds are placed in a Petri dish filled with sand, covered with filter paper, and incubated at a temperature of 20-30aboutC. After 5 days determine vigor, after 10 days, germination of seeds. Experiment was repeated 4 times in each case. In one relearn 100 seeds. The results of these studies are presented in table. 1.

Seeds treated with 0.01% solution of steroidal glycosides, and control, soaked in water, is the cue parameters of seedlings (20 days after sowing) and expected growth relative to the control. Data on the increase in the basic biometric measurements are given in table. 2.

For comparison, the results made by the same method, where the seeds were soaked in a 0.005% solution of a known stimulator of succinic acid.

As can be seen from the table, somelongozid provides maximum positive effect for germination energy and germination of eggplant in a concentration of 0.005-0.01% it increases germination to 11-22% germination by 20-24% compared with control. Seedling biomass increased by 15% Structural analogues and growth stimulants had a weak positive effect, and the biometrics of seedlings even a negative effect.

Seedlings obtained from treated biologically active substances seed (somelongozid 0.01% succinic acid 0.005%) and control (seeds treated water) were planted in the field. Take into account the yield of eggplant. The data presented in table. 3.

The drug was tested in field conditions of the farm "Nistru" Novo-Ann's area of Moldova in the area of 7 hectares

The seeds before sowing is soaked in a 0.01% solution of somelongozid within 24 hours the Control of the new seedlings in the experiment compared to control was 27% higher. The term yield seedlings decreased by 13 days. Yields in the experimental apparatus was 210 kg/ha, whereas in the control 165 kg/ha, yield increase of 27% compared to control.

Therefore, the amount of steroid glycosides series furostana (somelongozid) stimulates germination, seed vigor eggplant, stimulates the growth and development of plants in the early season, increases the yield of eggplant on 14-27%

METHOD for the production of STEROIDAL GLYCOSIDES SERIES furostana, INCREASES GERMINATION, SEED vigor AND YIELD of EGGPLANT, extraction of roots of eggplant, characterized in that, to increase the growth-promoting activity, extraction was carried out with 70% aqueous ethanol, the extract was concentrated to an aqueous residue with subsequent chromatographytandem on a column of Sephadex G-50 using distilled water as eluent.


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