The biostimulant


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in medical technology and can be used for therapeutic purposes, for the concept of total bioenergy potential and level of health. The inventive biostimulant contains the body of the bioinert material and battery bioenergy subjected to positive reasoning irradiation from boomerater or generator. The optimal location of the biostimulator is placed on the middle of the chest at the level of 4 - 5 intercostal space. 2 C.p. f-crystals, 2 Il.

The invention relates to engineering psychology and medical equipment and can be used to influence psychophysiological state of a person, to raise the total bioenergy potential, to increase the resistance of the organism to various infectious diseases, stressful situations, for alignment blood pressure, stabilize the nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthen the immune process, the intensification of the liberation of the body from radioactive contamination, for a tonic effect on the human body.

Known medical device with magnetic properties [1] This device is aimed medicinal properties, designed for placement on the area of pain at the time determined by the physician.

A device for improving the well-being of man, which forms a local area compensation of the ambient electromagnetic field and includes a housing located inside a permanent magnet and a holder in the form of thread, worn on the neck of the man [2]

This device provides stimulation of the human body.

It is also known stimulating device adopted for the prototype, which contains non-magnetic body, which is affecting an element from a material with magnetic properties [3]

This device can be used for local impact and is not intended for stimulation of the human body in General.

The technical result of the invention is a tonic effect on the whole organism as a whole.

For this non-magnetic housing of the stimulator are made of biologically inert material, such as plastic, and influencing element is a battery bioenergy and made in the form of plates of permalloy, preprocessed source reasoning radiation, the enclosure is equipped with a holder who RMI, while the holder may be made with the possibility of placement of the influencing element on level 4-5 intercostal space.

The work of biostimulant based on reasoning radiation, i.e., the substance becomes a battery bioenergy being subjected to positive programmed reasoning irradiation. The source of such radiation may be as a man (boomerater) and the generator. Reasoning radiation has wave-particle nature, and the Tau leptons constitute the human biofield. Psychic properties of the person obliged ultra-light, weakly interacting particles (Tau), which in 105-1012times lighter than the electron. Tau form lepton field, organizing the energies in the form of bagels, arches, beams, balls, segment or other shapes, and have diverse biological information.

In Fig. 1 schematically shows the biostimulator Esipovoy; Fig.2 section a-a in Fig.1.

The biostimulant Esipovoy includes a housing 1 of bioinert material (e.g. plastic), thread 2 for carrying biostimulant, battery bioenergy 3.

The biostimulant Esipovoy works as follows.

Biostimulated. Reasoning radiation battery bioenergy interacts with reasoning radiation of the patient. The result of this interaction (positive pre-programmed exposure Tau battery) is the increase in the total bioenergy potential, increasing the body's resistance to infectious diseases, strengthen the immune process, the biostimulant promotes the excretion of radionuclides. The biostimulant Esipovoy has a soft, ever-increasing therapeutic effect.

Therapeutic effect of biostimulant repeatedly experimentally tested and confirmed by clinical tests. So, 119 patients with various diseases within 1.5 months always used the biostimulants Esipovoy. By the end of term observations showed a significant decrease or complete disappearance of dyspeptic disorders, cessation of vascular crises. Improving health, improving health, improving sleep was noted in all patients. Negative reactions when using biostimulants Esipovoy not marked.

1. The BIOSTIMULANT containing non-magnetic body, which is d is C bioinert material, for example, plastics, and vozdeistvuya element it akumulator bioenergy is made in the form of a plate of permalloy, preprocessed source reasoning radiation, the enclosure is equipped with a holder for placement of the influencing element on the middle of the chest.

2.The biostimulant under item 1, characterized in that the plate-shaped oval.

3. The biostimulant on PP.1 and 2, characterized in that the holder is made with the possibility of placing influencing element on level 4 of the 5 intercostal space.


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