Biotransport tool


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in an ecologically clean transport, sports, tourism. The essence of the invention: improved operational efficiency by improving efficiency when the seat is made in the form of a physical pendulum, kinematically coupled to musculature drive. 2 Il.

The present invention relates to the field of transport engineering, in particular to velomobiles, is designed to convert the muscular energy in the torque of the drive wheel and can be used in biotransport media, special, such as a wheel, sport-tourism, mountain rescue, and other purposes.

Known recumbent "Retrasar" containing the dump of the front and povorotnoye parts of the frame with a seat and a pedal-chain drive steering.

The downside of it is operational lowefficiency caused by the presence of non-productive energy consumption associated with the necessity of raising the legs above the level of the center of gravity of the pilot.

Also known biotransport device containing a frame with a seat and pedals the lowefficiency, due to the presence of modes of dead zones in the operation of the crank drive mechanism.

The closest in technical essence to the present invention is biotransport tool containing a dump of the two parts of the frame and the seat, one of the links of which contains a telescopic tube and a front wheel with pedal-chain drive, and another link frame has a rear wheel mounted on the ends of the rotary axis, is made in the form of an arc, its middle part is fixed on the axis connecting the links of the articulated frame, with the pivot axis is inclined backward in the vertical plane that contains the elastic element and provided with stops.

The lack of operational lowefficiency, due to wasteful energy consumption related to the presence of modes of dead zones in the operation of the crank mechanism pedal-chain drive.

The purpose of the invention to improve efficiency by reducing wasteful power consumption by eliminating modes of the dead zones of the process chain drive.

This goal is achieved in biotransport the tool containing the dump of the two parts of the frame with shiden the s is driven wheels with hinge and an elastic element, due to the fact that the seat is made in the form of a physical pendulum, and the seat is suspended within the second level of the frame on the elastic element and the hinge can be locked is connected with the drive circuit biotransport tools.

The invention is the optimization of the conversion conditions muscular energy through bifactorial self-oscillations of the pendulum in the torque of the drive shaft.

In Fig.1 shows the design biotransport means, implemented on the basis of, for example, drive-chain drive of Fig.2 is a top view.

Biotransport tool contains the first link frame 1, the driven wheels 2, the foot rest 3, the latch 4, the drive circuit 5, the drive wheel 6, the second link frame 7, the hinge 8, seat 9, the elastic element 10, the suspension 11, a steering wheel 12 and the crotch strap 13.

Works biotransport tool as follows.

By opening, for example, type spring connection (not labeled) of the elastic element 10, the pilot takes a seat 9, is fastened by the belt 13, closes the carbine elastic element 10, captures the steering arms 12 and sets foot on the stop 3 of the first link of the frame 1 between the non-driven wheels 2.

Sum of 5 and one of freewheel clutches (not labeled) on the master wheel 6 create torque, leading biotransport tool in motion.

In the process of acceleration biotransport means physical pendulum formed by the seat 9 with the pilot and the elastic element 10 suspension 11, leaning back up and carries out the accumulation of energy.

Upon reaching the pendulum to the extreme rear position, the pilot changes the appearance of the loading arms and legs with push-UPS on the tension. When this resultant force, forming torque is the sum of the efforts of the hands and feet, and the force of gravity acts through the above-mentioned kinematic chain, including the crotch strap 13 and the replacement of the first freewheel sprocket wheel 6 on the second.

Upon reaching the pendulum extreme anterior position of the pilot again changes the appearance of the loading arms and legs with tension on wringing, and after the passage of the pendulum original state of the working cycle is repeated.

Turn biotransport means carried out through the rotation of the second link frame 7 by modifying the existing efforts of the hands and feet, while the braking effect on the levers steering wheel 12.

BIOTRANSPORT way with a seat mounted on the frame and connected with the drive circuit, Rulev the ryh seat, made in the form of a pendulum pivotally mounted on the elastic element can be locked.


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