The way the amputation of body parts poultry


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in veterinary medicine, in particular in the processes of amputirovana organs of chickens. The inventive method provides for the movement of chickens in the area to be cropped, where anotherway body put on thick rubber or wooden stand and fixed with subsequent clipping ultrasonic chisel. When this chick have a trunk-side cutting blades of the bit. This allows 25-66% reduction depending on anothermessage body bleeding. table 1.

The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to poultry, and can be used in veterinary medicine.

Known method of amputation of the wings, including temporary pinches the blood vessels, cutting off part of the wing with the simultaneous burning of the cut surface.

The disadvantage of this method are poor working conditions, caused by the release of significant quantities of combustion products of biological tissues, and low quality of blood coagulation.

Known method of amputation of the wings, including their fixation on the passive electrode of the power generator of high frequency and cut-off part of the wing rotating disc knife, showing work due to the release of combustion products of biological tissues and unguaranteed coagulation of blood because of possible injury to the plane of the slice stuck biological tissues and products of their combustion on the knife-electrode.

The aim of the invention is the improvement of working conditions due to the absence of combustion products of biological tissues and improve the reliability of the process of coagulation of blood.

This is achieved by the fact that in the proposed method, amputation of body parts of a bird (wings, spurs, coccyx, and beak) produce ultrasonic chisel, and chickens feeding on crop feature a body-side cutting blades of the bit.

Examples of implementation of the method.

Anotherway body chick put on thick rubber or wooden stand and clip, for example, a scalpel from a set of tool ultrasonic surgical apparatus of URSC-7H-18.

From day-old Chicks-there were formed 4 groups of 100 goal. in each one. In the first group, wings, beak, spurs and coccyx cut according to the proposed method; in the second group by sharpening the blades of the bit had cut off part of body; in the third cutting was performed with a scalpel from the tooling apparatus of URSC-7H-18; in the fourth operation was carried out according to the prototype.

The duration of each operation in all groups 1 C.

When performing operations in the fourth group felt an unpleasant odor cont="ptx2">

The results of the method presented in the table.

Thus, the invention allows to reduce the number of bleeding on 25-66% depending on anothermessage body.

The WAY the AMPUTATION of BODY PARTS of POULTRY, including feeding birds on the pruning and cutting of tissue with simultaneous coagulation of the blood, characterized in that the cutting of tissues conduct ultrasonic chisel, and a bird feeding on crop feature a body-side cutting blades of the bit.


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