Anthelminthic agent for the treatment of sheep nematodes


(57) Abstract:

Use: animal health, in particular in medical products - anthelmintic for the treatment of helminthiasis in sheep. The inventive anthelminthic agent for the treatment of nematodosis sheep includes nilverm or tetramisole and highly dispersed silica, taken in an amount of 3-15 wt. 1-2 wt. activitiesthese substances. table 2.

The invention relates to agriculture, in particular for veterinary use, namely preparations for anthelminticum.

Helminthiasis animals are still common and cause significant losses of meat, milk, wool and other animal products. The success of deworming depends on the availability of high-efficiency low-emission public and affordable anthelmintica, easy to use.

Among Anthelmintics distinguish inorganic arsenic, tin, lead, cadmium, copper, having a relatively high toxicity, poorly flushed out of the body, although having a high therapeutic activity in the complex protivogelmintny events.

Drugs are organic, usually expressed anthelminthic properties, Udovichenko practice.

Known anthelmintic organic structure nilverm. He srednerussian, easy to use. Nilverm first released by the English company "ICI". Nilverm is a 2,3,5,5'-tetrahydro-6-phenylimidazo-2,1-b-thiazole and is intended for the treatment of lung and other nematodosis animals [1]

The closest to the technical nature of the claimed tool is anthelmintic nilverm intended for oral administration in the treatment of nematodosis sheep or similar action tetramisole. For the treatment of sheep commonly used aqueous solutions of these drugs as effective against Mature gamehouse and strongest these Anthelmintics evident when orally administered in doses of 10-15 mg/kg twice [2]

The aim of the invention is to achieve a high therapeutic effect while reducing the dose activitiesthese anthelminthic tool by extending its impact on the body of the animal.

For this anthelminthic agent for the treatment of nematodosis sheep containing nilverm or tetramisole, further comprises highly dispersed silica in the following ratio, wt.h.

Nilverm or tetr composition, formulations (see table.1), as well as methods of using the inventive anthelminthic drug for treatment of nematodosis sheep respiratory disease caused by pulmonary strangulate.

P R I m e R 1.50 g tetramisole (20% granules) are dissolved in 100 ml of water, add 75 g of highly disperse silica (GOST 14922-77 Aerosil). This forms a pasty mass, which after stirring for 15-30 min, dried at 140-150aboutWith in a drying Cabinet. After drying the resulting product is ground in a ball mill, after which used in the treatment.

P R I m m e R 2. 50 g of tetramisole (20% granules) in aqueous solution is mixed with 150 g of highly disperse silica. Further processing is done according to example 1.

P R I m e R 3. 25 g of nilverm dissolve in water and add 150 g of highly disperse silica. Processing the resulting pasty substances behave similarly to example 1.

P R I m e R 4. 25 g of nilverm pulverized in a ball mill, add 100 g of highly disperse silica and then continue rubbing in the same mill for 2.5 hours Obtained in powder form of the drug is further used in experimental testing in the treatment of nematodosis sheep.

P R I m e R 6. 50 g of tetramisole (20% water granulate) and 75 g of highly disperse silica is ground in a ball mill, then according to example 4. The composition contains 40 h nilverm 150 hours of highly disperse silica (example 11). You can obtain a positive effect, but in this case, the consumption nilverm the same as without the addition of silica. In this case, no reduction of the dose active substance.

With a ratio of 1:17 is an excess of highly dispersed silica in the composition. Therefore, for a rate needed to treat the number of active substances (nilverm), you must enter an animal such amount of the composition by volume, which creates discomfort for him. In short, difficult to oral administration of the composition to the animal. The compositions according to the formulations 7-12 were prepared by the techniques described in example 1 (the main method).

Below is the method of treatment of nematodosis sheep with the use of the claimed composition.

It should be noted that in groups of sheep were used compositions prepared by different technologies, namely: in groups 1,3 and 4 sheep received drugs, cooked was technogical drugs obtained by immobilization of nilverm or tetramisole by liquid-phase layering on highly dispersed silica (see example 1).

The experimental technique.

Experiments on the treatment of nematodosis sheep conducted in January and February on the Crimean scientific-research veterinary stations using animal farm "Precepts of Ilyich" Simpara - Polish area.

Before performing experience on the farm of the inventive compositions were tested for emissions on sheep vivarium nivs. Preparations in the form of a suspension in distilled water was injected once by mouth in doses three times higher than therapeutic. Monitoring the clinical condition of the animals (behavior, appetite), thermometry conducted prior to the introduction of drugs, after 2 h, 24 h and 7 days after injection of the inventive composition. As it turned out, the animals have not detected changes of physiological parameters of the body, side effects have been noted.

For testing sheep are divided into groups of 4 heads in each one of them control 9 has not received any drugs, and another received nilverm (prototype) (8).

Before the experiment, sheep were examined clinically and helminthophobia is: cough, mucopurulent expiration of the nose. The extensiveness of invasion pulmonary strangulate was high: dictyocaulus 100% protostrongylus ranged from 25 to 75%

Subjects received oral freshly prepared aqueous suspension of anthelminthic means at a dose of 5-7 mg/kg wet weight (calculated as active substance (ADV)). As a rule, it was 3-5 g claimed anthelminthic funds for sheep with an average weight of 40 kg

After injection, the animal 1-8 groups was satisfactory. Sheep were clinical observation, samples of faeces were taken after 5 days and again after 14.

The results are presented in table.2.

It should be noted that in groups 1,2,6 and 7 achieved 100% effectiveness of the proposed anthelminthic funds, while the doses were 2-3 times lower than recommended (group N 8).

The intensity of infection by dictyocaulus in experimental groups is almost zero (only one sheep in the group found 2 larvae that when counting by 4's head gave average 0.5 larvae).

Thus, anthelminthic tool at a lower dose of active beginning exhibits a high therapeutic activity. When the drug is not used, what is required when using pure silvery or tetramisole. A single use of the composition can achieve savings of expensive imported medicines and to reduce the cost of carrying out secondary injection.

The drug is non-toxic and has no side effects, has no smell.

ANTHELMINTHIC agent FOR the TREATMENT of NEMATODOSIS SHEEP, including nilverm or tetramisole, characterized in that, to improve therapeutic efficacy means, it additionally contains highly dispersed silica in the following ratio, wt. h

Nilverm or tetramisole 1 2

Highly dispersed silica 3 15


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